Left in bleeding broken shards
By Vesper chan
Chapter one

I'll be coming home
Just to be alone
Cause I know you're not there
And I know that you don't care

I can hardly wait to leave this place
Home, home, this house is not a
Home, home, this house is not a home

A small green eyed girl with long loose locks the color of bright cherry blossoms that hung wildly around her pale face looked out the cracked and dirty window of her new home a few doors down from the bar her father now worked at every night.

She turned around to look behind her when she heard a door open and close. A man with dark red hair and a short unshaved beard grunted coming out of his bedroom. His slightly dirtied clothes were a mass of wrinkles as he stumbled down the hallway. Jerking open the dying refrigerator door he pulled out the last rice ball and quickly devoured it leaving nothing for the quiet girl. After finishing his snack he pulled out a cigarette and a light and exited the apartment, but not before shooting a glare at the small girl that made her shiver in fear.

The small girl's name was Sakura. It was a fitting name for her unique and unusual hair coloring. The man that lived with her, if you could call it that, was her father. Her last name was Kenichi. It meant great firstborn samurai.

Sakura watched the sun set ending the twilight and bring birth to another starry night. She quickly headed for her deep coat closet her father gave her as a bedroom since it was only a single bedroom apartment. Her father moved around a lot taking any job that was available. The two had lived in every climate imaginable from the harsh icy winds from the snow country to the cruel blistering heat from Suna, the desert country. Currently he worked at the bar down the street serving drinks from behind the counter, enjoying a brief on himself from time to time. He left every night and returned every morning. He slept through the entire day so thankfully, if she played her cards right, Sakura rarely saw or heard from him.

The pale slender girl pulled her ripped and tattered pink blanket up around her for warmth. Through the crack in the door she could see the moonlight reflecting off the broken glass from an old sake bottle he smashed in another one of his fits o drunken rage. For her young age she was smart girl and avoided him when he got like that. Rubbing her small back she remembered the last time she had acted unwisely and asked him to please stop.

It was their first day there and he grew angry when she asked where she would sleep. He was already heavily inebriated and a pain had already started to take root in the corner of his brain. The last time he needed was the sounds of his only child talking to him.

He turned towards her, his saffron yellow eyes flashing with rage and hostility. He threw his empty sake bottle down, shattering the bottle into a hundred jagged pieces. Sakura covered her ears when she heard the sound of breaking glass and softly whimpered. His large scared hand reaching out for her head, a satanic scowl resting over his face.

"Daddy please no, I'm sorry. Please daddy don't I'm sorry. Please, no!" Her scared pleas for mercy only fueling his anger.

Hastily she pulled the door shut and curled up into a ball and reached out for a peaceful sleep only to meet with the ominous nightmares that haunted her dreams ever night for the past five years. The dream she was cursed with from her father. They were back. Her periodic nightmares had stopped when they were in Suna but ever since they had moved to the hidden leaf village they had returned. Words played in her head over and over in a taunting manner.

"Born in grief raised in hate helpless to defy her fate, let her run let her live but do not let her forget what we cannot forgive."

The morning sun shone through the cracked and dirty windows spreading throughout the apartment crawling under her close's door illuminating the first few inches of her so called room.

Getting up she pulled on a black long sleeved shirt a size too big for her with her sleeves falling over her hands ending at her skinny knees. A pair of dusty sandals and tight black shorts completed her outfit. Her shirt was old and a little frayed along the edges but her dad said he didn't have the extra money to spend on her petty needs.

Most of the time she had to go out on her own and look for food. Despite her young age she could sniff out and identify edible herbs and plans, berries and roots she could have for breakfast. It was something that came with time and experience.

Hopping outside her apartment building and onto the streets she started walking twards the woods where she would be able to find something to eat. Stopping at the base of an immensely tall tree she sniffed the air. Smiling she jumped forwards and pulled out a few green stalks that looked like grass and smelled strongly. The roots were long and white. Pulling the green parts off she washed the roots in a stream and began to eat them. Shuddering a bit from the bitter taste she quickly swallowed the roots.

