Author's Note: This isn't what I normally write, but I just sort of started writing it and figured, what the hell, I'll post it and see where it goes. Hope you enjoy!

Summary: It had been seven years since she had seen him. And suddenly, like none of it had even happened, there he was. And god forgive her, she could have fallen for him all over again. But she had promised herself a long time ago that she never would.


Past Mistakes

"Dr. Cuddy."

"Jeez! House!"

He couldn't help but laugh at the way her hand rose to her heaving chest as she spun around to find him lounging on her couch.

"Sorry," he smirked as he stood up, taking two easy steps towards her.

"You're not sorry," was all she said before taking a seat behind her desk. "You're late. You were supposed to be here at nine."

"Eh," he shrugged, "I think it's important to let your employer see the real you before they get used to false ideas."

"So you wanted to impress upon me that you're going to be late every day, that you already know how to break into my office, and that you have a distain for clinic duty."

"How could you possibly know the last part already?"

"I guessed."

"Oh… Yeah, well…"

"By the way, you have clinic duty in ten minutes."

"Ah… so this is how it's going to be?" Cuddy looked up, rolling her eyes before turning her attention back to her paperwork. "I don't even get to meet my team?"

"You don't have a team yet."

"Oh, right. When do I get one, by the way?"

"Whenever you take the time to look through those files on your desk and conduct a few interviews."

"Yeah… all that fun stuff."


He nodded, sighing as he made to turn away. "Um… Lisa," his eyes fell on her just as she looked up in response to her name. His mouth opened and his tongue made an attempt to speak, but nothing came out. She cocked an eyebrow when he failed to do anything but stare at her. "Never mind."


Lisa sighed as she leaned back into her chair. She watched House's back as he retreated from her office, turning to the right. She smirked when he came back across her window.

Slowly, she shook her head, her eyes falling back to the loads of paper work she still had to do. It could wait.

She stood, pacing around her desk.

She couldn't believe she had been insane enough to hire Greg House. She had swore the day she walked out of his life that she would never walk back into it.

Well she hadn't. He had crawled back into hers. He was jobless and a couple of weeks away from being evicted. She couldn't say no to him.

Seven years. It had been seven years since she had seen him. And suddenly, like none of it had even happened, there he was. He was a little older, a little more arrogant, and that bored air that he had always carried around him seemed a little thicker. But nothing else had changed. Not his cocky smile or his "I'm better than you" gait. Not his piercing gaze or his scruffy appearance.

And god forgive her, she could have fallen for him all over again. But she had promised herself a long time ago that she never would.

/-/- Two Weeks Later

"House! What did you say to your patient?"

"What?" he asked as he glanced up from his Rubin sandwich. Cuddy stood there, hands on her hips and eyes blazing, staring down at him.

"Matt Robins."


"Tall guy. Black hair. Bad breath. Rash on his thigh."

"Oh, him… um…" his tongue snaked out, licking away some crumbs on the side of his mouth, before he looked back up at her, "What was the original question again?"

She couldn't help but huff and roll her eyes at his short attention span. "What did you say to Mr. Robins?"

"I couldn't honestly say… There are so many people to insult in one day, you can't expect me to keep it all straight."

"He's threatening to sue you."


"So?" Cuddy was half ready to ask again, but she stopped herself. It wasn't worth the effort. Instead, she settled for sighing and rubbing her face. That was when she noticed that he wasn't alone. "You're not going to introduce us?"

"Hmm?" he mumbled through a full mouth; Cuddy just rolled her eyes, some things never changed. "Oh, um… Lisa, Stacy. Stacy, Lisa."

"Hi, I'm Stacy Warner."

"Lisa Cuddy," she said with a smile as she accepted Stacy's outstretched hand. "His boss, unfortunately."

"Yes… well I live with him, so you probably got the better end of the deal."

"Oh really?" Cuddy turned an arched brow on House, but his focused seemed lost in his sandwich. "How long have you two been…?"

"Four years."

She felt her eyes stray awkwardly to Stacy's fingers, which were laced under her chin, but she found nothing there decorating them. She nearly felt herself sigh in relieve, but that was pathetic. She curled her fingers around the nearest chair- she needed something to rest her hands on.

"House never mentioned anything about that."

"Yes, well… You probably have something more interesting to be doing, eh Cuddy?"

"Actually no, I've got a few minutes."

"Oh, how convenient for you."

"But you know, I seem to recall some clinic duty that someone conveniently forgot to do this morning."

"Really? I knew Conors was slacking off this morning."

"Who's Conors?"

"I don't have a Conors on my team?"


"Oh… Then what's the tall guy's name?"

"That would be Dr. Richards."

"Really? Then what's the short one's name?"

"That's Dr. Corwin."


"And I wasn't talking about either of them. You've still got two hours of clinic."

"Yeah… I'll get on that in a bit."


"You know, Greg, maybe you should get back to work. I'd hate to be the reason for getting you fired two weeks on the job." His mouth dropped and his gaze turned back to Stacy, who was just smiling as she watched on. "Go. I can tell that Lisa and I have some talking to do."

"Talking? About what?"

"Well definitely not you." House rolled his eyes and looked down at his crumb-filled plate. "I'll see you later tonight."

"Yep," he groaned as he shifted out of his chair.

"Have fun." He mumbled something incoherent as he picked up his tray. Cuddy smirked as she leaned in a grabbed one of the pickles he had tossed to the side of his plate. He paused, holding his tray to her, a phantom of a smirk growing. She looked up at him as she licked the juice off her finger. She had completely forgotten about how he used to get pickles just so she could eat them.

"Two hours, House," was all she could think to say to break his gaze. He just smirked and walked away.

"Sit down; I can't wait to hear this story."

"What story?" Cuddy sank into the chair House had just vacated. Stacy was leaning back, a smirk firmly placed in her eyes. "What?"

"The way Greg talks about you and that… there was something, wasn't there?"

"Um…" she looked away; she could feel her cheeks burning. "A long time ago."


She sighed as she looked back at Stacy. Maybe sitting down with House's girlfriend wasn't the best idea.

"Um, it was in college. We dated… oh, um, from my senior year of undergrad until my junior year of med school. So, his second year of med school until he was an intern."

"Wow, that's pretty serious."

"Yeah, it was for a while."

"And…? Well, I'm guessing since you actually hired him, it ended somewhat on friendly terms."

Cuddy looked away, sighing. She looked back for a moment, ready to open her mouth and speak, but the words fell away and, instead, she just shrugged.

Stacy mockingly imitated the gesture, shaking her head in question. "What's that supposed to mean?"

"Just… Well, we didn't end on the best of terms but… let's just say, I forgave Greg a long time ago."

"Forgave him for what?"

Her face froze in a picture of hesitation, but then she shook her head. "A whole bunch of stupid things… Um, you know, I really should get going. But it was great meeting you. We should definitely talk again- I'd love to hear about you and Greg."

"Yeah. Yeah, we should get together. I'm dying to hear about Greg back in college."

"Oh, he wasn't much different."

"Annoying, insufferable, and absolutely irresistible?"

"Pretty much."

"Good to know."


"See you later."


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