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I hate this, thought Karai as she fought not to slump in her seat and scowl. This was just… pointless. There were a thousand other places she would prefer to be than here. Having root canal surgery was just about equal in torment, although it had more going for it since it didn't last as long. But as she was the head of her supposedly deceased fathers Business Empire and since his public image had demanded charitable endeavours, she was stuck here. She was one of the sponsors of the charity involved and like it or not, she had to show her face and look willing.

Still… charity baseball? Baseball was dull enough, but usually she didn't have to pretend she enjoyed it.

She forced something resembling a smile as she looked at the Jumbo-Vision screens and realised that the cameras were panning the crowd. It wouldn't do for her to be seen looking bored and unenthused by the event – even if she was. And the stupid game hadn't even started yet.

The two Foot ninja chosen to accompany her, one on either side, wisely remained silent. Chosen for their relatively unimposing appearance and loyalty to the Foot Clan, it had been necessary to take a guard – the Foot had enemies and although Karai would no doubt be aware of her surroundings, it would never hurt for there be someone to watch her back while she played to those who thought charity rather than appearance was her reason for being there.

Glancing up at the Jumbo-Vision, she saw something that made her mask of serenity slip for a moment, her eyes narrowing in loathing. The sheer size of the man she saw sitting several seats behind her would have given him away, even if she didn't recognise him from the way he moved, the arrogance he portrayed with every gesture that came from knowing that he intimidated most people and could usually 'persuade' those who didn't immediately fear him to do so. She saw him only from the back, but the back was enough.

Her father's former right-hand man. Hun.

The ninjas beside her had also seen him on the screen, taking his seat with an unknown crony beside him. Instinctively they tensed, but Karai made a small hand gesture to still them. There was little Hun could do to them without them stopping him, before he even began or making a scene.

Hissing between her teeth, she forced the pleasant look back on her face. What the hell was Hun of all people doing there?

Hun smirked from his seat as he noticed the stiffening of Karai's body, knowing she must have seen him. He didn't know, nor would he have cared if he had, but he and Karai shared their dislike of baseball. But he had realised she would have to make an appearance and childish though it was, he still enjoyed needling her, annoying her. Let her try to make nice while all the time wondering what his purpose of being there was. He had his own business interests now and anything to undermine those who could become his enemy in the future was time well spent. And no one was watching him except her; he could ignore the action.

"She's seen us," he rumbled to his crony, another member of the Dragons who looked somewhat less threatening than others he employed. Hun rarely needed anyone to watch his back, but he hadn't got where he was today by not taking precautions.

Satisfied, Hun sat back and watched Karai, smirking while imagining her irritation. He had other things to worry about than the Foot these days, but even he deserved to take time out to do something he enjoyed. And annoying Karai had always been high up that list.

Meanwhile, there was another group of people seating in the same section who were there for no other reason than to have a good time. Four of the group were heavily clad in spite of the relative warmth of the day, big coats, caps, shades and scarves, leaving it impossible for a casual observer to tell much about them from a glance. They were accompanied by a much taller man with a goofy smirk, a young woman looking amused and exasperated in turns and a teenage girl with purple hair.

"I'm not sure this is a good idea," muttered Leo, pulling the brim of his hat further down and sinking into his chair, trying to look incongruous.

"Dude, chill," piped up Mikey from beside him, arms laden with goodies. "Here, have some nachos. They're laden with melted cheese!"

"If you weren't a ninja, you'd be the fattest turtle on the planet," said Raphael, leaning over Donnie to grab some of the snacks.

"Hey, watch it there!" said Donnie good-naturedly. "You'll spill cheese all over me!"

"Low profile," said April, rolling her eyes from the seat next to Raph. "You're supposed to be keeping a low profile!"

"April, it's fine," said Casey, not exactly happy at being seated next to Leo rather than his girlfriend, but knowing it was probably better to have humans between the normal spectators and not-so-normal spectators. "They're not doing anything out of the ordinary."

"And no one's gonna be paying attention to us," added Angel from beside April. "Not once the game begins. And by the time it's over, it'll be dark."

"Yeah, lighten up Fearless Leader," said Mikey, nudging Leo in the side and offering over the nachos.

