Time, Tattoos and Trouble.

Third in the Decebal Trilogy

Disclaimer: Not mine never was and never will be...sigh just my own fevered imagination and the odd original character.

CHAPTER 22 Help is on the way but...

John glanced over at Ellen and Bobby unsure of what to say to them, so he just nodded his head, and got into the truck he knew he had to face them but for now, he was happy enough with the fact that they were still going to help find Sam and Dean.

Joshua sat in the passenger seat, he turned to look at John and met with a stoic look, 'ya know man Sam is so much like you.'

'What the ... what the hell do you mean by that?'

'Hey don't get your panties all twisted, I just meant that no matter what you and Sam are so freaking stubborn. He takes after ya man that's all.'

'Yeah that's true, sometimes I think that's why we fight so much.' John admitted ruefully.

'Dean like his momma?' Josh asked after a few seconds of hesitation.

'Yeah, yeah he is, very much so and not just in looks. He's got her fire and loyalty.' John answered softly with a small chuckle, 'even down to the freckles.'

'You're a lucky man John Winchester.' Josh said turning back to look at the traffic in front of them.

'I know Josh in more ways than I care to admit too.' John said as he focused on driving, every so often he glanced in the rear vision mirror and noticed that Ellen kept up with his overly fast speeds.

'We're gonna get em back John, that much I do know.' Josh said after a few minutes, 'both boys.'

'Yeah we will Josh.' John whispered hoarsely not trusting himself to say anything else.

'Okay so the warehouse I tracked down is the next turn right, down a dirt track, Decebal seems to like these out of the way places.'

'Wanna ring Ellen and Bobby and give them the heads up?' John asked his voice catching on Ellen and Bobby's names.

'You okay man?'

'Yeah, yeah I'm fine.' John tightened his grip on the steering wheel and kept repeating the same words in his head as they neared the perimeter of the warehouse property.

Pulling over onto the shoulder of the dirt road John and Josh went around to the rear of the truck and started to load their weapons, neither turning when they heard the familiar sound of Bobby's car. 'Let's get this done.' John said without another glance to his companions he moved off stealthily blending into the shadows, three stunned hunters quickly gathered their own thoughts and started after him. All heavily armed and spoiling for a fight to get their boys back.


Dean sat vigil over Sam that night and most of the next morning before he saw movement starting. In a slow but sure manner, Sam started to come out of the induced slumber, first his nose twitched, then his eyebrows furrowed slightly, his eyes moved under his eyelids and a small groan slipped past his lips as the final indication that awareness was not far away. 'Sammy?' Dean whispered brushing Sam's fringe from his eyes, propped on his side to prevent him from rolling onto his damaged back, Sam looked more like a child than an adult. With pale features and dark shadows under his eyes, he looked so young and vulnerable. 'Sammy?' Dean asked again as he watched Sam's eyelids flicker open for a second and then close again. 'Ah come on sleeping beauty rise and shine.'

'D-Dean?' Sam pushed his brother's name past his dry throat and mouth, he could hear a voice in the distance calling him sleeping beauty, only one person can call him that and get away with it. Dean.

'Hey there Sammy, nice to see you awake for a change.' Dean said trying to hide his overwrought emotions, 'guess who was the nurse for your surgery, and no it wasn't whats-her-name from that ahhh medical-hospital-show you cream over.'

'Eww dude it's nothing ... oh my God Dean?' Sam rasped until he started coughing, gratefully he accepted the ice chips and let them slide down his throat with soothing coolness. 'Dean did you dig around inside of me?'

'Only did the assisting dude, but don't ya think I look good as a surgical nurse?' Dean showed off the scrubs he still wore, 'man just think of the women that would need some special Dean-style-tender-lovin''

'You are gross Dean.' Sam whispered as he tried not to laugh at his brother's antics, knowing that he specifically worded them to get him to stop brooding on their situation. 'Dean you okay?'

