Prologue: A Youthful Memory

(Voice Only)

Lotte and Alia: Hallo, minna-san!

L: Ne, this isn't an official training video; this is a prank for you, mugger! Quit hunting around the library for more things to study!

A: We took great pains to bury this amongst Nanoha-chan's chronicles and elude head librarian Yuuno, and since you could find this video that makes you a bigger bookworm than him.

L: I can hardly imagine what you look like now...

A: (Aspirated) Lotte! (normal voice) Might as well summarize the video then. This chronicle covers an almost whimsical mission of the Asura to another world designated Hyren-5965, where its kingdoms have been at war over the use of special nanomachines that can only be used by virgins. An armitage managed to secure some fragile peace at the time when Nanoha and her merry maidens were called into action. The target? A Lost Logia, taking the form of a weapon that can rapidly de-atomize other weapons, was detected by TSAB surveillance to exist in one of the kingdoms there. At the same time, the Bureau discovered a massive incoming invasion of the planet by a tremendous transdimensional space fleet equivalent to 4 TSAB Divisions. That fleet, calling themselves the Sons of Abel, has been monitored by the TSAB for a very long time, right when they tried and failed to invade the Mid-Childa planet system a century ago. This time the Sons have far greater numbers and even carried with them several residential colonies. If that Lost Logia fell into the hands of one of the kingdoms, the armistage would be ruined. If it was captured by the Sons, TSAB may well be doomed. And so Father sent his best ship, fresh from resolving another major crisis, loaded with the most advanced equipment the TSAB has to offer, and assigned Miss Buster's gang onto her. Their task was to retrieve/destroy that Logia subtly, but at all costs. Will they succeed?

L: I wonder. (giggles) It won't be an all serious affair for we have also included all the juicy bits left out in training videos! Oh the Spring that is Youth! Oh the Scent of Love!

A: The video might get choppy at times, but do bear with it.

L: Have fun watching!

Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha Files: The Case of the Warring Maidens, hajimari-masu!

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