"Over here!" Casey grabbed for a handful while Mikey settled the rest of his snacks on his knee, glancing up at the hot air balloon hovering above the stadium. The electronic sign on the side extolled the virtue of the charity that the ticket sales were going towards, while various sponsors' logos also flashed up on occasion, always followed by their logo. Mikey amused himself for a moment trying to work out when the first message would pop up again.

"Oh man," growled Raph suddenly, causing Mikey to pull the nachos from in front of Casey, inadvertently spilling nacho cheese on Leo's street disguise.

"Mikey! Watch it!"

Ignoring him, Mike looked at Raph curiously through his shades. "What is it bro?"

"Check it out." Raph gestured to the Jumbo-Vision monitor with an impatient jerk of his head. Don and Mikey glanced up at it, Leo and Casey not hearing and April and Angel talking about something else and not listening.

"Whoa!" Donnie's voice mirrored the sudden sinking feeling that Mikey felt as the cameras swept across the crowd, the view on the giant screens. On the very front row, reserved for the big shots, was Karai.

"What's she doing here?" asked Raph in disgust as Leo finally realised there was something under discussion and looked over to the screen, elbowing Casey to pay attention while Raph got April and Angel's attention.

Donnie suddenly laughed, startling the others. "I remember! Karai's one of the, um, 'interested parties' in the charity. Check the seats of honour! I bet she was invited by the organisers and didn't have a good reason to say no!"

Raphael began to laugh, a deep belly laugh that infected his brothers and friends. "I bet she's regretting it now!"

Leo snorted in amusement. "Yeah, I somehow don't see her as a baseball fan."

"A game, and we get to watch her suffer." Casey held up a hand and Mikey leaned across Leo for the high-five, almost spilling some of the food in his lap. "Score!"

Don shook his head, a smile on his face. "I never thought we'd be glad to see Karai… but I gotta admit, she doesn't look to happy."

"Yeah," said Leo, straightening up so he could see down the stands to where she actually sat. "She looks pretty tense…"

"So go offer her a massage Leo," taunted Raph. Leo glared for a moment, then grabbed a handful of nachos from the tub in Mikey's hand and threw them at his red-wearing brother. Raph jerked back, some of the mess splatting onto his clothes, a couple of the nachos sticking to April's jeans.

"Thanks Leo," she said dryly, picking them off and flicking them to the floor.

"Sorry April," called Leo, his lips twitching slightly as he tried not to laugh at her resigned expression.

Shaking her head, April smiled and stood. "I'm gonna hit the bathroom before the game starts anyway, before it gets too grungy."

"Good plan," replied Angel, also getting up. "Be five minutes."

"Bring back more nachos!" shouted Mikey after them as the pair headed off up the steps.

Before the ladies had gone out of sight, the floodlights highlighting the field lit up, casting the seating into more shadow.

"Women," muttered Raph, eying the severely depleted nacho supply in Mikey's hands.

Mikey snorted. "I bet Karai never has to use the bathroom!"

"Or she does it standing up," added Raph, causing both turtles and Casey to go into fits of laughter.

Leo rolled his eyes behind his shades; still not taking them off although he knew he probably would once the game was safely underway. "You guys are so juvenile."

Donnie went into his familiar 'lecturing' mode. "Actually, there's no reason why women can't go standing up, but it would take a…"

"And how do you know Donnie?" Raph elbowed Don, who immediately got flustered.

"I uh, well, it was in that film that time…"

"Oh? You like those kind of films Don?"

Donnie sunk even further into the seat. "It wasn't one of those kind of films! It was something I watched at April's house, 'The Full Monty'!"

"Ah, the other kind of those kind of films!" said Leo, beginning to enjoy teasing his brother.


"Or does April like those kind of films Case?" asked Raph with a grin.

"Hey, you watch ya mouth freak-face!" Casey waved a threatening fist at Raph, still half-smiling. "It's a comedy."

"So you've seen it then Casey?" Leo tried to set his expression to serious. "How long were you going to keep your male stripper videos a secret?"

"And you know what it's about Leo," teased Raph. "Anything you wanna tell us?"

