Normal Day At Rite Aid

Summary: The Daughters and their 'sexual life'; contains morning-after pills, flavored condoms, and… handcuffs?

Author's Note: Thank you for your reviews! Here's Michael and Vanessa's chapter... Vanessa will really, really, really be OOC... Maybe. For all we know, she might actually act like a sex-addicted teenage girl... Hm.

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2. Hit Me, Baby!

My eyes felt heavy (not to mention that they BURNED LIKE HELL!), and I could barely stand straight for five minutes without having to slump down. I've been here -behind the Pharamcy counter- for ten hours, now! I swear… I am going to rip someone's throat out!

"Excuse me-"

"WHAT?" I demanded, my eyes shooting open.

An old, creepy-looking man stood in front of me, a wry smile plastered on his face. He didn't seem at all appalled by my outburst (much to my relief), and simply leaned forward.

"I would like my prescription medicine from my doctor… My name is Phillip Watts."

I merely nodded and headed to the back, scanning the names. Finally, I managed to grab his medicine and head back to the counter where he still stood, that same creepy smile on his face.

I think he was staring at my-

"Thank you," he said as I handed him his "Viagra Pills"

Without, he sauntered off, and to my horror, I understood why he wanted it… It was his 'thingy'… Ew… It was-

"No, not that one!" a high, preppy voice scolded. My eyes shifted from the old man to a young, teenage blond girl with dazzling azure eyes. A handsome, Adonis-like boy stood next to her. He was sniffing something…

"A c-condom," I sputtered, nearly choking on my own words.

"This one tastes like watermelon…"

The girls' face grew angry. "I'm allergic to watermelon, you idiot!"

"Who the hell is allergic to watermelon?!" he demanded.

"I am! It reminds me of fat…" She paused. "And I'm not fat."

I watched them, trying hard to contain my hysteria. These two were so… Well, it seems that this 'blond girl' is the man in the relationship… Or just a total bitch… Hm… I continued to watch them, not prepared for the rest.

"Oh!" she suddenly exclaimed, running up to a shelf full of various pills.

"What?" he demanded, unsure.

She laughed and shoved a box in front of him. His eyes widened in horror, and it made me wonder what it was. Maybe pills to make him be less of a pussy? Or maybe-

"ESTROGEN PILLS!" he cried, throwing the box away from him as if touching it would give him a serious disease. I clamped a hand over my mouth, hiding the laugh that nearly escaped through my lips.

"Um, miss?" a customer asked.

I shook my head, not daring to tear my gaze away from the couple. "Not now," I shushed.

"I am NOT going to take those!" he shouted.

The blond girl pouted. "Oh, yes you are! You need to be more sympathetic…"

"You're the one who should take them!" he protested.

She sighed, strangely agreeing. "Yeah, I guess you're right… After all… you are on the water polo team. Tsk, tsk, tsk…"


She shrugged and turned back to the condoms. "How 'bout this one?"

She held up another one, and he…licked it? My mouth fell open. You don't lick them! Especially since SO MANY people have, already!

"Ew…" I murmured.

"Um, can you-"

"Can't you just shut your trap?!" I screamed, glaring at the middle-aged woman. She gradually backed away, frightened by me - the insane, grumpy pharmacist at the counter. I really hope I don't get fired…

The dazzling boy sighed. "Yeah, that one, I guess… But this is really you're choice, you know?"

"Whatever…," the girl mumbled.

"Vanessa, what's wrong?" he asked, suddenly concerned.

"Vanessa" crossed her arms, pouting. "This whole thing was for you…" Tears began to stream down her face. "I WANTED YOU TO CHOOSE FOR ONCE, MICHAEL! NOT ME! GOD, WHY CAN'Y YOU STOP BEING A BITCH FOR ONCE IN YOUR LIFE?!"

"Michael" stepped back, his eyes wide. "W-What? You want me to be manlier? I can be manlier… Here, um…" He glanced around, and after finding nothing that could save him, he raised his unclenched hand.

My mouth fell open when he… slapped her.

She stumbled back, her hand flying to her red cheek.

"… Did you just slap me?" she whispered, staring at him in shock.

Michael's mouth fell open. "Oh, Vanessa… I am so sorry. That was way out of line!"

Vanessa gazed at him. "That was so…" A dreamy smile formed on her face. "Kinky…"

I chocked.

"What…?" Michael stared at her as if she had grown two heads.

"You heard me!" she cried with pure ecstasy. "Now… Hit me again, Mickey-Mike!"

Michael slowly began to walk away, his eyes lingering on his insane girlfriend.

"Ah, where ya goin'?" she asked, running after him. The cherry-flavored condoms were still clutched in her hand as tackled "Michael" to the ground. They skidded across the tiled floor before they crashed into a shelf stocked with bras.

Why are there bras in Rite Aid? I don't know…

"Vanessa" began to kiss Michael… However, it looked rather violent and scary.

"I LOVE YOU MICHAEL!" she screamed, her arms tight around the frightened boy.

She was like Tom Cruise on the Oprah Winfry show…

I shivered.

"Um… can somebody stop her?" I asked.

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