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Title: Hollow

Story is A: Harry Potter and Van Helsing Crossover

Note: Includes Dracula and all other vampire related stuff from the movie, which I DO NOT own. Post Van Helsing and HBP.

The Brides, Anna Valerious, and Van Helsing are not in the story!!!

Summary: After the 6th years events, Hermione's world is shaken. She finds out her true identity that has been kept from her since birth, doomed to be haunted by Count Dracula himself. Voldemort and his followers also have their intentions for her. Hermione is soon thrust into a world with two darknesses, emptiness, marriages, and loneliness. Will anyone save her? Will Hermione find the lighter of two darknesses? Will love ensue? Find out in...


Darnkess can be bred differently.

Emptiness remains the same.

Shippings: Eventual DraculaHermione(YAY!!!! My dream crossover ship people!). Also has HarryGinny.

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Is Rated: T for language, and some violence. Rating and reasons may change at some point because of progression of the story.

Enough with that...on with Hollow...

Chapter One: Answers from a Cardinal

The notorious Gryffindor book worm was sitting at her desk, reading of course. School had let out a week ago from Hogwarts. The past events still running through her head. The death of Dumbledore had shaken everyone in the Order, and she was no exception. Hermione Granger sighed. She heard a doorbell, but knew her parents would get it. She assumed it was some of their friends.

Everything has changed.. she thought. And I don't think the change is going to stop.

She was in the middle of skimming the pages when her mom spoke.

"Hermione, there is someone here to see you." Hermione put the book away and came down the stairs.

Who could possibly want to see me? Harry is at the Dursleys, Ron and Ginny are at the Burrow. Why would they come here?

She saw that it was not any of her friends. It was a man in a red cardinal uniform. A small cardinal cap rested on his head. he must have been in his sixties.

"What's going on?" Hermione had a puzzled look on her face. That look rarely came upon her.

"Hermione, there is something we have been meaning to tell you, and Cardinal Gordini is going to help explain the whole thing."

"How?" Hermione wondered.

"Hermione." her dad spoke up. "This may seem shocking to you, but we aren't your real parents."

"What???" Hermione was terrified by this statement. She never knew anyone else before them.

"It's true. We adopted you before your first birthday."

"But.." Hermione held her hands to her mouth. Part of her wanted to cry.

"Come sit down." Mrs. Granger offered. Everyone sat down in the living room.

"But why?" a tear slid down her cheek. "Why didn't you tell me earlier?"

"You seemed so happy with your life, so we let you control it."

"Well, you could have told me. I would have been fine with it. Everything has gone from bad to worse. I don't know if Hogwarts is going to open. Professor Dumbeldore died, and now, I'm adopted? What else can go wrong?"

"It's ok, sweetheart." Mrs. Granger hugged Hermione. She basked in the moment briefly and then let go.

"Then who am I?" Hermione looked at the cardinal. Hermione wiped the tears from her chocolate brown eyes. She had to be strong.

"Good question." The cardinal started. "Your past starts about 544 years ago. Back to 1462."

"1462?" Hermione sounded like she knew the year clearly.

"You know about what happened?"

"I found out somewhere that Count Dracula was supposedly killed that year."

"Correct. But do you know why?"

"The source said that Gabriel Van Helsing did. There was also something else about the Left Hand of God."

" I see you have read some things about it."


"Then how did you know?"

"A movie told me. Ironically, it is my favorite one. Mind if I go get it?"

"Go right ahead." the cardinal smiled slightly. Hermione ran up to her room. A few minutes later, she returned with a Dvd. It was "Van Helsing". It was her favorite because of all the action, romance, and the tragic ending touched her.

She came down and handed the Dvd to the cardinal. "I've watched it many times. Over 10 at least."

He stared in terror at the title. Van Helsing.

"Others know?"

"Millions, I guess. Why?"

"Does it include the Dragomirs?"

"No. Never heard of them. They mention the Valeriouses, and Gabriel Van Helsing, and Frankenstien, and the Werewolf, and Dracula and his three brides. Why do you ask?"

"Well, they forgot to add your part to it."

"My part?"

"You ancestor, Amelia Lanoiss, a pureblood witch, seduced Dracula and turned him over to Van Helsing. When Dracula found out, he was furious. When he made his pact with the devil, he vowed to himself that he would annihilate her and her family. She married Hugo Dragomir. The Dragomirs were a pureblood wizarding family, and was for centuries."

"Was? What happened to them?" Hermione asked.

"You, are Hermione Dragomir, the last of the Dragomirs."

"Me? The last of the Dragomirs?"

"Yes. You are the last of them. After you were born, Dracula and his followers vanquished your family, but, your parents turned you over to us in time. I placed you under Mr. and Mrs. Granger's care. It was crucial to keep you far away from Transylvania, and still is."

"So." Hermione tried to find a suitable question. "Why return for me now?"

The cardinal sighed. "I'm afraid you are in grave danger, Miss Dragomir. Even with placing you here, you were in danger from the moment you were born."


"Well, the devil got impatient. He knew that you were to be born, so he put a birthmark on your neck. Right there." he pointed at it. Hermione sometimes covered it up, but forgot to today. "We were fortunate that Count Dracula vanished after Voldemort did. He also returned at the same time as the evil wizard."

"Is it track me or something of that nature?"

"Yes. Yes. It tis."

"I know he would try to kill me...right?"

"Not true. He always plans to make brides out of the women descendants. And you are the last one."

"Ew?" Hermione was semi grossed out. Even though she did think that Richard Roxburgh, the actor who played Dracula in Van Helsing, was attractive, she didn't want to marry a centuries old vampire.

"The devil declared that from your 18th birthday and on, Dracula could obtain you through that mark."

"But, wouldn't Dracula be able to find me before then?"

"Yes and No. There is a chance that the devil has given his son much information about you, but not your whereabouts."

"And he can't'm doomed?"

"Not unless..."

"Unless what?"

"You either die, which is a last resort, or marry someone else before Dracula comes for you."


"Since marriages are performed by a holy figure and in a church, once you are married, you are no longer able to be claimed by Dracula."

"So, I have to get married?" Hermione quickly eliminated the other choice. She wasn't ready to die.

"Yes. You have anyone in mind?"

"No. Not at this time. I am more worried about my friends, and the war in the magic world."

"How could you not?" the cardinal said. "It has gone so far for so long."

"I'll try to figure something out."

"That's our Hermione." her dad smiled. Hermione quickly smiled, and it faded away.

She knew if she didn't find a way out of this, she would become a creature of the night.

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