Tome roots were a bitter tasting herb that most people put in their tea to help someone who was sick. It was also very good for your blood and the brain. That must have been why they called them tome roots.

After finishing her roots she took a generous amount of drinking water to help wash the taste out of her mouth. "Yuck I'd rather go hungry if these things weren't so good for you," she muttered wiping her mouth.

She stood up and looked around suddenly alert. She could sense another chakra nearby. Not knowing anyone in the village she masked her own chakra and hid behind a tree.

If her father ever did something for her worth while it was teaching her to read. From there she read and learned and educated herself about thinks like chakra. Her desire was to one day become the strongest female ninja.

Peeking out from behind the tree she saw a blond haired boy with deep blue eyes walking by with his head bent downward in shame. He seemed to be coming out of the forest heading towards the village. Sakura frowned when she saw a few cuts and bruises dotting his small body. His clothes were ruffled and stained with dirt as well. No knowing anyone and little about the village she decided to follow the boy wanting to know where he was heading.

Doing that she trained the boy hiding in the shadows from trees like an unseen ghost or phantom. By this time it was late in the evening. The sun would set in a few hours locking away it's golden rays for another day.

She saw people glance at the small boy in discuses and look away like they were better than him. Why did so many people look at him like he was lower tan trash and deserved to die? She could see it in their eyes; they hated him. Some even held gazes that screamed murder.

Two men in particular held such gazes and started to follow him. Knowing what would soon befall the young boy she decided to follow them at a closer range. Just s she expected they shoved him into an ally and started to beat him up despite his screams. From the streets she could easily hear him, how come no one was helping?

Jumping forward she landed in the opening of the ally way blocking the light. "Stop it!" She commanded in her rarely used voice.

One of the men turned around still holding the bleeding boy by the neck and looked at her. "Get lost little girl." He sneered throwing the boy down.

Sakura gasped seeing the boy bleeding and hurt so much. They were going to kill him!

The other one was about to pick him up and start to beat him again but Sakura dashed forward blocking his path. Her crystal eyes were hardened with determination. She remembered how this boy felt. She had felt it once before and many times more. That was until she decided to change it.

"Get out of our way little girl, we don't want to hurt you. We just want the little runt." the first one grunted. "He's a monster now move."

Sakura growled slightly and got into her own fighting stance with her arms hanging down limply at her sides and her legs tensed and ready. She knew she didn't stand a chance and would get beaten up as well but she had to try. This boy deserved another day to find his light.


She braced herself for another attack aimed at her chest as she skidded up to the wall a few minuets later but a voice at the end of the ally sopped the two men and sent them running the other way. Sakura sighed falling to her knees and then to her side sore and bleeding. Looking over she at the blond she could see him struggling to getting up and crawl over to her. Those few minuets of rest she gave him had given him all the time he needed to regain his fallen strength amazing.

"hey there okay pretty girl?" He asked.

Sakura flinched but nodded her small frail head not wanting to speak.

"Good my name is Naruto what's yours?"

Sakura she replied softly and calmly as the person that called out to them finally came up to them.

"Iruka sensei!" Naruto cheered despite his many wounds.

"Naruto what happened to you and this little girl?" He asked bending downne to them looking them both over. I got beat up again up by some adults and Sakura chan came and saved me!" He cried pointing to Sakura.

She smiled a bit and sat up. When she was fighting she was calm and serious but outside of that she was shy and sweet. "So your Sakura chan. I thank u for saving Naruto. I haven't seen you here in Konoha are you new here?" He asked with a soft smile.

Sakura looked up at the brown haired teacher with a scar running across his face and smiled a little. "Yes my dad and I just move here." She replied

"I thank you again for saving my student. "I'm sorry you got hurt would you like to come with me for some ramen and I'll look over you wounds?" The brown eyed teacher asked. Sakura smiled again and nodded as he helped her up.