'Me? Surgical nurse extraordinaire? I'm fine dude.'

'Dean ... ah this is ... ah me.' Sam grimaced and tried to get more comfortable. 'hurts.'

'What Sam? What hurts?' Dean immediately morphed into his worried and protective big brother mode.

'Throat ... so sore.' Sam swallowed again, 'back and ... oh shit.'


'What's wrong with me Dean?' Sam rasped so urgently that his voice cracked and faded to oblivion.

'Calm down Sammy,' Dean said placing a strong hand on Sam's shoulder, 'the doc had to do a lot of patching up on ya, your throat he had to scrape to get that crap off it so it's gonna hurt for a while, your back is sewn up and kind of taped to kingdom come and well the rest, he had to ummm.'

'De?' Sam struggled to push anything else before he started to cough again, flecks of blood appearing on his lips. 'De?'

'Hang tight Sammy I'm gonna go find that doctor.' Dean hurried to the door only to find it locked from the outside. 'Fuck, okay Deci I know that you're listening get that fucking quack in here now.' Dean yelled before turning back to Sam's bedside.

A few minutes later, the door opened and the same doctor who operated on Sam came in, with a bashful smile at Dean he went straight over to his patient. 'Now what's the problem?'

'Sam's having trouble with his throat, he coughed up blood.' Dean answered his voice cold and flat as he watched every move the man made. 'His back and ah ... other areas are giving him a lot of pain too.'

'Can you open for me please Sam?' Davies peered down Sam's throat using a small flashlight and tongue depressor. 'Okay I can see where the blood came from a small scratch, no more talking Sam for at least forty-eight hours, I am gonna prescribe some antibiotics just to be sure that no infection creeps in, keep with the ice chips for now, nothing solid at all that can aggravate your throat. Now I'll check out your back while I'm here.'

'Hang in there Sammy.' Dean whispered as he watched his brother tense up as soon as the doctor moved behind him. 'It'll be over soon.'

'Yes, yes everything is looking good, I'll add some more pain relief to his IV cocktail and then let you boys have your privacy.

'Just keep your pawing to a minimum Doc.' Dean growled watching the other man closely.


The gunfire echoed through the passages of the warehouse, sending the occupants scattering to the many exits. Decebal sat up and listened intently focusing on where the disturbance was coming from, pushing the nubile young man away from him in disgust the demon hissed and hurried to dress.

'You are not taking my pets.' He screamed at no one in particular as he disappeared into a small puff of smoke.

The doctor whimpered when he heard the explosion and moved away from Sam and Dean, 'I did not sign up to get blown into tiny pieces you two are on your own.' Davies snivelled as he rushed to the door, his body landing at Dean's feet seconds later with a gaping hole in chest.

'What the?' Dean blinked and looked down at the growing red stain on his left side, 'Sammy?' He slowly collapsed to his feet, his shock filled eyes locked on his brother's face as the darkness consumed him.

'No one can take my pets, if I cannot have them.' Decebal snarled as he appeared towering over Dean's prone body, a bloodied knife in his hand. 'No one can.' Turning a determined face to Sam he smiled as he saw the young man flinch and try to move away his injuries and surgical wounds hampering his movement. 'Perhaps Sammy darling someone should finally put you out of your misery.' Lifting the knife above his head Decebal prepared to plunge it into Sam's unprotected neck.

'Drop it now you demonic bastard.' John snarled the colt aimed at Decebal's head. 'Drop it or I will drop you.'

'Well, well if it isn't the daddy bear come to defend his cubs. Too little too late Johnny boy.' Decebal snarled as he let his arm push down driving the bloodied blade towards Sam. the smell of burnt skin filled the air as electricity crackled through the air, John stared dispassionately at the blackened space on the floor before letting his gaze fall on his eldest son. 'Oh God, Dean no.' he whispered dropping to his knees next to Dean, 'son please don't give up.'

'Dad?' Dean blinked and squinted up at the blurred features above him. 'Sammy?'

