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Chapter 1-Dreams

Tearing, rending, shredding ripping, killing. The vicious claws that moved up and down steadily looked like they could do everyone, at the same time. Warm red liquid steamed from the claws, and dripped from the tips in a steady staccato beat. They were serrated, tearing made easier, killing made quicker, and the shining blood almost exaggerated the jagged edge. The massive beast breathed heavily, as if fresh off the hunt and stared down at the man with shrunken slits of pupils. A thick cloud of mist rose from its muzzle with each breath, making it look even more vicious.

It really was huge, hulking over the man by at least three feet, and staring down at him like you would a chicken entrée. The man stumbled back, away from the creature, wanting to be as far away as possible from it. But before he managed to get very far, the beast let out a bloodcurdling roar, and its muscles unleashed, sending it lunging at the man. Thos vicious killing claws extended toward him, seeking his life water.

Thinking quickly, the man rolled to the side, removing him from the beast's path, narrowly escaping death. Deciding that it would not be best to wait until the beast was able to recover the man quickly took off at a run, his feet pounding on the insubstantial ground beneath him. His breath was harsh and ragged, tearing painfully at his chest and throat with each breath.

He could hear the beast behind him easily enough, its massive paws pounding heavily against the ground behind him. The thing was cocky, not even attempting to use stealth.

And then, suddenly, the sound of footfalls behind him stopped, and when he glanced behind, the beast was no where to be seen. Thinking that maybe the beast had stopped its pursuit, he slowed down and finally brought himself to a stop, sighing happily. A heavy smash sounded behind, and he spun around to see that the beast was standing there, in the middle of a crater, dust and debris settling to the ground. Maybe, the beast hadn't given up quite yet.

The beast took less than a second to recover from the jump, lunging almost immediately at that man for a second time. He didn't have time to get out of the way, and the small sidestep that he took did nothing. The creature swiped its paw to the side in passing, cutting deeply into his side, and sending him tumbling across the ground painfully. His side burned, and the area around was warm and wet. He stuck his hand in the area of the wound, and I came away dripping warm blood.

Vainly, he tried to push himself to his feet, but only managed to stumble and fall once more to the floor. The beast recovered from its lunge quickly, and was now standing, those feral eyes staring at him hungrily. Its pace was slow and leisurely, taking its good time. The beast knew that the man was down for the count, and didn't feel like exerting himself anymore than necessary, and the roar that had once churned the man's guts was now a low contented purr.

The man tried desperately to get away from the hulking creature, dragging and kicking weakly in a pained crawl across the ground. The beast continued forward, not increasing his pace, the man's crawl did not bother it. It drew ever closer, those eyes still staring hungrily, preparing for its meal. Hot tears fell down the man's cheeks, burning his eyes he didn't want to die, not like this, not now, not ever.

Finally, the creature stood over its prey, its low rumbling purr now seeming to be a mirthful laugh. Hot steam still rose from its muzzle with each breath, and the feral slits of eyes still shone with a fervent light. Those claws now seemed sharper than ever, stretching out, and extending to their full length. The man's eyes widened further, and the tears streamed down his cheeks faster and faster. One paw gripped the man around the throat, and lifted him to the beast's eye level. The other arm went back behind the beast back, the claws straightened out, the man screamed, and the claws plunged forward.


The scream continued to echo around the dark room as Garfield Logan came out of sleep with a jolt and a scream. His eyes adjusted to the darkness of his room, and glanced around nervously, searching for the Beast, thinking the dream, or rather, nightmare, had been real. His body was slicked in a cold sweat, and his breath was short and ragged, his chest heaving with each breath.

The blankets on his bed had been torn to shreds by his claws as he tossed and turned in his troubled slumber. Sighing he gathered the blankets and navigated his way through his debris littered room, the door sliding open with a quiet hiss. As he walked through the door he glanced back at his clock, 5:00. He sighed, this way too early to be up.

He threw his blankets into the incinerator in passing and made his way to the bathroom. The sweat covering his body made him feel disgusting. He really needed to take shower, not mention empty his swelled bladder. After that, he thought that he might go grab some food because there was no way in hell he was getting back to sleep.


Little did the green changeling know, but someone else had been awake when he woke up with a scream. A hooded empathy was meditating on the Tower roof when the man's scream echoed up through the ventilation shaft. She opened her eyes slowly as the scream cut off the latest recitation of her mantra. Her senses stretched out over the Tower, trying to find anyone that might have been awake. As they stretched over the entire expanse of the "T" shaped superstructure, they snagged on the awakened state of the changeling's senses, "Gar?"

She struggled with herself for a few minutes, deciding whether or not to go down and check on him. Finally, she decided that she would go down, but only because he interrupted her meditation. She didn't think of the fact that this was the fourth time this week that his screams had interrupted her. This morning, she decided to confront him, his emotions had been helter skelter, and it needed to be fixed.