Usually Mikey would have joined in the teasing, probably managing to set himself up for a joke in retaliation by speaking without thinking, but his attention was elsewhere. For some reason he couldn't bring himself to listen much to his brothers, instead taking in the crowd around him, the scene before him. He could see the lights illuminating the field, the players not yet there but surely just a matter of time. The Jumbo-Vision changed views, from a wide of the crowd to a close up of a brunette woman of maybe twenty standing and waving as she realised she was on view, revealing a cut off T-shirt and a pair of low-riding shorts. Beside her, a man glared angrily as the crowd hooted and cheered.

"Cute," commented Raph, the previous subject of discussion abruptly forgotten.

Donnie nodded, then remembered himself (or forgot that April and Angel weren't currently around) and added, "I'll bet she's got nothing between the ears though."

"Who cares what's between her ears?" Raph sniggered, ducking more nachos as Leo grabbed another handful from Mikey's supplies and threw them. Mike barely noticed. Something didn't feel right…

"Can the guy talk," said Casey. "Ladies are on their way back."

Mikey turned to see April pause at the top if the steps, stopping to brush some stray hair out of her face. Angel raced down seven or eight steps, closing in on her friends before realising April was lagging behind and turning to shout up at the older woman to hurry.

And then a grinding sound from above caught everyone's attention and as they all looked up, the hot air balloon hit a transmission tower standing on the back of the section in which they sat. There was an immediate backflow of incredibly hot air and from that moment, time seemed to speed up for the turtles.

The initial gust knocked those on the back rows crashing into the seats in front of them and then to the ground. Those having the bad luck to have been standing too close were sent flying, falling. One man, not too tall but with an impressive beer gut, had the misfortune to be standing on the top step nearest the impact and was knocked off his feet, barrelling straight down. He slammed straight into Angel as she was raising a hand to shield her eyes, the two of them crashing down the steps. They hit the step beside the horrified turtles, Angel on the bottom, continued to roll. All they left beside the turtles was a bright smear of blood, droplets raining down on the steps as they fell further.

It took less than five seconds.

Panic hit every spectator, even those far enough away that they would not be affected and as one, everyone rushed for the exit.

Toward the balloon.

April had barely turned around to see what had happened to the hot air balloon before the self-preservation instinct of everyone else took over. She turned back and saw a sea of humanity rushing toward her. She took a step backward, tried to turn… and then the mob was upon her and she was carried along for only a second until someone desperately seeking the exit shoved her aside, to the floor. Those attempting to escape the crush and the flee didn't see a fellow person trying to get up, only an obstacle getting between them and survival. April didn't have the chance to try to get up before scores of people were walking over her, trying to get to safety, most of them not even realising that beneath them there was someone fighting to get up, to breathe…


Casey stood, unable to comprehend how things had gone so wrong so quickly. Barely ten seconds had gone by since the explosion and now he couldn't see her…

"Casey, no!" Leo grabbed his arm, trying to stop him. "She'll be fine, she'll be going through the exits, we have to get out!"

At that point, the balloon began to fall apart. Shards of machinery, propelled by deadly force, flew outwards and the stands. Several of those in the front few rows, who had scrambled onto the field realising that the normal escape routes led them closer to the blazing wreckage, were suddenly cut off as the electronic sign of the balloon hit the space in front of them. Some were lucky; they had already made it away.

Karai was not. Nor were her ninja.

Common sense and instinct told her to run as soon as she knew something was happening – and truth be known, that was quicker than those around her. However, she had spent valuable seconds assessing the situation, playing her role – and by that time, there were people heading over the barrier between her and the field. About to follow, the message board hit in front of them, cutting off their exit, rains of metal thrown into the field before them.

The scoreboard landed directly on top of one unlucky man, the woman fleeing with him screaming as she turned her head – and then ran on, no longer concerned about her companion. A moment later, a flying shard of metal lodged in the side of her head, throwing her in a 180 degree spin just in time to be hit by a second, going less deep but not any less deadly. The woman sank to her knees, blonde hair falling from where it had been separated from her sensible cut by the sharp metal. Then her eyes rolled and she fell unceremoniously on her face.

Above them, Hun and his crony were struggling through the crowds, Hun not caring as he shoved and threw others out of his way in his attempts to get away. His Dragon friend stuck close behind – too close. Hun wasn't exactly concerned about the well being of his associate and hurled a muscular guy as if he weighed nothing, not meaning to hit the Dragon but not caring that he did. The pair of them fell back down the stairs in a tangle of limbs, kicked and stomped by desperate spectators, still alive…

Twenty seconds.

