Lotte- See, I told you I'd write about the Fairy. I love you my sister!

Chapter 1

"Kerri, you know you're supposed in bed!" Kate covered the speaker of the phone in her hand to scold the young boy who was running down the hall bouncing a well worn basketball.

"I was just goin' ma." He answered, the sound of the ball continuing to hit the ground resonated into Kate's room.

"You just wait to Grandma Evy comes home." The ball immediately stopped, being caught in the child's hands. Mumbling under his breath, Kerri hung his head. Sulking, he followed his mother's order, climbing into his bed with a pout. "Did anyone ever tell you that you work miracles Ma? Just your name is enough to get kids to behave." The woman on the other line chuckled at her comment.

"After my boys? I've learned a thing or two." The two women laughed.

"Are you coming home soon, or is this another night with Mr. Bradford?"

"I'm just stopping to buy a turkey for our thanksgiving dinner."

"Just going to be the three of us again?"

"Jeremiah has his own family to be with."

"Any word from Bobby or Jack?" kate's voice raise with a hint of hope with the last word of her question.

"You know those two," She said with a sigh, "They'll come home when they're ready."

"Yeah." Kate sighed, looking towards the direction of her son's room. " I know."

"Who's the fifth file for?" Detective Fowler motioned to the manila files in his partner's hand. "I thought you said there was only four Mercers?"

"Kate Connolly. Mercer wannabe, might be even worse then the others." Green chuckled as he spoke, watching the female figure crossing the street, a little boy tugging at her heels.

"A girl?"

"She was definitely a heart breaker, broke mine twice. Grew up with the Mercers, had Bobby as a mentor. That kitty has some serious claws, she fucked up a lot of trash around here, taken down wanna be thugs."

"Doesn't sound too bad."

"She'd take down anyone in her way, just like Bobby." Green sighed, opening up the car door to exit the vehicle they had been sitting in.

Kate stood at the front of a brick house, embracing a man she called a brother, Bobby Mercer. The boy eyed the man with uneasy curiosity, his gaze then fell on the man standing off a bit, who was playing with his scarf nervously, Jack Mercer.

"She's got a kid?" Fowler asked following his partner's action.

"Yeah, a bastard, but everyone around here knows its jack's, everyone but him that is." Fowler shot him a queer glance, but didn't care to inquire.

"I don't get it, if this woman was a god damn saint, how did she end up raising four complete fuck ups?"

"Ms. Evelyn circles hundreds of kids out of the foster cares system and into permanent homes, in thirty years she only came across four lost causes, four delinquents she couldn't find anyone to take them in, so she did. Trust me Fowler these kids are congress men compared to what they could have been."

"Its been a while since I've seen your face around." Kate commented when she pulled away from Bobby, she could not help but smile at his appearance, even under such heart shattering terms. Her smile faded when she turned to Jack. Feeling her gaze upon him, he slowly lifted his own from the ground to look into hers.

"Kate..." He spoke in a whisper, timidly he approached her, debating within himself either to embrace her or simply shake her hand. His debate was answered when she pushed her hand out, shaking his quickly.

"Jack. You've been gone a long time." She spoke shorty, withdrawing her hand. Her heart felt as if it were about to shatter when Jack's gaze dropped to the dark haired boy, his mouth hung upon, unable to vocalize the question on his tongue.

"This is my son, Kerri." She placed her hands on the child's shoulders proudly.

"God, he's grown." Bobby commented, sinking to the knees to say his hello the the boy.

"You have a son?" Jack's voice squeaked as he spoke, his eyes shooting back up to hers. She took a sharp breath when she saw the pained look on his face, she knew he never had a good poker face.

"His father?"

"He doesn't have a father." She answered sharper than she meant to.


"Jack, he's dad just isn't in the picture okay?" The last thing Kate wished to do was discuss such things with him, not when he only returned for the Funeral of Evelyn Mercer.

"How old is he?" Jack brought himself to question.

"Four." She could no longer look him in the eye. "Kerri, this is Uncle Bobby's brother Jack."

"Is he Gran'ma Evy's son too?" Kerri asked, still uncertain about the strangers.

"Yes baby, he is." As she spoke she scooped her son up into her arms, kissing his forehead when she had him situated. "Lets go say hi to Uncle Jerry then you can go play with Daniela and Amelia, okay?"

"Okay ma'."

"Lets all go say hi to Jerry." Bobby smiled at the boy, patting his shoulder. "You know Kate, He'd make a great hockey player one day." His comment was responded to with a glare from Kate's pale eyes. "I'm just sayin' when he's older-"

"When he's older he won't be some delinquent like you." She shot back at Bobby, a hint of playfulness in her tone.

"Delinquent?" He held his hand over his heart in mock pain, causing Jack to shed a short chuckle. "Me? I was a good role model for you and faerie over here." He motioned towards Jack.

"Yeah yeah yeah, believe what ever lies help you sleep at night."

"I've missed you kid." Bobby spoke in a low tone, his words holding nothing but complete sincerity. He came to stand beside her, taking Kerri out of her arms, he rewarded the child his freedom.

"You okay?" Bobby whispered into her ear, suddenly playing the role of older brother.

"Ma just died Bobby." She matched his tone, just loud enough for him to hear. "How do you think I'm doin'?" She turned so that her back was to Jack, shielding herself from his gaze.

"You know that isn't what I'm talking about." Bobby caught her by the arm, staring her down for some answer. "Jack. Go on a head." He ordered his younger brother away. Once he was out of earshot, Bobby released her arm. "You're crying." Bobby pointed out, wiping away the stream forming down her cheek.


"You've never cried. Your eyes were dry during the funeral." He pointed out. He sighed heavily, running his hand down the dark curls of her hair. "He doesn't have to stay at home."


"I'm sure Jerry would let Jack stay with him for a while-"

"No, its fine." She assured him, more for herself than him. "Look the thing between me and Jack, its over, no hard feelings. Just time to suck it up and move on. It's his home too Bobby, even if you guys haven't been around. I'm not letting you ship him off to Jerry's. God knows you and I were the only ones who could deal with him." Bobby chuckled.

"Yeah. He's a crazy one Jack, but he's my brother, so I love him. And you, your my sister." He kissed to top of her forehead. "I love you too Kid."