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How to Love a Guy you Hate

To: Bella Swan

From:Luke Vaughn

Subject: Where the HELL are you SWAN?

Where the Hell are you SWAN. Do you not realize we have a paper

due and your late for work. This is your 5TH tardy. One more and I

swear Swan, I'll fire you

Sincerely Luke

To: Luke Vaughn

From: Bella Swan

Subject: Calm Down

your going to blow your head off. Don't worry, I know we have a paper

due...I have it. And I'm not late LUKE. I'm right here.

P.s- Bite me


Okay, okay. I realize I can be...well lazy. I love my work at Daily journal. Writing stories and column's for magazines, but I hate Luke. "Bella, where are you, sweetheart. We have to discuss what happen last night", oh my god. I was sitting at my desk when Lucy shouts out.

I quickly stood up and pounded my hands on my desk. "There you are Bella, I've been looking for you. Okay, we have to discuss what happen last between you and Nike", I was seriously angry. "Lucy", my voice unstable. "Who in the world, told you", I snapped.

"Honey, calm down. Are you PM-SING. You must be getting your period", okay now I was angry. "LUCY, who told you", my fingers curling into a fist. "Oh honey, everyone knows...what a shame you and Nike broke it off", she sighed and touched my shoulder.

Now my anger couldn't hold in any longer. "WHO IN THIS WORLD SPREAD THE ROOMER ABOUT ME AND NIKE", I shouted so everyone in the office could hear. It went quiet as a mouse. "DAMN IT PEOPLE", I shouted and left to the ladies room.

To: Bella Swan

From: Luke Vaughn

Subject: Quit shouting Swan

What's your problem, Swan. I don't care who in the world told who, but

you better get to work. NOW.


To: Luke Vaughn

From: Bella Swan

Subject: Quit shouting Luke

God, have a problem Mr. Perfect. And you quit shouting.

P.s- Your a cold hearted Boss!


To: Bella Swan

From: Rachel Law

Subject: Still up for tonight

your going tonight, right? I mean at the party. They'll be guys there. I mean

really hot guys. Bella I have some people I want you to meet okay.

P.s- Nike was the one who told Lucy. And Lucy, told everyone else. Is it true that you

slapped him. Hold on.

It is true! I can still see the slap mark. You go girl.


To: Rachel Law

From: Bella Swan

Subject: Still up for tonight


I'm going to kill both Nike and Lucy


My job ends at five and I was heading to the elevators, when Rachel caught up with me. "Bella, hey", she called out waving her hands. "Hey", I smiled at her. Rachel was my best friend. I loved her...but not in that way. "So I'm picking you up at seven", nodded.

"This is going to be so much fun, you'll see...and my boobs are going to look great in my dress", I giggled. "I have boobs, they may not be as big as yours, but I have them", she pointed to her chest. "Okay you have boobs and I never said you didn't", I smirked.

"I have boobs", she said loudly. "My boobs are great, their wonderful. You know that? Goddamn it, their fantastic", she said while patting her breast. I just laughed. "Really Rachel. There's no point in going, I really don't want to".

"But, you'll have fun", she held my hands. "I'll pick you up at seven. You better be ready Miss Swan",she smiled and disappeared into the sea of people. "Really Rachel", I sighed and ran one hand through my hair.

I was waiting to get a cab, just standing there, thinking how horrible tonight will be. The last thing I want was to be with some guy like Nike. That asshole, he cheated on me, behind my back. I caught him making out with a blond waitress. (In the hall way, he took he out to dinner).

I was waiting for ten minutes wondering where he disappeared to. So I decided to go find him and what do I find. Oh, no other then Nike De-key making out in with some other girl. I mean, for god sakes, if your going to cheat on me, at least break up with me first.

So I just watched them, I leaned back against the wall, behind a telephone. I knew he couldn't see me, but I could see him. I waited until he was done making out with her. He made his way down the hall, passing me, not even noticing that I was there. Well not until I spoke up.

"I had no idea, that you were a cheater", he froze and turned around to see me. "B-Bella, I can explain".

"Oh, you can explain my ass", I went up to him and slapped him so hard. "If your going to cheat on me, at least don't let me catch you. And another thing. You could have broken up with me first, you jerk", I started to walk past him, when he grabbed my arm.

"Bella, I'm sorry", he tried to pull me closer to him. "Don't touch me, you disgusting pig. Actually, it's a relief that I'm over with you. I really couldn't stand you. Oh and by the way, your paying the hundred and ten dollars. Happy Birthday" and I walked out of there. I was never the type to cry, so I didn't.

I came back to reality, sighing. The cab pulled up, but when I was going in, when some person knocked me against the door, my elbow hitting the window. And suddenly, with just that, I was pissed.

"What the hell", I snapped and gathered my belongings that had fallen, but they were already piled up.When I turned to see who this stupid idiot was. I saw a guy with bronze wavy hair, around my age, wearing a black T-shirt that said "I'm a Demon of the Night".

I glared at him and for some reason he was smiling.

"What's your problem", I snapped.

"Problem", he smiled.

"Lady, you are getting in or what", the cab driver spoke. "Yeah", and I turned back to him and glared. "Never mind".

"Hold on, need a ride too", he smiled. "No get your own taxi, jerk", I turned closing the door, but he opened it and took a seat next to me. "What's your problem, asshole. You knocked me over", I glared at him. He kept smiling. He was really pissing me off. "Really, such language. Goodness. What does your mother teach you".

I just glared at him. Wrong day buddy, I'll kill you if you say another word to me, I thought to myself. I felt my phone vibe. I glanced at my phone and it said New Message.

To: Bella

From: Rita

Bella Swan, you better not be thinking about running away. I'll chase

you down and drag you to the party. Rach and Me will pick you up,

so be ready.


I text her back and wrote. Don't worry, I won't run away and I'll be there, I have to deal with some asshole right now, can't talk. I finished typing when he grabbed my phone out of my hands and started type something down. I was to shock to move. He did not just do that, I thought to myself.

"Goddamn it, what's with you. How dare you take my phone without asking", and I tried reaching for it, but his arms were to long. "Hold on", he said. And then he gave it back. "Thank you for the ride I'll get off here", the cab stop and he started walking away. I watched him walk down the side walk, with hundreds of people passing by him in all directions. "Asshole", I whispered.

"Where to", the driver asked. "Forty-second street", I said in reply. I continued to stared at him until he was out of my sight. I looked at my phone to see what he did and it seemed he added his contact number

Edward Cullen-cellphone


Edward Cullen-home phone


As if I would ever call him. And what kind of name is Edward. I mean, people now-a-days have better names then Edward. I guess I shouldn't speak. My name is Isabella. Not that I would have guessed, but from that moment on, my life will no longer be the same. Not after meeting Edward Cullen.

Hoped you liked it...