She descended from her floating lotus position, and her feet touched down softly on the concrete of the roof. She walked down the stairs, and rounded the corner to the living quarters just in time to see a green back head into Gar's room. Sighing she leaned against the wall and waited for the changeling to emerge once more. It took slightly over five minutes for him to emerge, and when he did, he walked right out and headed for the kitchen, completely missing her presence

She sighed again, and walked up behind him. His ears jerked up, and he twisted around to defend himself from whatever threat might be behind him. Gar jumped when he noticed that it was not threat, at least not yet. He laughed nervously and rubbed the back of his neck, "Geez Rae, you hafta sneak up on me like that?"

Her lips twisted in a small smile as she answered, "No, not really, but it's more fun this way."

Gar laughed quietly at her quip, not wanting to wake the other Titans, his chuckle was deep rumble, coming from somewhere in his chest. A chill shot up Raven's spine at the sound, and a blush crept on to her cheeks, embarrassed at how easily he affected her. But slowly, she felt her eyes being drawn to him, taking in his form. He had gone without a shirt in the early morning, showing off pleasantly muscled torso and arms. His face had lost his baby fat, and was angular, his emerald eyes sharp and shining. His once short and boyish hair had grown out and now fell playfully into his eyes, sometimes hiding the green orbs. And he was really tall. As soon as the changeling hit eighteen, he had shot up, coming to just one inch under Victor at 6'3". Much to her chagrin, she had stopped growing at a miniscule 5'5".

And as her eyes raked over him, he watched her in turn. She had matured over the years, her body coming to its full womanly form, curves and all. His eyes traveled lazily down her body, taking in her beautiful violet eyes and hair, and the tank top and sweatpants she had decided to wear for pajamas clinging to her form. He smirked; she really was beautiful, even if she didn't know it.

While they both failed to notice the other's eyes, a silence stretched between the two, until they reached the kitchen where upon the silence was quickly broken by Raven's voice, "Changeling, why exactly are you up so early, you usually aren't until noon?"

"Rae, we're at home, my name's Gar," he said with a smile as fished through the fridge in search for sustenance.

"Raven, not Rae, and you didn't answer my question," she said with a slight glare in the green mans direction.

"Look Raven, I just got up 'cuz I was really hungry and needed something to eat, that okay with you?" he asked slightly annoyed.

"No, you're lying," she stated.

"You know what Raven? Maybe, maybe I don't really want to talk about, 'kay, even you should be able to understand something like that." His voice was filled with venom.

She backed away, hurt by his words, and scared by his ferocity. He saw the hurt look on her face and immediately raised his hands in apology, "Look, I'm sorry Rae, didn't mean to explode like that, I just don't wanna talk about it."

Raven smiled and placed a comforting hand on his shoulder, "Gar, you may not want to talk about it now, but you will, and when you do, I'll be there. And my name's not Rae."

"Yeah yeah, 'It's Raven', and thanks."

She smiled again, this day was getting better and better, "No problem."

He began opening more cupboards, and fishing through them, in search for his early morning feed. Finally he yelled " Eureka!" and whipped out a rectangular yellow box, waving it in the air and showing it to Raven. He sat down in a counter stool and opened the box, happily munching on his discovery, casually; he offered the box to Raven, "Want some crackers?"

"Sure, why not."

The two talked and ate crackers for what seemed to be only a few moments, but in reality stretched over two hours. Raven was shocked and surprised that she could actually converse with Gar in such a mature manner. They talked about many things she thought he must be ignorant about. They talked about philosophy and belief, whether there was or was not a god as the Christians believed, and sciences of many varieties. His discussion especially excelled in the subjects of zoology, and other sciences related to animal life.

The other Titans began waking up, beginning with a man in his mid-twenties, his long black hair splayed over his face, and sticking up at strange angles. He looked up and listened to the two voices drifting down the hallway and through his door, "What the hell is that?" The question was directed at no one in particular, but he got an answer anyway.

The exotic beauty laying next to him rose from her resting position and slung an arm over his chest, pulling back down to the mattress, "It does not matter, all that matters right now is you, and me."

Ice blue eyes shone with his smile as he gazed at his red-haired beauty, "You're amazing."

"I know."

He laughed huskily as his lips dove for hers, and so much more.

Somewhere else in the Tower, a half-robotic sentient was slowly whirring to wakefulness, the machinery behind him humming to life. Sighing and stretching, his joints creaked, and a jolt coursed through his system. Carefully, he unlatched the cord attaching him to the machinery, and moved to a table only a few feet away. Victor picked up a small canister of oil, and began to drip some into each of his creaky joints. If you were going to go every day with robotic joints, you might as well make sure they worked properly.

Stretching out once more, he stepped to his door and out into the hallway, not very far considering his room was like a large closet. Being half robot had its perks. The muffled words of conversation floated down from the kitchen, and there was something else with them. He found out what that something was as he passed Dick and Kori's room, his eyes widened in shock, and his pace quickened.

Just as he was passing the room, and the noises he hoped never to hear coming from a room he wasn't in, the loud alarm and lights began ringing and flashing, the red lights bathing the Tower in odd colors. Two flustered teammates still in a state of undress rushed past him to their rooms, and a word floated over the noise in a very feminine sounding voice, "Shit!"

Cyborg just laughed and walked toward the main computer, daily routine would never change, but hopefully, some things would.


Well there it is, chap 1. I hope y'all enjoyed it, I know I did.