Somewhere within the hot air balloon was an explosion.

Fire blossomed from within the balloon, still airborne, and suddenly the people who had come to watch a charity baseball game had fire fall on them from above as more pieces of the balloon came loose, this time alight.

As the Dragon landed at the bottom of the steps, beside the bodies of two others who had not been so lucky, he shoved the muscular guy aside and looked up, only to see a bright light coming toward him, never realising it was a piece of the balloons structure until it hit him, not with enough velocity to do any damage but with enough to set him on fire…


Leo lost his grip on Casey as he used all his strength to shake off the turtle and head off after April, the last place he had seen her. The crowds were thick, screaming, smoke beginning to add to the confusion. And unknown to the turtles, a bottleneck had been created. More people going out than there was room for, jammed up, falling through to be trampled, the occasional person managing to escape with their lives. Those capable of giving out coherent orders were being disregarded by the panicked masses.

"Shit!" Leo made another grab as Casey leapt over the seats, but the mans fear for his girlfriend lent him speed and Leo missed.

"CASEY, YOU BONEHEAD, COME BACK HERE!" Raph roared, the situation confusing him as much as his brothers. They were used to bombs, confusion, panic… but not so many people, not so much pandemonium.

Twenty-five seconds.

Leo scanned the area, trying to see another way out. The board from the balloon had landed in front of the field but it still seemed like a better route than the mess at the exits…

And then he spotted Karai.

She leapt aside, a deadly chunk of the propeller heading her way, acting on nothing but instinct. The same propeller passed above the turtle's head by maybe five inches, going ever closer to ground as Karai rolled under the seats…

And hit the two ninjas she had left behind, crushing their bones and setting their bodies aflame. Immediately, Karai scrambled from beneath the seats, clothes torn, filthy, but alive.

Twenty-eight seconds.

"Someone grab Case!" Leo barked the order and leapt for Karai, seeing something that she missed as she crawled from beneath the seats – another piece of metal heading right for her.

Raph didn't pause, used the tops of the chairs as stepping-stones to go after his vigilante friend. And ahead of Casey, he saw a figure so familiar he had never wanted to see him again – the massive bulk of Hun.

Leo grabbed Karai and threw her aside roughly before she even had the time to register who he was, diving after her. The chunk of metal passed above their heads and slammed into the field.

The stands gave a sickening lurch as the supports beneath began to give way, the pillars weakened by the initial impact, beginning to crack. The movement threw people to the floor, others able to keep their balance scrambling over the fallen, the thought of survival overcoming their compassion for those they ignored.

The lurch also shook the balloon further and more debris fell, raining down. Forced to pause as he fought to keep his footing on the precarious seat backs, Raph yelled a warning – and then chunks of white hot metal from the crashed balloon fell onto the crowd, wiping out everyone by the doors.

Including Hun, who had been there ahead of almost everyone thanks to his ruthless tactics.

And Casey, who was at the periphery as the debris fell.

The sudden heavy hail of metal weakened the stands supports still further and one of the pillars beneath suddenly cracked, causing the entire stand to suddenly lean to one side. Leonardo, still getting to his feet, was hurled backwards, falling into a twisted pile of metal and plastic that the seats had been forced into. A pole, twisted off at one side and now wickedly sharp, punctured through the side of his neck and punched through the other side. His eyes grew wide as his hand moved to where the skewer had emerged… then his hand twitched and flopped to the floor, his muscles relaxing as blood poured out of him.


Don and Mike screamed in perfect unison, a sound that might have been funny in any other circumstances. Raph turned his head, hearing them even over the sound of the screaming and crashes, wondering for a moment what they were shouting about – then seeing a green hand lying in a puddle of blood and realised what had to have happened.

Karai crashed beside Leo only seconds after he was impaled by the spear, avoiding serious injury but bruised and battered. She spared a glance at Leo, giving him a silent thank you for saving her life, before getting down to the business of staying alive and trying to get back to her feet. But the ground was still shuddering and as she glanced up, another piece of the wrecked balloon hit her shoulder, rendering the entire arm instantly numb. Trying to shield her head, she took two steps forward, promptly slipped on Leo's blood and fell back against the mangled wreckage. An almost perfectly square piece of metal, part of a sign advertising the local sport radio station, span in an almost lazy rotation toward her, slicing into her throat and coming to a stop only as it severed through her spine. In what seemed like slow motion, her head fell backward, supported only by a small flap of skin, and her body collapsed to hide the remnants of Leo.