'He's alive Dean, you're both alive.'


'Got him with the colt, he's gone this time Dean, gone for good.' John's voice sounded thick with unshed tears.

'Dad check Sammy please.' Dean begged he could feel the edges closing in on him and he just wanted to make sure that his brother was alright. If anything, after all of this mess the fact that Sammy survived was enough for Dean. He could let go then, and finally rest.

John nodded mutely and turned to his youngest son, lying too still on the bed, his eyes slitted open looked unfocused and glassy, he was not even aware of his father or what just took place in front of him.

'Sammy? Son hey you in there?' John pushed Sam's sweat soaked fringe from his face and recoiled when he felt the heat emanating from him. 'Sammy please kiddo look at me.'

'Dad?' Dean's soft whisper barely pierced John's attention 'what's ... wrong ... with ...?' Dean's words faded as he gave into pain-free darkness, and slid into sweet oblivion.

'Joshua what do I do?' John turned with tear-filled eyes and stared at his friend, 'what do I do?'

'Take it easy Johnny, okay Sam's already on a gurney see if you can find one for Dean while I check on him.' Josh spoke calmly and kept direct eye contact with the distraught father. 'Bobby and Ellen are doing a recon just to make sure that we haven't missed anyone or thing. They'll be here soon and can help us.' Josh looked around and nodded approvingly, 'looks pretty well equipped John, don't worry the boys ... we'll bring em both home John.'

'Thanks.' John turned before he melted down totally in front of his friend, he had to pull himself together for the boys' sakes – and for his.

Josh knelt down next to Dean's still body and shook his head sadly, 'ah let's have a look at ya dude.' Carefully he lifted Dean's shirt by the hem and slid it upwards away from the stab wound. Blood oozed from the slit in the skin, the edges even and solid the knife sliding in and out without a hitch.

'Here we go.' John wheeled in another gurney, between the two of them they lifted Dean onto it and made him as comfortable as possible. 'How's his?'

'Clean, not too deep but he's lost a lot of blood.' Josh glanced up at John, 'he's doing it rough but we'll get him back.'

'What do you need me to do?'

'Check Sam's vitals while I start on Dean please John.' Joshua said as he started to clean the wound, 'especially his breathing.'

John did a quick run down of his son vital statistics in an almost impersonal tone, his horrified gaze fixed on Sam's back, he fell silent instantly unable to focus on anything else. 'Sweet mother ... Sammy what did they do to you?' John whispered his own horrific experiences faded in comparison as he took on each welt, the signs of infection, the crusting of some of the wounds made him feel ill. As he swallowed deeply he let his gaze move down Sam's back until he let it rest on the bruises, mottled dark purple and black, spongy in the centre, the ones on his hips shaped like handprints stood out on his pale skin. 'Sammy?'

A soft moan brought John from his internal musings as he moved back around the bed to stand near his son's head, he laid a gentle hand on Sam's forehead and crouched down to eye level, 'Sammy you with me?'

'Dad?' the whispered name sounded like a soft puff of air more than an articulated sound. 'De?'

'Dean's fine, Josh is looking after him.' John ran his fingertips over Sam's cheek just like he did when his son was an inconsolable infant. 'Sammy hey stay with me kiddo I need you to focus on me.'

'Da?' Sam blinked and sighed, 'tired.'

'I know but you have to stay with me for just a little while longer.' John swallowed deeply, 'Sammy can you? Sammy can you talk?'

Sam frowned at the question, not quite understanding what he meant and then slowly nodded, raising a shaking hand to touch his throat, 'dam'ged.'

'They did something to your throat?' John asked struggling to keep his emotions under control when he saw Sam nod slightly again. 'Sam?' John watched as his son lost his fight to stay awake and aware, slowly Sam's eyelids slid shut, fluttered open for a few seconds and then closed again.

