"Revan knew that the true war is not against the Republic. It waits for us beyond the Outer Rim. And she has gone to fight it, in her own way…Perhaps you will go there with her, and do battle at the end of all things."

Darth Traya.

The woman stood in front of the stone temple, staring unblinkingly at the door. Rain pelted down from the sky, soaking straight through her robes to the skin underneath. Despite the stinging chill of the water, she didn't tremble or shiver, but stood firm. The temple towered above her, its tallest tip almost piercing the stormy clouds. She had seen many such buildings in her recent journeys, but only in passing. They were merely landmarks that told her she was going in the right direction. Now she was close enough to touch one.

Steeling herself, she began the long ascent of the steps that would lead her to the entrance. During the trip up her eyes were constantly lowered, picking out a safe path to walk. One wrong step could send her crashing back down to the unyielding rock pathway below. Her progress was slow, but eventually she found herself facing the large, and seemingly unmovable, door that she had glimpsed at the bottom of the steps. Instinctively, she knew that it couldn't be pushed aside with her hands or prised open with a weapon, no matter how hard she may try. She allowed her eyes to flicker shut and slowed her breathing, forcing herself to remain calm. When she felt she was ready she reached out with her mind, with the Force, and felt for the door.

A scraping sound echoed dimly through the air, almost lost in a rumble of thunder. The woman opened her eyes to discover that the door had moved aside for her. A soft light trickled out of the temple, inviting her inside. She stepped hesitantly over the threshold, relaxing slightly when the door didn't slam shut behind her. A small gasp escaped her lips.

Sprawled on the floor at her feet was a body, blood oozing from underneath it. It wasn't the sight of a corpse that shocked her; after years of combat reminders of death no longer scared her. It was the corpse's face that terrified her. She knew that when people became corrupted by the Dark Side, their outward appearances began to reflect the decay of their souls. She had seen it in many of the Sith she had fought and killed over the years, but she had never seen anything like this before. Not even Darth Sion had looked so completely devoid of life. The skin was the grey of ashes, and deep cracks ran through it. The lips were completely black, as if they had been burned. When she looked at the eyes staring blankly at her she couldn't help but shudder; they were blood red- not just the iris, the entire eye.

She stepped carefully over the body, suppressing the fear that one of the hands would come to life and grab her ankle. She turned her attention to the rest of the temple. The walls were plain and dark, bearing no decoration. A series of low stone benches were fixed to the ground in the middle of the room, leaving two walkways running up either side. More of the sinister corpses littered the room, most of them strewn over the benches.

At the very front of the temple, raised on a platform, was a large and intricately carved holocron. In front of the holocron, silent and unmoving, stood a robed figure. As the woman watched, the figure reached down and grabbed something. Seconds later the familiar hiss of a lightsaber being activated reached her ears. In one swift movement, the person drove the lightsaber into the heart of the holocron. They seemed to struggle with it for a few moments, trembling slightly. Then, with a sudden rush of noise, the holocron exploded. The woman threw up her hands to protect her face from the fragments flying through the air, but the other person remained still.

Without turning, they began to speak. "Are you the one who has been following me?"

The woman nodded, and then remembered that she couldn't be seen. "Yes."


"I want to help you."

The person sighed. "I'm supposed to fight alone, Exile."

The Exile blinked, slightly staggered. "How do you know who I am?"

"News of you travels fast, even out here."

Deciding to ignore this, the Exile repeated what she had said before. "I want to help you, Revan. I am worthy of helping you."

Revan finally turned to face her and slowly descended the steps of the platform. When they were face to face, Revan spoke quietly, almost in a whisper. "You don't know the danger you face. How can you know you are worthy?"


"Kreia!" Revan snapped, looking sharply at the Exile. "What do you know of her?"

"We travelled together for a while. She-"

"May I?"

The Exile frowned, confused. "May you wh-" She trailed off, suddenly realising what Revan meant. Closing her eyes, she nodded her permission. Only a few seconds passed before she felt Revan enter her mind and begin to trawl through her memories, the experiences she had shared with her old teacher. She didn't know how long they stood there, but when she opened her eyes again Revan was smiling sadly.

"You followed me once, Kezia." Revan's voice was a whisper again. "Look where that led you. Are you willing to follow me again, knowing this time what you risk?"

"Yes." Replied the Exile, without a moment of hesitation.

Revan regarded her in silence. Finally she nodded, looking resigned. "Very well. I just hope you know what you're leaving behind."