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/-/- Saturday

With three long strides across the living room rug, Lisa reached out and snatched her cell phone before it could vibrate off the hall table and onto the floor. "Cuddy."

"Be ready to go when I honk."

"Greg?" She glanced toward the table, as if he might already be there waiting for her. "I thought you were bringing a movie over later?" The smirk on her face was awkward and half forced, she looked down at her feet, watching her toes play with the soft padding, as she waited for a response.

"Eh," She could hear the car engine in the background. She could imagine him driving, his one hand to his ear, the other on the top of the stirring wheel, his shoulders raising in a shrug. "Thought it would be safer to take you and let you pick one out."

She let out a soft chuckle, her eyes closing some and her shoulders shaking a little bit as she thought back on every movie he had ever picked at for them. "Probably a wise move."

"I'll be there in about ten minutes."


"What are you wearing?" The question was sudden and his voice was low and husky and she couldn't help but blush at the tone.

She laughed a little as her eyes fell to the ground first before inspecting her clothes. "Sorry to disappoint but just jeans and a t-shirt."

"Good. I'll see you in a bit." He hung up first- he hated driving and talking on his cell phone- and she flipped her phone closed after, setting it back down on the hall table. Then she looked around herself, not quite sure what to do to fill in the time. She amused herself for a short time with awkward wanderings around her house.

The horn startled her and she jumped a little and her head shot up to look out the window. His car was in her driveway. He was lounging back in his chair, his head tipped back, his hands resting in his lap. She slipped her feet into the shoes she had left near the door and locked her door on the way out. He looked up at her as she hopped off the last step; he smirked at her as she walked around the car.

"Ready?" he asked once her seatbelt was buckled.


She left the car go quiet for a while, more intrigued by the scenery passing by than the silence inside the car, dissipated only by the soft jazz music House had playing. Houses went by followed by stores and buildings that she didn't recognize. She glanced at street signs for a while before she realized that she wasn't entirely sure where they were. "Where are we going?"


"This isn't the way to any movie store that I know."

"I know."

"Greg." He just smirked over at her before his eyes returned to the road and he turned them left through the intersection. Her face dropped as she saw where they were going. She could see children, teens, and adults already crowing around, most of them in the centre of the skating rink. "You've got to be kidding me."

He just smiled, glancing at her again as he looked for a parking space. "You're going to love it."

"I can't skate, Greg."

"Sure you can. I'll help you."

It wasn't as hard as she had first thought it would be. It was kind of like ice skating- just without the ice and the cold and the very thin blades.

Okay, she'll admit that she didn't know how to buckle the rollerblades at first. And she did fall on her first two attempts to stand up. And Greg will admit that he was laughing the entire time as he was trying to help her up- even when she pulled him down next to her.

And the actual skating part was pretty fun. They played some horrific music and some music that she actually knew and even a couple of 80's songs that she used to love back in college.

He bought her a coke and they sat on a bench just outside the skating rink and she sat with her feet awkwardly crossed and for the first time she cringed at how much it hurt to have sweaty socks digging into her shins.

She was even surprised to find out that they had stayed there for a couple of hours before she got too tired to race him through the crowds of teens and little kids stumbling around and her socks got too sweaty for her to stand. She ended up going barefoot in her shoes; he just made a face at her.

He was barely half-way back to her house when he stopped. She looked over at him, confused for a just a moment before she remembered why he had originally picked her up at her house. He even opened the door for her and she smirked at his expression when she opened the second door for him.

"Okay, comedy, drama, horror flick, or sci-fi?"

She looked over at him, smiling at his choice of genres. "Comedy or drama. No horror flicks."

"No sci-fi? Come on."

She just laughed and dragged him to a section of movies over in the corner. "How about this one?"

He plucked the plastic from her hands and a face at it. "This thing's only saving grace is that it has Maggie Smith in it. It can be a maybe."

"You like Maggie Smith?"

"Like? I love her."

Lisa just shook her head at him and put the movie back, already searching out another one. "How about this one?"

"Eh…" His face was enough to tell her that it was a no.

It took seven selves, thirty-eight movies Lisa actually wanted to see and twenty-seven others before they finally agreed that the first one with Maggie Smith seemed like a good choice.

Lisa just sighed at shook her head at him as they went to the counter to pay. At least some things about him hadn't changed.


Really sorry about how short this one was. But I felt bad about making you wait so long and I'm not sure how long it'll be before the next scene is done. Bear with me. I'll try to get it done before too long.

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