'John?' Joshua laid a hand on his friend's shoulder and tried not to startle him too much, 'I've stitched up the stab wound and fixed the rest of Dean's injuries as best as I could but he needs a transfusion, he's lost too much blood.'

'I'm ah, I'm the same type as Dean take mine.' The words spoken with such strength and yet softness of tone surprised Joshua, 'Josh you okay?'

'Huh? Oh yeah thanks wanna take a seat and we'll get ya hooked up.'

'What now?'

'Yeah he's too weak to be moved John at least it's fully stocked with what we need and reasonably sterile.'

'Maybe we should take some compensation when we leave?' John quipped a flash of dimples under his stubbled beard growth.

'Sounds like a plan dude.' Working deftly Joshua soon had father and son hooked up with tubing and needles, the precious viscous fluid flowed from one to the other with uninterrupted clarity.

'How's things in here?' Ellen asked as she helped Bobby ease himself into a chair, 'stay there you old fool.'

'Nuff of the old.' Bobby groused, 'the boys?'

'Hanging in there Bobby, just but still hanging in.' Josh said giving John a silencing stare, 'you sit still, relax and rest John Winchester, let the transfusion work.'

'Transfusion?' Ellen glanced up and pinned Joshua with a cold stare.

'Dean got stabbed, not deep but he lost a lot of blood, too much so I'm transfusing John's blood coz he's the same type.'

'Sam?' Ellen let her gaze move over to the young man lying silently on gurney on the other side of his father, eyes open once again, and with listless eyes watched the others, though he seemed completely unaware of what they did or spoke about.

'They ... they did things to ...' John's voice faltered and he turned his head away from Ellen towards Sam. 'He's in a real bad way.'

'Dad?' Sam rasped painfully, 'De?'

'He's gonna be fine Sam.' John said giving his youngest a small soft smile, 'promise Sam.'

'Thirst.' Sam touched his throat again and then pointed to the insulated cup of ice chips. Ellen hurried over to his side, scooped a small spoon of the chips and slid them into his mouth, smiling gently as the relief played across his pale features.

'Better?' She asked letting some more slide between his lips, Sam nodded gratefully he enjoyed the coolness on his burning throat. 'You okay sweety?' Ellen asked carding her fingers through his long tangled hair in a soothing manner, 'want something for pain?'

Sam mutely nodded giving her a quirk of his lips in a grimaced smile, unable to verbalise just how much pain he was in. When Ellen moved, Sam let his gaze slide to his brother's face, 'De?' A sob caught in his throat and a single tear ran down his cheek, 'De?'

'Hey Sam, Sammy look at me, Dean's gonna be fine, you're going to be fine no other option.' John's gravely voice brought Sam's attention back to his father. 'Promise son.'

'Kay.' Sam mouthed shifting his gaze back to Ellen he watched as she prepared an injection for his IV, his sea-green eyes clouded as a spike of pain coursed through him, his body became rigid as the spasms rocked through him.

'Sh Sam, this'll help.' She soothed his brow and held his hand as he rode the pain and waited for the medication to kick in.

'No! Sammy!' Dean cried out, his horror-stricken voice cut through the sudden silence like a scalpel through flesh. 'No.'

'Dean, Dean calm down it's okay.' Josh closed off the transfusion from Dean and laid a steady hand on the younger man's chest, 'that's it nice deep breathes, you had us worried man.' Swiftly he disconnected John's side of the tubing and placed a small bandage over the puncture site. 'Don't move John, you gave a fair bit there, just relax.'

'Dad?' Dean blinked and stared at his father, 'wha happen?'

'Just gave a bit of blood for ya kiddo.' John smiled, 'got plenty to go round.'

'Where Sam?' Dean tried to sit up but fell back with an onslaught of dizziness and light-headiness, 'Sam?'

'He's right here Dean.' Josh moved the gurney so that the brother's could see each other clearly.


'Dead Dean he's dead for good this time.' John said trying to sound confident.

'Dead?' Dean frowned, 'Davies?'


