Title: Watermelon Love

Genre: Romance/Humor

Rating: T

Pairing: SuiKa (Suigetsu X Karin)

Summary: Karin can't sleep so she shares a bed with Suigetsu, which results in an interesting sleepover for the both of them. SuiKa. Please R & R!

A/N: 'Suika' is the japanese word for 'watermelon'.


The blue-haired warrior sat up in his bed and saw Karin standing in the doorway. She was wearing a particularly loose pair of pajamas. "Can I...sleep with you?" Karin asked nervously, her cheeks flushed. Suigetsu growled at her and exclaimed, "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT, WOMAN? GO BACK TO SLEEP!"

"But I can't! I'm too scared!" Karin whined as she fiddled around with the buttons on her clothes. Suigetsu took his eyes off of Karin's body and looked up at her face. Unfortunately for him, Karin looked kind of cute with that sad look on her face. "WHY CAN'T YOU SLEEP? WHAT'S THERE TO BE SCARED OF?" Suigetsu shouted. He was mostly trying to keep his attention away from Karin's body and back to the main point of this whole predicament.

Karin avoided Suigetsu's gaze as she replied, "I...I'm kind of afraid of the dark. Plus, we're in a new place. It's really scary..." Suigetsu couldn't help but chuckle at this. "So! You're not all that much of a tough bitch, are ya?" he joked. "DON'T LAUGH AT ME, YOU FUCKIN' DUMBASS!" THIS was the Karin that Suigetsu was used to.

Karin quickly went back to 'weak-defenseless-girl' mode and cried, "C'mon, Sui-chan! Be a pal! We ARE allies, after all?" Suigetsu cocked one eyebrow and remarked, "'Sui-chan'? Since when in hell do you call me 'Sui-chan'?!" Karin rolled her eyes and replied, "So...are you gonna let me sleep with you or not?"

Suigetsu just shrugged and muttered, "Fine. Why not? But you BETTER not snore, got it?" Karin made a little victory pose and climbed into the bed. Instead of going to sleep, however, Karin kept looking at Suigetsu with this creepy wide grin on her face. "Uh...what are you doing?" Suigetsu asked while giving the black-haired girl a 'WTF' look. Karin giggled a bit and whispered, "We're in bed together..." "I know that." Suigetsu replied with a blank face, wondering what the hell this crazy bitch was planning.

Suddenly, Karin moved one of her arms over Suigetsu's chest. "You do KNOW what happens when a boy and girl get in bed together...right?" At this point, it was Suigetsu's turn to blush. "Y-Yeah...so what?" he spat nervously. His body was shaking and sweat was beginning to pour out of his skin. As Karin drew closer, Suigetsu could smell the scent of alcohol in her breath. "You've been drinking, haven't you?" Suigetsu hissed.

Karin giggled again and moved herself over so she was directly on top of Suigetsu's chest. She slowly moved her hands down and began to unbutton his night shirt. Suigetsu, on the other hand, was feeling somewhere between disturbed, embarrassed, and turned on. "You're way cuter than Sasuke-kun. You probably know how to give a lady what she wants..." Karin whispered, her beer-laden breath blowing into Suigetsu's face.

Suigetsu could feel Karin's small hands making traces around his bare chest. She licked Suigetsu on the side of the neck and whispered, "You...I need you...I need you to fuck me...NOW!"

Sasuke had left his room to get a drink of water when he noticed the lights were on in Suigetsu's room. Being the curious little monkey that he is, he decided to take a peek. What he saw not only caused him to lose a few brain cells, but it also turned his hair white.


Juugo, meanwhile, was on his computer writing dirty fan fics about him and Sasuke...