Lotte- what would a story of mine be without an epilogue? Even if it is late... I love you and I miss you. I'm just in such a writing mood, to the E/M slash now.


Kate smiled faintly as she watched Kerri from the lack of a window, his figure mixing with the other neighborhood kids chasing after a black puck that skid along the top of the street. She noticed how much smaller he was than the rest of the children playing, his four year old body chasing behind some that were at least double his age, all of them lost in the game to realize the difference.

"I thought you wouldn't let him play hockey?"Jack's voice came from behind her, as he came to stand behind her, wrapping his arms around her waist and laying his head on top of hers. "You were afraid he'd turn out like Bobby." Kate laughed, laying her head against him, savoring the feeling of his arms.

"Well, maybe being like Bobby isn't quite so bad." she laughed, directing her eyes towards the sidewalk, where her new brother in law was manning a table saw, the sound of the wooden planks being razored in half wafered up through the window, a sound they were so familiar with they hardly noticed. "I mean, look how much he's changed by being here for a month. What can I say I'm good at changing people." She giggled as she turned around to face him, wrapping her arms around his waist to keep their bodies close. "Look what I did to you, I made you a great father, and a great husband." she couldn't keep her lips from meeting his, the innocent kiss slowly growing in passion. Despite what his body willed, he drew his lips away from her, grinning at the woman he held in his arms.

"I don't think you can quite take credit for me, you might as well take credit for making it rain. I knew I'd be a good husband for you one day," he stole a quick kiss, the brief contact made the two only long for each other more. "and a good father when the time came... although I have to say it was sooner than I expected. Actually I think I have to thank you for sparing me from changing diapers."

His words only received a glare from his love. "I'm only kidding."

"Just wait for his little sister, then you'll be sorry when I make you do all the dirty work." She mock threatened.

"Sister?" Jack cocked his head, his eyes traveling from hers to the sweater covering her flat stomach. A grin spread across his face as he drew her even closer to his body, the feeling of her body against his something he could never tire of. "I thought it was too early to tell?"

"It is, but it has to be a girl. I mean, this family needs a Mercer girl."

"We already have one." The sound of the kids on the street cheering for the goal roared up from the ground below them, making them remember where they were.

"Only by marriage." She pulled herself off of him to make her way down the patched up stairs. She brushed away the stray piece of wallpaper hanging limply from the wall, it catching air circulation from her motion.

"You have always been a Mercer, Kitten- ouch!" Kate backhanded his shoulder, interrupting him.

"Don't call me that! No one is allowed to call me that!"

"Bobby does." He shot back, grinning at the sight of her, he always thought she looked so cute while absolutely furious.

"Do you tell Bobby he can't do anything?"

"You can't tell any Mercer he can't do something."

"You can't call me Kitten. Do you remember who I am? Your wife? The mother of your children? Call me Kitten again and you can expect to be sleeping alone." He pouted, attempting that innocent eyes would make her stop glaring, with no avail.

"Fine. No Kitten. But I get to call you Crazy Bitch when Kerri isn't around."

"Will you two love birds break it up in there? The rest of us are working!" Bobby called from the sidewalk, causing Jack and Kate to burst into embarrassed laughter. " I know you're newlyweds but save the fuc- screwed up pet names for the bedroom." Bobby caught himself realizing there were kids playing behind him.

He laughed to himself, the impossible happened. Someone besides Evelyn was able to keep him in line, and almost family friendly. He drew his gaze away the table saw to look at the hockey players, Kerri chasing after a boy who looked almost ten. That boy was born a Mercer, Bobby thought to himself as he watched the boy who made him attempt to keep straight-ish. the first Mercer boy to be born with the name, but he was sure not the last. Bobby and Angel kept a running bet on how many new Mercer Boys there will be when Kate and Jack are done, a hundred dollars and pride where on the line.

It was just like old times, back when Evelyn watched over them all, when they would taunt and torment Kate and Jack, waiting for the two to move past the awkward faze and realize they were perfect for each other.

"Shut up Bobby." Kate called back, before stealing a kiss from Jack. "I hope you realize I get to call you Fairy." She giggled and exited the house, turning to face it when she reached the sidewalk. There was still a lot of work left to go, to make the house resemble the home they all found safety in when no where else would take them.

"What would mom of said about all this?" She asked herself, watching Angel gently place the new window in its place."What would she say if she saw all of you back?"

"She'd wonder if we have plans on sticking around." Jack spoke from the door way, leaning against the new frame to watch his wife, thinking she needed to be wearing at least a jacket in the cold, she had to think about there baby now.

"Well do you?" Kate looked between her husband, and brothers, all of which stopped working to think on their beloved mother.

"Forever." Jack answered.

"Where else am I going to get married?" He flashed his brilliant white smile towards the house, where Sophie was busy in the kitchen.

"I already live here remember?" It was Jerry's turn to pipe up his answer.

"And what about you Bobby? Do you plan on staying?"

"I'm thinking about it Kate, I'm thinking." The look on his face told what he was thinking. He was staying.

The mercers were together again, as family should be.