'The doc he was here.'

'Dunno Dean I only found you and Sam and Decebal trying to...'

'Had a hole in him.' Dean stared around, 'where is he?' he demanded hating the thought of that lecherous bastard still around alive or wannabe-alive.

'Dean, Dean calm down the doctor's body is gone, not sure where but he can't hurt you.' John tried to calm his son.

'De?' Sam's forced word silenced Dean immediately turning to face his brother he let out a held breath and tried to calm himself before he spoke.

'Hey Sam remember dude no talking, none whatsoever mister.'

'Jerk.' Sam mouthed clearly.

'Bitch.' Dean intoned straight back, 'damn it all to hell.'

'What's wrong Dean?' John jumped up and staggered to his son's side.

'I wanted to kill the bastard.' Dean ground out, 'the colt was too quick for him dad, too quick and too ... just tell me he's gone please.'

'I promise Dean, Sam ... Decebal's gone the colt fried him literally.'


John looked around the small neat house with a nervously satisfied smile, nervous because he hated the thought of settling down, but satisfied because he had his sons with him and they were all alive. They survived everything Decebal and his cronies did to them and they survived. He helped Dean inside and settled him before he went to get Sam, carefully he helped his youngest son out of the car and up the two small steps to the front door, 'welcome home Sammy.' John whispered but he only received a silent sullen nod in response.

Stiffly Sam shuffled into the small building, leaning heavily against his father, he was relieved to be out of the confines of the car and moving around but nothing felt real for him anymore. In the last few days since their rescue from Decebal, Sam had withdrawn deeper into himself. His throat still tender and scarred was taking longer than anticipated to heal keeping him silent. But in a way he preferred it, this way he didn't have to go through his ordeal. His nightmares every night took care of that for him in chilling detail.

As he eased himself down onto a chair Sam sighed and closed his eyes while he tried to slow his breathing and then lifted his head, opened his eyes and glanced over at Dean.

'Hey Sammy.' Dean smiled hopefully, maybe this will be the time when Sam speaks again.

'De.' Sam rasped out the simple sound and then tried to stand up without support, Dean watched in horror as Sam swayed and started to collapse, jumping up he ignored the pain the movement caused and rushed to catch his brother in mid-descent.

'Sam?' He cried out, that also brought John running back into the living room, between the two of them they managed to catch hold of their youngest family member and guide him gently to the floor. Sam laid stiffly in their arms for a moment before locking gazes with his brother first and then his father. Suddenly, his lower lip trembled and the tears fell.

Stunned John watched as his normally stubborn son fell apart and sobbed uncontrollably, clutching at both of Dean and John. 'Dad ... De.' He whispered.

'Ah Sammy it's alright son.' John pulled both of his sons into his arms and hugged them both, 'Dean, Sam we're gonna get through this I promise.'

'Hurts dad.' Sam choked out as the sobs continued to tumble, 'hurt me ... why?'

'Evil Sam, nothing but pure evil.' John whispered letting his faze meet Dean's, 'Decebal is ...was an evil demon, those that followed him human and demonic alike they were all inherently evil.'

'Why?' Sam hiccuped moving away slightly from his father but still safe in the family hug.

'Sam?' Dean reached out a tentative hand to Sam's, 'I am so sorry.'

'Why?' Sam blinked and looked at his brother with a confused stare.

'It was coz of me ... all of this ... it started with me.'

'No, no.' Sam shook his head vehemently, 'not you De.'

'Sam hey it's okay, I know why Decebal did what he did, but you did nothing dude, nothing. You are so strong Sammy, you survived everything he has thrown at you, everything he did to you, or had others do to you ... you are a hero Sammy. My hero.' Dean said earnestly and then he cleared his throat and clapped his brother's shoulder, 'and that draws this chick flick portion of the evening to a close.'

'Jerk.' Sam whispered letting his father and brother help him up from the floor.

