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Chapter 5: Revelations and a Year Later

All of them stared at Sailor Pluto… not knowing what to say or do, they were in too much shock.

"What do you mean we have to cross dress to fight evil…" said Gary.

"Right now you have to do it… if the Dark Kingdom takes over then it will mean the end of what we know forever…" said Sailor Pluto.

"But…" said Ace.

"Who said you three would be going it alone?" asked Sailor Pluto, "Remember there are two other teams of Sailor Senshi… and only one other will got into duty…"

"Why only one other team?" asked Kakashi.

"When this happened Neo Queen Serenity decided that it was best that the 4 Asteroid Senshi live happy normal lives… I don't even know who they are…" said Sailor Pluto.

"Then what those inner senshi…" said Gary.

"You see…" said Sailor Pluto, "All of the Sailor Senshi were to 5 different worlds… in a World called the World of Chaos it's a boy named Ranma Saotome who's on a martial arts training trip with his father… he's the reincarnation of Sailor Jupiter, then in there's another world called the World fo Mamodo Battle, that's where a genius loner named Kiyo Takamine who is the reincarnation of Sailor Mercury is. Now there's your worlds…"

"What do you mean?" asked Ace.

"In the World of Ninjas… your world… Kakashi… Sailor Venus was reborn as Uzumaki Naruto…" said Sailor Pluto.

Kakashi's visible eye was wide… she was shaking…

"What's wrong with this Naruto person?" asked Gary.

"Other than being named "Fishcake"" said Ace.

"You can tell them... I informed Sarutobi about what going on… and he gave you permission to tell these tow if you want to… just keep the other S-Class secret to your self…" said Sailor Pluto.

"Naruto holds a demon inside him, he's infamous in our village, because of this… but the one who sealed the demon inside him died wanting to make him a hero… sometimes I wish I had gotten my chance to help him…" said Kakashi.

And that's how Gary and Ace learned how Naruto had a demon inside him… which answers many questions.

"Now Ace in your world… the World of Pirates… Sailor Mars was reborn as Monkey D. Luffy…" said Sailor Pluto.

"Really…" said Ace with a grin, "I guess now that I think about it… Luffy is planning to start his own crew soon… don't know when… so I guess Sailor Mars' final wish might be true…"

"So you know him?" asked Kakashi.

"He's my younger brother!" said Ace.

Both Gary and Kakashi sweatdroped.

"Being a Sailor Senshi must also be heredity…" they thought.

"Gary… in the World of Pokemon battles, Princess Serenity, Neo Queen Serenity's daughter was reborn in your world… Ash Ketchum…" said Sailor Pluto.

"What?" said Gary with dot eyes and a sweatdroped.

"Let me guess you know him too…" said Ace.

"You could say we're rivals." Said Gary who then sighed at the memories of him and Ash… with Ash getting riled up and challenging him to battle but Gary always turning him… and when he finally did fight Ash, Gary beat him of course.

"So… are you the one who sets the standard or the one that gets riled up and gets easily annoyed…" asked Kakashi.

"The one that sets the standards…" said Gary.

"So each of us in a way is connected one of the inner senshi from our world…" said Ace.

"I wonder if we're connected to any of the Asteroid Senshi…" joked Kakashi.

At that very moment in the village hidden in the Leaves, an 11 year old with black hair and eyes sneezed.

"Damn fangirls… why do they always have to talk about me behind my back…" muttered the boy.

Back in Crystal Tokyo…

"I don't know I guess we'll never know…" said Gary.

"Now… the seal isn't expected to break for another year… when the other senshi awaken their powers… which will be very different then… we need you help them…" said Sailor Pluto.

"Sure I'm up for it…" said Ace with a smirk.

"Sure…" said Kakashi.

"Can't we just hide from the shadows while helping them?" asked Gary.

"Right now majority rules…" said Ace.

"So how do we change?" asked Kakashi.

"Say your planet then "Planet Power Make-up!" Then you transform…" said Setsuna.

"So should we try it out?" asked Kakashi.

"Sure…" sighed the other two.

"Saturn Planet Power!"

"Uranus Planet Power!"

"Neptune Planet Power!"


All of them transformed into the senshi forms… ball of them were extremely embarrassed to due to the skirt length… combined to the fact that they were now girls.

"That's odd." said Sailor Pluto.

"What?" asked Gary or in this case Sailor Saturn.

All of them turned to Kakashi in this cast Sailor Uranus, to find… she was still wearing her ninja mask.

"That's weird…" said Ace in this case Sailor Neptune.

"Okay… so how do we change back?" asked Sailor Saturn quickly forgetting the fact for some reason Sailor Uranus still worse her ninja mask.

"Just focus on changing back…" said Sailor Pluto who too detransformed to a young woman with green hair with some of it put into a bun.

All three of them stared at the young then detransformed…

"In this form I'm known as Setsuna Meioh…" said the woman who was also known as Sailor Pluto named Setsuna.

"So how do we get back home?" asked Gary.

"Those keys allow travel between worlds… you can use them to travel almost anywhere… you say "Take me" then state where you want to go… I recommend using them only for other world travel and emergencies." said Setsuna, she then took out three watches one teal, one navy and one grape purple, "Take these as well these will allow the three of you to talk to each other... no matter you are…"

"Thanks…" said Ace.

"I'll guess we won't see each other for another year…" said Gary.

