Author's Note: This is (yet another) entry to a contest on the Hideaway. Choose an HP character and write about something that happens to them on Easter Sunday. Obviously, I chose Sirius. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: It's all JKR's. Except the easter basket. That's mine.

"Harry, give me the damn chocolate egg!"

It was not a phrase generally heard at the Potter house. Of course, it was generally not Easter at the Potter house, and there generally was not a toddling, nine-month old baby carrying a chocolate egg around the yard. And, most of all, Sirius Black was not generally about to have a panic attack because he could not catch the kid.

"Prongs, grab Harry!" he yelled frantically, narrowly missing slamming into a tree. 'Prongs,' otherwise known as James Potter, only chuckled, watching his son dodge his godfather time after time.

"Why, are you too old to catch him?" James laughed, eyes still following Harry, who was now sitting happily inside an old log. Sirius made some sort of noise between a sigh and a huff and quietly snuck to the edge of the log. Carefully peeking inside it, he yelped when a beetle came out instead of his godson, who was, in fact, climbing out the other side.

"This is impossible!" Sirius cried, sitting dejectedly on the log. "Prongs, I hope you're happy. Your son stole my bloody chocolate egg." It was all James could do not to burst out laughing as Sirius looked at him as if that was the worst crime ever committed.

"Padfoot," he explained patiently, "it's a chocolate egg. They cost two Knuts, go buy one instead of nearly fainting trying to take back the one Harry stole." Sirius only pouted, not moving from his position on the log.

"I had it first," he told James stubbornly. "I found it in the Easter egg hunt. It was in the pink plastic-y egg thingie Lily bought. And I put it down on the ground and Harry took off running with it." As an after thought he added, "I hope you're happy. Your son is a criminal." James sighed.

"Yes, Padfoot, I am sure Harry will end up in Azkaban for stealing your chocolate. Oh, how horrible our world has become," he said, as he watched Harry carefully unwrap the gold foil on the egg out of the corner of his eye. Sirius only glared at him and stood up from the log, walking back to the patio table where the Easter baskets sat. His glaring only became more pronounced when he saw his basket (one picked out especially by Lily), pink with yellow ribbons and drawings of bunnies. James continued watching, a smile growing on his face, as Harry toddled over to the table were Sirius was still standing, shooting dirty looks at his Easter basket.

Harry walked to his godfather and tugged on his robes, making Sirius look down and smile despite himself. Harry reached his arms to him, gesturing that he would like Sirius to pick him up, who did so willingly.

"Here Siwi," Harry murmured, shoving the opened chocolate egg to Sirius's mouth. "Eat. Yummy." Trying not to choke, Sirius grinned and carefully took a bit of the egg from his mouth.

"Thanks Harry," he said warmly, forgetting his early anger. Harry smiled at him, then banged his hand against his godfather's shoulder.

"Siwi chase Harry. No no!" he yelled. James, standing in the background, chuckled as Sirius sat Harry quickly on the ground, still chewing the chocolate. Harry ran again to play in the log, Sirius went back to glowering at his Easter basket, and James just laughed.

Ah, Easter. A time for love.