"What are their conditions?" Mr. Herriman inquired, speaking into the telephone on his desk. Wilt and Eduardo were next to the desk, waiting expectantly for him to finish the call. Mac and Bloo, already bandaged as Mr. Herriman was, were off to one side of the office, speaking with some of the police and giving their accounts of everything that had happened. The rabbit listened on the line for a few moments, and then said, "I see. Very well, thank you." He hung up the phone.

Eduardo asked anxiously, "Are they all right? How is Senorita Frankie?"

"Ms. Francis' condition has finally stabilized," Mr. Herriman told them, to Eduardo's relief. "She will most likely make a full recovery, though she will need to remain hospitalized for a while."

Wilt nodded, "And Coco?"

Mr. Herriman frowned slightly, "She will be back to Foster's much quicker; however, the damage to her throat will prevent her from being able to speak. Depending on how well it heals, it may or may not be permanent."

Lowering his eyes, Wilt said, "If only I had acted a little sooner... maybe she wouldn't have gotten hurt at all."

"Do not blame yourself, Master Wilt; it was the late Master Rainbow's fault, not yours," Mr. Herriman replied.

"I guess not," Wilt agreed. "No, it wasn't my fault, but... something else is." He walked over to the officers who were speaking with Mac and Bloo. They paused what they were saying, looking up at Wilt, who looked away for a moment before saying, "Eurotrish. Her death was my fault, and I'm ready to face the consequences of it."

"But you were being forced..." Mac protested.

"Yeah, Rainbow made me feel hatred," Wilt replied, "but I've always had a little resentment, and Rainbow wasn't even near me at the time. He didn't tell me to kill; he just set up the circumstances so that I would decide it on my own. Besides, it's different for Herriman and Frankie: at least they can forgive us if they want. Trish doesn't have that choice, and I'm sorry, but I think the fact that I was being controlled is little consolation to her now."

Mac and Bloo both hung their heads, as officer Edwards said to the tall friend, "Are you sure about this?"

Wilt nodded, "I have to take responsibility. I couldn't live with myself otherwise. Please, just take me in. If a court still finds me innocent, I'll... I'll accept that, but if they find me guilty... then I won't resist either."

Edwards sighed and said, "Very well. We're just about done here anyway." The other officers nodded, and they started for the door along with Wilt. Mac and Bloo watched them go, and Wilt gave them a small, unconfident smile before stepping out of the office. Looking down at Mac, Edwards said, "I'll take you home when you're ready. I'll be waiting outside."

"Thanks," Mac said, and Edwards left to join the others outside. Mac looked over at Bloo and asked, "How are you feeling?"

"It still hurts, but I think I'll be alright," Bloo answered. "You?"

Mac touched the bandage on his arm, "Same." He nodded briefly in Mr. Herriman and Eduardo's direction, and then walked out of the office into the foyer with Bloo close behind. "I wonder if Rainbow would've turned out nicer if his family had been nicer to him," Mac said. "He sounded so kind to begin with."

"I dunno," Bloo said, "but I do kinda feel sorry for him. The family, fighting like that... it just seems so wrong. I'm glad we're not like that."

"Yeah," Mac said thoughtfully. "Bloo... I've been thinking about some of what Rainbow said..."

"Not the murder stuff, I hope," Bloo remarked.

"No," Mac said, shaking his head. "What he said about the bond between us. Between imaginary friend and creator. He was right, you know; it should be inseparable. And, I think we kinda lose sight of that sometimes, you and me."

"Yeah, I know what you mean," Bloo agreed.

Mac continued, "Tonight, though, I realized just how much like the same person we are, deep down. When our lives were in danger, I thought of what would happen if you were killed. It's really easy to forget sometimes that imaginary friends are real, live people, and how much a part of you they really are. If I lost you, it'd be like losing a piece of my own soul. I don't think I could handle that, and I'm glad I won't have to find out."

"Me too," Bloo said, as the two of them stopped in front of the main Foster's doorway. "You're my best friend, and I think it would be a sad, lonely world without you. I don't say this often enough, but... I'm really lucky to have a creator like you." As Mac smiled, Bloo smiled back, "Take care of yourself, all right?"

"You got it, pal," Mac replied, and they gave each other a hug before Mac opened the door and stepped outside. Bloo moved over to a window and watched him get into Edwards' police car. They waved at each other until the car pulled away and vanished into the night. Once they were out of sight, Bloo turned away from the window and climbed the steps upstairs, leaving the darkened foyer still and quiet once again, only the rhythmic ticking of the foyer's clock breaking the silence.