Love, it's a silly word really. There's so many meaning to and so many ways to do it. For instance you could love someone with you're whole heart, or with only the tiniest piece. You could love someone as a significant other, or you could love someone like a best friend or sibling.

Love can come at any time, when you see and attractive person walking down the street or it can develop after knowing a person for many years. It might not always be the first time you fall for the same person. Sometimes your feelings sit stirring inside you for a year or two until they come bubbling out again, others they are there from the start.

Love is still a mystery to me, sure I have read about it more times than the average person, and I see it everyday with my parents, but I always wonder if would ever find time for me. A weak, pathetic, and clumsy girl who has only ever had a crush on the one guy she would never think of dating.

So why does it matter that much to me? Because when you see people your age all around you falling in love, including the person you wish would see that you loved him, it makes you question whether or not you would be capable of giving it or getting it.