Normal Day At Rite Aid

Summary: The Daughters and their 'sexual life'; contains morning-after pills, flavored condoms, and… handcuffs?

Author's Note: This will have 'sexual themes' not suitable for teens under thirteen… But if you're thirteen, then, say, "Screw it!" and continue to read if you wish. I really don't give a damn. And don't be afraid by the word "handcuff" in the summary. Hehehehehehehe! Each chapter (which will be 4-5, will center on one of the DOTM – I'm still deciding on Tianna; maybe someone can give me an idea on her?)

Each chapter will be written in the POV of the Pharmacist working at the small pharmacy thingy.

Disclaimer: I do not own Daughters of the Moon.

1. Pills For Crazed Women

"Here you go, Jenna," I said kindly, handing the monthly customer, Jenna Crane, a bottle of pills. "Here's your new prescription. Now back sure they don't g down the drain again, okay? You have to take them."

She snarled. "You can't fool me; you or the doctors! I know exactly what kind of pills you're giving me! These are pills to erase my mind, aren't they?! AREN'T THEY?! Oh, god…," she moaned, unexplainably frightened, "I knew I saw too much!" She then stared at me, her dull eyes pleading. "I swear I won't tell ANYONE what I saw at Area 51! I swear on my mother's grave! I didn't see those UFO's! I DIDN'T!"

Before I could reassure her, she stalked off, still shouting to herself. People stared at her, curious and perplexed by the insane, old woman stalking down the isles screaming junk about "Area 51"

"Oh, no," I mumbled, sighing afterward. "She's doing it again!" I shouted to the nearest co-worker, Sally, who followed my pointed finger. She, too, sighed as Jenna began to throw alien masks around the store, screaming, "I swear they don't exist!"

It was Halloween month. Oh, joy…

Groaning, I leaned forward. The day already seemed to drag on.

It was then, that a worse customer came tumbling toward me, eyes wide with fright and panic. She was a teenager –no older than seventeen- with red, bouncing curls and emerald eyes that –at the moment- were sparkling with sheer panic. Her clothes didn't match her undeniable beauty; it appeared as if she just threw on anything and ran out the door.

Finally, she stopped in front of me, shoving aside the old woman who had been walking up to the counter.

I leaned back, bewildered.

"May I help you-"

"Of course you can help me, that's why I'm here!" she lashed out.

I flushed and hesitantly nodded. "What do you need…?"

Her eyes lowered, shamed, and she mumbled something I couldn't make out.

"What was that?" I asked, moving closer to her, my chest pressed against the counter.

She mumbled slightly louder.

"A… moaning… laughter… pill?" I had no clue what that was. "Is that-"


I nearly fell back, astonished by her sudden outburst. Now, everyone in the entire store had stopped to look at her, truly confused. Her face was red with fury and a pang of embarrassment.

"A morning-after pill?" I repeated, blinking. The "Morning-After Pill" or "Emergency Birth Control (EBC)" was what many teenagers would come in for when they've had unprotected sex… Thank, god that Health classes mentioned these pills, now-a-days.

"Yes, A MORNING-AFTER PILL!" she raged, glaring murderously at me.

People were still watching… I was humiliated along with her.

Before I could respond, someone interrupted.

"… Serena…?"

This "Serena" turned around and my eyes traveled to where the voice sounded from. A blond, surfer-like boy was standing with a tan-skinned, Spanish woman. They were both gawking at "Serena", a pang of anger and curiosity in their eyes.

"C-Collin," she stammered, taking a step back. However, she was met with the counter.

"What's this "pill" for?" the Spanish girl demanded, fuming.

It was like an intense Soap Opera…

Only without the intensity.

"I-I… Well, you see… It's for…" Her voice trailed off, and without a seconds thought, she bolted for the exit. The blonde and the Spanish girl –after exchanging quick glances- ran after her.

"You little puta!" the Spanish girl shouted, shaking her fist at "Serena"

I stared after them…

And I thought Jenna was crazy?

Next up, Vanessa and Michael! Heheheheheheheheh!