FanFic 100 Challenge #:: 081- How?

How Far?

How long have I been sitting here listening to the sound of your voice, hanging onto your every word? The clock on the wall chimes its melody to the eleventh evening hour as the answer to my question; I have been in your office for several hours, but ah, how the hours have quickly passed. I treasure every moment in your presence.

If you need anything at all, tell me how I can assist you, you often remind me. Shall I ever be daring enough to tell you that it is you I need?

I fell deeply for you the time you first childishly offered me a lemon drop so many years ago, but how does one truly know when the ever-changing tides of time changes infatuation into real love? I do not know, but I am convinced that it occurred some several years back.

We say our nightly farewells, and I begin to wonder how it would be if I were able to kiss you goodnight and, I muse, you would even hold me in your arms as your loving, devoted wife.

Perhaps you do not feel the way I do for you, but I hope that is not so; how would I be able to tell that news to my poor heart?

I rise out of my chair, reluctant but prepared to walk away…

How far will I go before you decide to come after me?


A/N:: I was thinking (if you're all interested) of doing Albus's response to this.