Naruto walked with the pink haired child holding her hand and smiling like a lovesick puppy. Not wanting to let go of her hand when they got to the ramen stand he took the stool next to hers while Iruka looked over the wounds on her face and legs. She wouldn't let him look over the ones on her arms saying that they were fine and didn't healing.

The brown haired teacher ordered a bowl for both Naruto and Sakura saying that he owed her oe for saving Naruto.

Sakura broke her chopsticks apart and clumsily held them in her pale hands trying to pick up her slippery beef flavored noodles.

Naruto laughed when her chopsticks kept falling out of her hands. "Sakura chan, would you like me to help you with your chopsticks?" He asked.

Sakura blushed at her clumsiness and nodded. "Yes please."

Truth be told Sakura had only used chopsticks a handful of times in her life. Her father would never dream of taking her out to eat or even spend that much money on her. Sometimes an adult like Iruka would take pity on her and treat her out to eat.

In the end Naruto helped the pink haired Kunoichi in teaching her how to hold her chopsticks properly.

Iruka smiled at the blushing blue eyed fox boy knowing what was going through his head. Only a complete idiot wouldn't notice how much Naruto was crushing on Sakura.

"So your new here Sakura chan. If you don't mind I…uh…I could show you around some time. I've liked in Konoha all my life so I could show you around some time." Naruto stuttered playing with his noodles.

Sakura turned and smiled the blue eyed fox box "I would love that Naruto san."

"Oh no Sakura chan you don't have to be so polite with me. I don't mind at all." He said waving his hands in a childlike manner.

"Thank u Naruto kun I'll remember that for the next time. Maybe you could show me where the playground is. I would love to play there with you sometime. Naruto blushed smiling slightly at the way she said his name with the suffix at the end. She looked so cute when she talked like that and he had to suppress a squeal and squealing er to death

"I would love that too Sakura chan."

Sakura looked out of the stand towards the sky and gasped. It was almost twilight. Her father would be up soon and she didn't want to be there when he threw a fit finding her gone. "I'm sorry Iruka san Naruto kun, but I need to go home. Thank you for dinner and looking over my wounds." She quickly stated hopping off her stool and bowing goodbye"

Naruto sighed resting his head on his hands as e watched the young girl with dawn tinted locks run off. A goofy expression covering his face. "Naruto is there something wrong?" Iruka asked trying to hide the smile resting on his lips, already knowing what was wrong.

No, no nothing it wrong Iruka." Naruto sighed again

Iruka chuckled shaking his head. He paid for their meal and walked the sun haired fox carrier to his apartment.

Rushing into her apartment room Sakura quietly shut the door behind her breathing heavily and praying with all her heart that her father wasn't up. Gad must have decide to not answer her prayers this tie as she turned the corner to see her father waiting for her. The expression on his face was anything but relieved. If anything he looked ready to slaughter the small child.

"Daddy I'm sorry but I was looking for food and the boy was getting beat up and I…I just had to help him!" Sakura stuttered baking up completely frightened by the expression painted across his face that she sadly knew too well.

"What happened to your legs and your face? Someone healed you! He growled his matted red hair jumping away from his blazing eyes

"I'm sorry daddy! No on knew, no on knew." she cried desperately as a few tears spilled over her eyes falling down her terrified face.

"Your late and now thanks to you I'm going o be late for work," he hissed angrily

"But daddy you still don't need to leave for a few more minuets you still have time." She stuttered backing up and falling on to her rump

No since your late I have to punish you Sakura," he hissed his bright saffron yellow eyes flashing with a thirst for the small child's blood. As he reached down and unbuckled his thick leather belt and pulling out a small knife from his pocket.

Sakura's eyes widened in horror. "No daddy, no."

The pale girls muffled screams of pain when unheard that night as her crimson red blood spilled out onto the carpet. The red haired man exited his apartment leaving a bloody and broken child on the dirtied carpet floor stained with her own blood. Her eyes were a dull green, completely void of the cherry green laughter that once filled them.

Home, home, this house is not a

Home, home, this house is not a

Home, home, this house is not a

Home, home, this house is not a home…

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