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Reluctant Seduction .:Chapter One:.

It was the middle of the night and the rain striking the house did nothing to calm my turbulent thoughts. All I could do as I lay in bed was stare up at my canopy, the conversation I had held with Patricia Crouch running through my mind for the hundredth time in two days.


I walked into a sitting room and my eyes landed on a frail and withered woman barely able to sit upright. My eyes stung with tears though I put on a smile, I knew I would lose her in a few days at the most. If we were lucky.

"Winky said you called for me," I said as I walked to her side.

"Holly, I know I have already asked a lot of you ---"

I made to stop the false claims but she stopped me with a wave of her thin hand.

"No dear, I have asked more of you then even a mother has a right to ask and I'm not even lucky enough to call you my own daughter."

I shook my head but I couldn't say anything or I knew that the knot in my throat would unleash a flood of tears that didn't need to be seen.

I had come to live with the Crouchs five years ago when my own mother died; as she left me I was alone with no one else to call family. Fortunately, my mother's best friend and my Godmother was Patricia Crouch, the very woman sitting before me, at the funeral she had asked me to stay with her and her husband, for a little while she said, and the happiness in her eyes when I agreed, reminded me of my own mother.

My mother would always tell me stories of her and her best friend and the trouble they would get into but circumstances in their lives led them to not see each other often but I still remember the owls coming in every week and my mother reaching out so eagerly to read the letter.

Before the funeral the only other time I remember seeing Mrs. Crouch was years before that, when she arrived at our house looking for solace when her son had been sent to Azkaban by her husband and his father.

After I had arrived, a year passed but I couldn't get myself to leave and I soon found myself a permanent resident of the Crouch Manor, I was comforted by Mrs. Crouch, she was like a second mother who always wanted to spoil me and I knew that having me there reduced the sadness of her son not being with her. Four more years soon passed and that brought me to this moment in time, where her illness was ravaging through her already weak body.

My thoughts were jarred when I felt something wet land on my hand and I looked up to see Mrs. Crouch's eyes filled with tears already sliding down her pale cheek. I felt my own fill with tears but I blinked them from sight... I didn't want her to see my misery; she already had more then enough on her plate.

"Holly, I need you to promise me something."

"I would do anything for you." I whispered and it was true, she really was my second mother.

"Dear heart, don't agree to anything until you hear what it is."

I smiled, she sounded so much like she used to before the illness had her suffering so badly.

"As you know, I'm about to die soon, no matter what anyone says, and my last wish is that my son be free. I know that what he did was wrong, but he's already spent so much time in Azkaban for that and I want to die knowing that he is in safer hands and I've already gotten Bart to agree to this so no matter what you say, I'll still go though with it."

It was safe to say that I was confused. What her son did wasn't just wrong but evil however there was no way that I would admit that to her, she still saw him as her little boy and I wasn't going to be the one to wreck her opinion of him though I doubt I would be able to.

"We're going to see him tomorrow, and I'm going to trade places with him using Polyjuice Potion."


"And he's going to come back here with his father and I'm going to take his place."

I couldn't say anything... I was much too shocked. It had to be some sort of twisted joke.

"Winky is going to heal him, you know she's always been for the family, but this is where you come in."

All I could do was gape at her.

"Barty has gone through so much in his young life and though he is coming back here, he will have to disappear from the world and I don't want him to end up alone. I've seen the kindness you possess and I know it will be difficult to love him but I know you have it in you, and I know you can make Barty love you. I want you to marry him, could you do that for me Holly?"

I had to say no, I wasn't going to marry a Death Eater...

But I couldn't say no, Mrs. Crouch meant so much to me and if she wanted me to do something for her, after everything she had done for me, I couldn't brush it off.

The words were out of my mouth before I could think things properly through...

"Of course."

.:End Flashback:.

Who knew two little words would have such a large affect? I didn't know why I agreed but somehow I couldn't find myself to object, the hug she gave me when I agreed told me how much it meant to her and I couldn't take it away from her.

We had sat in there for two hours and she told me that she wouldn't tell Barty that his bride was at home but that there was a young woman who would look after him. The look of happiness on her face made her thin face years younger and it was evident that she was once a beauty.

She told me that it would be my responsibility to make him fall for me but that she knew that I would be able to do it and that Winky would help me.

As I sat up in bed I couldn't help but smile at the way that had given me advice on seduction and the seduction of her own son to boot. It made me think that maybe that my mother hadn't been exaggerating when she told me tales from her school days.

I heard the front door slam and the rush of footsteps up the stairs. I peaked out of my room to see Mr. Crouch in the strangest possession, it seemed as if he was pulling something up but there was only thin air.

I gasped and put my hand to my mouth when I saw the clock slip off to reveal a feeble and sickly young man.

Barty Crouch Junior.

I went back to my bed and sat heavily on my bed, up until that moment I had prayed it was all a joke but it wasn't.

There was an escaped Azkaban prisoner in the room next to mine. A sick woman had taken his place and I was an accomplice of some sort. Oh and I was to marry the escaped prisoner.

I felt the tears start to pour down my face but I made no motion to stop them or even clear them because I knew it would be no use, there were plenty more to accompany those that had already fallen.

I was crying for myself and more importantly Mrs. Crouch, she would spend the rest of her days in Azkaban, the worst of all prisons, and her only solace was that her son was safe and about to fall in love with her best friend's daughter.

I knew that no matter how much I hated him I would have to keep my word... there was no way I would let her down.