With cold certainty, Raph knew that they would all die unless they moved. Now. No more thinking of anyone else – this was his family and they were dying to save others who would still be in peril. He had to do something, to get Don and Mike away and it was no good to worry about those he couldn't see or those he knew were already dead.

Like Leo…

He ran back down, to where his brothers were.

"DON! MIKE!" Raph landed beside them a second after the sign beheaded Karai, Mikey staring after her, in shock. "MOVE!"

Thirty-nine seconds.

A second explosion. The balloon blew outward, filled with helium. The shocks carried down, tampering still further with the integrity of the stands, already buckling and straining under the extra weight and the loss of one pillar.

"Fuck!" Raph threw himself forward as a piece of a billboard from the top of the stands flew toward them. Roughly ten feet across, it sloped down in an almost perfect angle, cutting through those unlucky enough to still live. The three turtles hugged the floor, noting how much warmer it got in even those few moments, as the metal flew above their heads.

"We leave. Now." Raph stood, looking ready to give orders. Instead, another part of the billboard – smaller, but no less deadly – slammed into the back of his head, jerking his head forward. A surprised look crossed his face and for a moment, Mikey couldn't work out what had happened.



Raph fell, the wound around the sign barely bleeding at all. Mikey's eyes widened in horror, his hands grabbing for Raph – and then another hand took his.


"Mike, we have to go!"

"But Raph! And Leo!"

"We can't help them, move!"

Stumbling, Mikey got to his feet, grabbing Don's hand, more for comfort than for staying together – the smoke had got thick, but they were ninja…

And a lot of good it did us.

"Forward!" Don pulled Mikey down, toward the field rather than the exits.


"It's the only chance! It's blocked up there!"

Coughing over the smoke that had thickened noticeably, Mike stumbled after Donnie…

Forty-five seconds.

There was another lurch as the stands as another of the weakened supports gave way. Alarmed, Mikey felt the steps seem to give beneath them, crumbling, unstable.

He grabbed Donnie's wrist with his free hand just in time. The floor gave way and Don fell straight down, the only thing between him and a long fall the grip Mikey had on his wrist. Mike was yanked to the ground by Don's weight, but managed to keep from falling into the hole himself – and kept his grip.

"I gotcha Don…."

Mikey tightened his fingers around Don's wrist, the fabric of the disguise Don wore hindering him. The damn material wanted to slip through his fingers. He could see Don's eyes wide, having lost his shades somewhere, his legs dangling over a chasm filled with fire. At some point, a flaming part of the balloon had set off a chain reaction beneath the stands and Mikey's heart sank as he realised that beneath them, it was no safer than where they were now.

"Pulling you up!"

But he could also feel the steps around him complain, knowing they wouldn't hold for long…

Then the flames around Don receded suddenly. Don glanced down, looking back up at his brother with wide eyes.

"MIKEY! It's a backflash, RUN!"

And then Don pulled his way from Mike's hands and let himself fall.


For a second, time slowed and it was as if Mike could see every movement his brother made as he fell into the pit… and then Don's words took over him and Mike shrunk back even as flames sprang out of the hole where Donnie had been.

One minute.

Mike stood; knowing he had to go somewhere, do something….

Go where? Do what?

He had let his brothers die.

There was another noise and Mikey turned toward it, already knowing what it had to be. The balloon had taken all it could of being airborne and was crashing into the stands.

No way he could avoid it. No way, even if he ran as fast as he could, ducked, dodged – it was too big. It would bury him.

Mikey screamed as the balloon smashed down, the canvas hitting him, his skin immediately overwhelmed by the heat. The agony was immense. He could see nothing, his eyes melting in the overwhelming heat, opening his mouth to scream again and hearing nothing emerge…

…And suddenly, things were different.

Mike gasped, jerking backwards, blinking, feeling the plastic beneath his ass, the snacks nestled comfortably on his lap. His arm was outstretched, the comforting weight of nachos in his hand.

Turning in that direction, he could see Casey Jones grabbing the nachos, shoving several into his mouth.