'So time to check out the wound Dean you first.' John said chuckling at the exaggerated eye roll from his eldest. Gingerly Dean pulled his shirt off and waited for his father to check out Josh's stitches.

'Dad?' Dean asked when his father didn't move.

'The tattoo Dean.' John said in shock, 'the dragon is still there.'


'Come on Sam two more laps of the hallway.' Dean coached his still healing brother, 'Ellen and the others will be here faster than you can make it.'

'Shut the hell up Dean.' Sam's voice still sounded weak and raspy but for now, he was happy just being able to answer his tyrant of a brother back.

A month after moving into the house, John was gone again on a hunt, close by and only for a few days. For now, however, he was content on helping his sons' rehabilitation and to make sure that they were safe and protected.

'Come on Sammy a snail can beat ya.' Dean goaded his brother without malice, 'put some effort into it.'

'Want to put some effort in shutting up.' Sam growled huskily before he started to cough.

'Sam?' Dean immediately appeared at his brother's side with the water bottle in hand, 'here.' Though Sam's throat was healing nicely, the scarring meant that he often lost his voice and had debilitating bouts of coughing. They would eventually go away but not soon enough for Sam. The scars on his back faded but not fast enough, Dean seemed to come good in no time but Sam still struggled with his physical recovery.

Nightmares plagued both of the brothers nightly, neither able to talk about their individual or shared experiences, with each other or anyone else.

They never let each other out of sight for more than a few minutes, showers and using the bathroom were the only real time they were apart and then one stood guard while the other hurried with what they had to do.

Sam remained silent for longer periods even though his voice was slowly returning he preferred to lose himself in his own thoughts and musings. At first Dean and John found it frustrating and at times more than slightly discerning but as time moved on they accepted it as part of Sam's healing process. He internalised first and then would externalise his feelings and thoughts in time.

'Anyone home?' Ellen's husky voice broke the stand off with perfect timing.

'Come on in Ellen, Bobby.' Dean greeted their guests with a wide grin, 'Sammy's just gone to wash up.'

'How's he doing?' Bobby asked after greeting Dean, 'how yer doin' boy?'

'Me? Fine ... Sam? Some days are better than others.'

'Your dad?'

'Hunting but he should be back tonight.' Dean answered but his attention soon became divided between the guests and the stairs where Sam disappeared up before.

'You okay Dean?' Ellen asked watching his little dance of worry.

'Hmm? Oh yeah, yeah I'm fine, so where's Joshua?'

'He'll be here soon enough.' Bobby said, 'ah for pete's sake go and find Sam see what's keeping him.'

'Be right back.' Dean turned and literally bounded up the stairs, he came to a skidding stop in front of the bathroom door. 'Sam?'

'Dean?' Sam sat huddled on the base of the shower cold water pouring over him, 'can't get clean.'

'What ... why can't you Sam?' he asked gently as he turned the taps off and crouched down in front of Sam with a towel in hand.

'Dirty, so dirty they made me dirty.' Sam reached up to turn the taps on again when Dean caught his hand and held it tightly.

'Sam look at me, they are dirty not you, not me, we did not do anything to make them hurt us. You are not dirty.'

'She, she wanted ... put that, that thing ... I can still feel ...' Sam's body shook violently as the memories crashed through his mind in blinding speeds.

'Ah Sammy.' Dean choked back his own tears, 'I can still feel that ... that quack's hands on me and doing ... if we let ourselves think like this Sam then they have won.'


'They win when we ... don't let em win Sammy.'

'Kay, better get back to the others huh?'

'Yeah bet they're wondering ...'

'Thanks Dean.'

'Hey that's what I'm here for Sammy.' Dean helped his brother out of the shower and gave him a few minutes of privacy to dress before he accompanied him downstairs, close enough to help if needed but far enough to give Sam the space he craves.

'Close your innocent eyes Sam.' Dean exclaimed as they walked into the living room and met with the sight of Bobby and Ellen in each other's arms. 'For shame you two corrupting the innocent boy here.'