"Unless we organize something…" said Kakashi.

"One more thing… Crystal Tokyo's time stream is different than those of the other worlds… some times it moves slower sometimes faster… it was moving slower which meant that it only was only a few minutes wince you left…"

"That's good…" said Gary.

The three nodded to each other and then used their time keys to go back to where they came from…

In the World of Pokemon, looked up the sky… then let out his Umbreon and began to pat him.

"The next year is going to weird…" said Gary.

In the world of Pirates, Ace decided to continue is search… for Black Beard… after all he now was hopping to get him before the end of the year otherwise he'd need to come up with a plan.

"I better bat him before it starts up…" he thought.

Back in the World of Ninja Kakashi was talking with Sarutobi.

"Good… you allow me to tell them…" said Kakashi to the ageing Hokage.

"Yes… incase of something happening in the future I documented Naruto and yours past lives…" said Sarutobi.

"Thanks…" said Kakashi, "I wonder what's going to happen in the next year…" he thought.

1 year later…

Once again Gary, Ace and Kakashi met up in Crystal Tokyo… they had occasionally seen each other… mostly to say hi or for drinks (well Ace and Kakashi went out for drinks…) and in one case was to meet the 5 Guardian Cats and to watch a certain Pokemon match involving Gary… many things had happened in the past year.

For Ace it was so-so, he had still had found Black Beard… on the other hand he managed to meet up with Luffy who had gained quite a rep and quite a crew as well… but other than that it had been same old, same old.

Gary on the other hand had changed a lot though the year… whether is was because he already changing or what happened a year ago, it wasn't known but since then he had ran into Ahs quite a few times, during that time he realized the kind of guy Ash was (despite the whole constantly challenging him... things) and that he would do anything to help someone, he also lost a race agaisnt Ash… then finally during the Johto League finals Ash beat him (this was the match that Kakashi and Ace watched)… he was also thinking of something really important during that year and that's when he decided to follow in his grand father's foot steps and too became a researcher.

Kakashi on the other hand also saw changes to his life, one that was he became a Jonin Sensei… and one of his students… was Naruto! The other two were the last of the Uchiha Clan, Uchiha Sasuke and a girl who was one of Sasuke's fan girls (and Naruto also had a crush on her) Haruno Sakura. However things turned sour… thanks to the Chunin Exams in the 2nd exam Sasuke was marked with a Cursed Seal by Orochimaru, an S Ranked Missing Nin... and basically offered Sasuke to joined his Village the Village Hidden in the Sound. Also during Chunin exams, and during an invasion Sarutobi died. Not only that but due to certain chain of events, Sasuke decided to leave the village and join up Orochimaru, a team of one Chunin and 4 Genin (including Naruto) tried to stop him… but in the end… not only that but Sasuke nearly killed Naruto... with a jutsu that Kakashi himself taught Sasuke… not only that but due to certain things (Sasuke leaving, Naruto going on a training trip in three months and Sakura becoming the apprentice of Tsunade, the new Hokage) he is no longer their sensei either. Needless to say that the Neo Dark kingdom returning was a good thing for him… well it should also e pointed that Kakashi wasn't there and was supposed to meet up 2 hours before...

That's when Kakashi landed gracefully out of a time portal.

"Yo!" said Kakashi.

"Your late!" yelled Ace and Gary.

"Sorry you see I had to save a kitten from a tree" said Kakashi.

"Liar…" said Gary.

"So…" said Ace, "Setsuna and the cats are in a meeting… we have to discus what we're going to do…"

"Remember Gary's plan from a year ago?" asked Kakashi laughing nervously.

"Yeah the one to watched form the shadows…" said Gary.

"Is it too late to change my vote…" said Kakashi.

Ace sweatdroped, "Let me guess… now that you know Naruto you know that he'll make fun of you for being a cross dresser longer than he had…" said Ace.

"Pretty much…" said Kakashi laughing nervously.

"I do think that Naruto will form some sort of revenge after you hid it from him…" said Ace.

"Oh what are the chances of that…" said Kakashi.

Months later Naruto would swear revenge and get it too using a certain embarrassing point of Kakashi's past life… but that's another story… literally.

That's when Sailor Pluto showed up…

"Well they're going to search for them… they know I know their identities but wanted to find out who they were themselves…" said Sailor Pluto.

"That's good…" said Gary.

"Unless they never meet…" said Kakashi.

"Don't worry… they will…" said Sailor Pluto, "So are you planning to hide in shadow and help them when they change into girls themselves?"

They nodded… it was the best way to hide their embarrassment.

"And besides… we don't know what Ranma and Kiyo are like… how good of fighters they are, but I'm sure that Luffy, Naruto and Ash are able to handle them…" said Gary.

"I'll help you half way… but I'm planning to take a job at either Kiyo or Ranma's school as a teacher as my will probably need my support earlier than yours…" said Setsuna, "You should help them incase their identities are discovered before you meet as Senshi."

"Okay…" said Gary.

"Fine…" said Kakashi.

"Sure thing…" said Ace.

The four of them put their hands to together with Ace falling asleep.

"Should we wait for him to wake up before going back?" asked Gary.

"I think so…" said Kakashi.

"It would be rude with we left him…" said Setsuna.

At that very moment in the world of Pokemon Dianna, one of the Guardian Cats sensed the presence of Neo Sailor Moon… but that's whole other story.

The End

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