Casey buried beneath the remains of the balloon…

And between himself and Casey, Leonardo, his head just fine, leaning back so Mike could offer the treats.

Leo got impaled…

Mike managed a shaky smile. The whole thing had been some kind of awful, crazed daydream, maybe a hallucination. He obviously needed the downtime more than he had thought.

"Oh man," growled Raph suddenly, causing Mikey to pull the nachos from in front of Casey, inadvertently spilling nacho cheese on Leo's street disguise.

"Mikey! Watch it!"

Ignoring him, Mike looked at Raph, telling himself it was a coincidence. It had to be. The deja vu he was feeling would pass. Raph and Leo hadn't said those same things in his – daydream. Or if they had, it was because he knew the way they behaved. Nothing more sinister than that.

"Check it out." Raph gestured to the Jumbo-Vision monitor with an impatient jerk of his head. Don glanced up at it, Leo and Casey not hearing and April and Angel talking about something else and not listening. Mike stared at his two brothers, trying hard to reconcile their presence, telling himself that he hadn't seen Raph hit and killed by the remains of the balloon, that Donnie hadn't fallen into the abyss to save him…

"Whoa!" Donnie stared up at the Jumbo-Vision, Mikey dreading to turn his head, afraid of what he may see, if it would mirror what he had already seen too much but unable to not know, not see. On the very front row, reserved for the big-shots, was Karai.

"What's she doing here?" asked Raph in disgust as Leo finally realised there was something under discussion and looked over to the screen, elbowing Casey to pay attention while Raph got April and Angel's attention.

Donnie suddenly laughed, startling the others. "I remember! Karai's one of the, um, 'interested parties' in the charity. Check the seats of honour! I bet she was invited by the organisers and didn't have a good reason to say no!"

Raphael began to laugh, a deep belly laugh that infected his brothers and friends. "I bet she's regretting it now!"

Leo snorted in amusement. "Yeah, I somehow don't see her as a baseball fan."

Mikey slammed his shell back into his seat, hard, almost panting. He had heard this conversation, this exact conversation, minutes before his brothers and all his friends had been engulfed by the tragedy that struck the game.

He looked up at the balloon, noticing it getting ever closer and seeming to dip, flying even lower.

Low enough to hit the stands? "A game, and we get to watch her suffer." Casey held up a hand for Mike to high-five and seemed annoyed when Mikey didn't reciprocate. "Don't leave me hanging!"

"…We have to get out…"

Don shook his head, a smile on his face. "I never thought we'd be glad to see Karai… but I gotta admit, she doesn't look to happy."

Leo gave Mike a curious look. "You alright Mike?"

"Out. We have to go. Now."

"What are you talking about?" "We have to leave…"

"I'm gonna hit the bathroom before the game starts," said April, standing.

"Good plan," replied Angel, also standing.

"NO!" Mike leapt to his feet, suddenly scared out of his wits. No way was this stuff a coincidence. The feeling of dread had settled deep within his chest and although he knew he was probably being stupid, he didn't care. He needed to get out – but more, he needed everyone else to get out. Away from disaster, away from this place, this place that was feeling like the place he would die.

April looked at him, frowning. "Mikey…?"

"We have to go! NOW!"

Leo put a restraining hand on Mikey's arm. "Mike, sit down and stop messing about. You're gonna attract too much attention to us."

Mike grabbed Leo's hand and tried to yank him from his seat. "We gotta leave! The balloon's gonna crash! We'll die if we stay!"

"Mikey, shut up…" Raph looked around, realising there were people beginning to look at them.


"Mike!" Leo jumped up and grabbed Mikey's arms. "Stop it!"


"Get him outside," said Donnie, the few visible parts of his face a mask of worry. "We'll take him guys, you stay…"

"NO ONE STAYS!" Mike ripped his arms from Leo's, turning to stare at Casey, then at April and Angel. "You don't understand… you'll die if you don't get out…"

"We'll all leave Mike," said April, looking concerned. "We can always come back later on."

"Come on then, move!" Mike ran for the stairs, ensuring everyone was coming with him. He opened his mouth to scream another warning – but Raph hit him in the back of the head, hustling him out.

The security guard on the doors gave them a suspicious look as they left before the game even began, Mikey searching for a fire alarm, something that would alert people to leave – but he saw nothing.