'Dean!' Sam exclaimed indignantly, 'hey Bobby, Ellen so ah what's new?'

'Nothing ya need to know bout,' Bobby answered gruffly the sound of another car pulling up outside giving him a perfectly timed outlet. 'Must be Josh.'

'Nice save old man, but this is not over.' Dean said with a wicked grin going to the door he smiled when he saw Josh and his father coming up the veranda together.

'Wow, look what the cat dragged in.'

'Dean.' John couldn't help but give his son a weary but genuine smile and squeezed his shoulder affectionately, 'how you doing?'



'Getting there.' Dean replied with a shrug. 'The love birds are already here.'

'Bobby and Ellen made good time then.' Josh grinned, 'hey Dean.'

'You two know?' Dean stared accusingly at the two men, 'and you didn't tell us?'

'Dad?' Sam's soft greeting made the three men turn in unison, 'hey Josh.'

'How's it going Sam?' Josh asked giving the boy a pat on the shoulder, 'you're looking better.'

'Thanks.' Sam said but kept his gaze fixed on the floor in front of him.

'Sammy, son it's good to see you up and about.' John said cupping Sam's cheek with his hand he made his son lift his line of sight, 'ah there you are.'

As the older hunters discussed John and Josh's latest exploits trying to finish off a not so standard salt and burn, Sam drifted away from them and found a seat on the veranda, he sat back and enjoyed the warmth of the sun on his face as he watched it move downwards in the late of the afternoon.

'Hey Sammy mind if I join ya?' Dean sat next to his brother and stretched out his lanky frame.

'Hey Dean.' Sam said without looking at Dean, 'how's things in there?'

'Noisy.' Dean chuckled, 'they all seem to want to out do each other.'


'Yeah dude?'

'Is it really over?'

'Whatcha mean?'

'Decebal he's gone, really gone?'

'Yeah dad said he is.'

'I thought that we were both gonna ... Dean why hasn't your tattoo disappeared if Decebal is dead?'

'Dunno dude, what's going on in that head of yours Sam?'

'Nothing, I just ... feel like ... nothing don't worry bout it.'

'Sam, hey come on it's me you can tell me anything you know that.' Dean said dropping his stoic mask for Sam's sake. 'We're gonna get through this Sam.'

'Yeah, yeah I know ... Dean please I don't ... I don't know what's wrong with me. I don't feel anything, just numbness inside. I – I cut myself the other day, nothing major just a nick but I didn't feel it Dean.'

'It's gonna take time Sam, you can't expect to survive everything we have and bounce back.'

'Yeah I understand that but ... why can't I feel anything?' Sam turned to look at his brother.

'You will Sam, don't worry you will.'

'Thanks Dean.'

'Your welcome ... for what?'

'For everything, okay I promise after this no more chick flick moments, if it wasn't for you Dean I would have died back in the jail. I thought you were dead and they were blaming me, I wanted to die there and then.'


'No Dean please, the one thing, the one constant I had was you. No matter what Decebal threw at me, I knew I had you to turn to, I – I just want to say thanks.'

'So wanna go in and join the oldies?'

'Do we have to see Bobby and Ellen doin' it again?'

'Oh please I feel ill enough as it is.' Dean chuckled, 'they look good together don't they.'

'Yeah perhaps something good did come out of all of this afterall.'

'Yeah maybe.'

'Hey Dean?'

'Yeah Sammy?'

'We made it.'

'We sure did bro, we sure did.'


A transparent spectre hovered close by the small house and listened intently to the conversation between two young brothers as they sat enjoying each other's company in the dying hours of the afternoon.

A giggle sounding more like a hissing of gas, emitted from the spirit, it's ugly face twisting in a grimaced grin, the hole in its chest gave it a distorted almost cartoon-like appearance. Drool dribbled down its chin as it thought of only one thing, well one thing and two victims. He was not going to lose them, not now.

Ended for now...