He stared at the security guard beseechingly, beginning to speak. "There's gonna be an accident in stand…."

Raph whapped him in the head again and shoved Mikey forward, giving the guard the closest he could to an apologetic smile. "Forgot his meds."

The guard nodded curtly.

"We have to get everyone out!" Mike turned back to the field, only to be dragged away by the others.

"Mike, stop making a scene!" hissed Donnie. "You'll make people notice us!"

Unknown to any of them, Mike's freak out had already alerted people.

Karai, sat trying to look amused, suddenly paused as she heard a familiar voice. "EVERYONE GET OUT! WE'LL DIE IF WE DON'T! THE BALLOON'S GONNA CRASH!"

Michelangelo. She'd know it anywhere.

She turned and watched as he was bundled out of the seats, a cruel smile spreading over her lips. If one of the turtles was having a breakdown, was that not information she could use? And she could hide her intentions from the business people by saying the crazy man had concerned her.

Mind made up, she got up and followed them out. The two Foot ninja followed.

Hun barely noticed the fuss in the seats – but he did see Karai and her entourage get up and leave. "Oh no you don't," he growled, getting up and lumbering after her, the Dragon following. For her to leave, something major had to be going down – and he wanted to know what.

There were others who, alerted or distracted by Mikey's ramblings, also got up and left. Five in all.

Outside the stadium, Raph dragged Mike far enough away from the place and whirled him around, getting into his face. The others held back, Donnie and Leo standing by Mike and facing the stadium, Casey, April and Angel watching out from other sides.

"What was that?" Raph snarled, ignoring the fear in his brothers eyes. "If it's a joke Mikey, it's not funny!"

"…Not a joke…"

"We've been looking forward to this for weeks and you have to play some stupid prank and…."

Raph suddenly realised that everyone was staring at some point behind him. "What?"

He turned as the screams began.

The balloon had crashed into the stand where they had been sitting not five minutes before. From their vantage point, they could see the sparks, the flames… and from where they had been, knew how many people were still in there.

Raph turned back to Mikey, his face wild. "How did you know?"

"Happened…" Mikey seemed on the verge of shock. "I should have tried harder, I should have saved them…"

The four turtles and three humans stared up in shock as in less than a minute, the whole place was engulfed in flames.

"We have to help!" Donnie shouted, no doubt thinking of those they had been seated amongst. He took two steps forward, only for Mike to grab his arm.

Don turned and looked into his playful brothers eyes – eyes that seemed haunted. "There's nothing you can do – anyone can do."

Karai, already outside when the stadium went up, turned and gaped. How had the turtle known? Had he planned this, been part of it? But no, that wasn't their style and there was nothing to be gained from it.

"We woulda been in there!" said one of the Foot ninja in awe.

Hun and his associate were almost outside when the balloon hit and had no problems getting out, there being no crush when they made their escape. Hun decided that it might be a good moment to get the hell away from there and pretend they had never been near the place.

Fortunate that Karai had chosen to leave.

Hun frowned as he hurried away from the place. Had she known, was this some kind of Foot plot? And if so, what could be gained from it? Even Karai wasn't that desperate to get away from the game.

In the fuss and uproar around the stadium, Karai saw Leonardo suddenly snap back to his senses and start talking hurriedly. She slipped closer, hoping they wouldn't notice on more in the crowd running to or from the arena.

It occurred to Leo that Mikey had been shouting – and any survivors could have heard him. They were in real danger of being detained should anyone recognise them as the ones who left because of what he said, assuming prior knowledge – and their secret would be out.

"We have to get away from here. Right now."

Donnie nodded, looking nauseous. "Can we risk the van?"

"We have to," replied April. "Lucky we didn't park in the car park. Come on, let's hurry."

Karai was close enough that she was able to overhear the last of the conversation – the young girl with the purple hair, who seemed vaguely familiar somehow, hadn't stopped staring at the arena, but now she turned her gaze onto Michelangelo.

"Mikey – how did you know?"

Staring at the ground, looking like he was about to faint, Michelangelo shook his head. "I don't know. I just saw it all and – I knew it was gonna happen. Just like that."

"We can talk about it later," said Raphael, his voice much more quiet and subdued than usual. "We gotta get away before anyone thinks to ask questions."

The group moved away and Karai lost them in the panicked crowds.