A Vampire's Tale

Hi everybody!  This is just a story my friend wanted me to write for her.  It's not my usual type of writing so it might sound a bit weird.  It's also my first story that I've posted so please tell me if you think I should continue posting this!  Any ideas about couples in the story are greatly appreciated! Oh, and my friend is a fan of Anne Rice books, so if you have read any of her books, this may sound familiar.  By the way, the romance involved with this story is not between the two main people in this chapter.  It all comes a little later!  And I do not own Final Fantasy VII, although I wish I did. ^_^


A Vampire's Tale

      A quiet man sat in the corner of a busy bar in Junon.  It was his usual routine to come here every night and order the same thing.

"A mug of beer, please", he told the waitress.  She walked off with his order as he continued to read his favourite book.  He was close to finishing the book for the eighth time now, and he still laughed and cried while he read his favourite parts.

He finished chapter eleven and he put the book down.   For some reason he didn't feel like reading tonight.  This was a bit unusual because he practically lived his life reading and writing books.

He ran his hands through his short blonde hair.  "I need a real life", he whispered to himself.  He chuckled at the sound of his remark.  Just then, the waitress brought him his beer.  He politely said thank you and took a sip of it.  He put the glass down and scanned the bar.  The bar was full, just like every Friday night.  But then someone caught his eye.  A young woman sat by herself near the window.  In her hands was a cup of coffee.  To him she looked unhappy.

"Hmm... maybe she needs a little cheerin' up", he thought.  He gathered all his courage and stood up.  He was pretty shy by nature but he always liked helping people in need.  He walked over and sat down in the chair across from the woman. 

"Umm... hello", he said quite nervously.

"... hello", she replied in almost a whisper.  She didn't even look up.  Instead her gaze stayed down at the cup between her hands.

"... my name's Darius, what's yours?" he asked.

The woman looked up at him.  He was stunned.  He had never seen such brilliant green eyes in his life.  They almost glowed.  Her long light brown hair moved with the soft cool breeze that came from the open window.  Like this, she didn't seem like a normal human being.  She was just too... angelic.

She smiled and laughed softly to herself.  He was confused.  Why would someone who looked so sad start laughing all of a sudden?

"Huh?  What's so funny?" he asked.

"I've never been called angelic before", she said between her laughter.

The man was in awe.  He was certain that he didn't say that out loud.

"How did you do that?" he whispered.

She looked out the window.  "If I told you, you wouldn't believe me", she replied.

This time, he started laughing.  "Come on, you can trust me!"

She looked at him with eyes that seemed to stare right into his heart.  A sense of peace fell over him.

"Okay, but you're going to overreact", she said.

"Try me", he said with a smile.

"Okay, how should I put this... what are the creatures in your favourite book called", she asked.

"Umm... vampires", he replied calmly.  She kept looking at him patiently.  Finally, he let the words set in.

"Wha... no way!!" he yelled as he jumped up.

He startled her.  "Shhhh!!" She pulled him back down in his chair.

"I knew you would overreact", she said, "and you still don't believe me."

He looked at her again.  Now that he thought about it, she did seem a lot like the vampires in his book.  She had almost all the signs, yet he knew she tried to hide them.

The whole time he was thinking about her, he noticed that she was staring into his eyes again.  Her face went back to the sad state she was in when he first saw her.

"I chose to tell you because you seem like the type of person who wouldn't go insane if they heard something like that", she said, "and you're the only person I've told."

He calmed down a little.  "I have a boring life.  I try to believe in many things, just to make it a little more interesting."

She smiled again.  "Never heard of that before."

There was a long period of silence between them and finally he spoke.

"So... what is your name?  I mean, I'd like to get to know you a little... unless you're going to drink my blood or kill me or something", he said with a smile.

She started laughing again.  "Of course not!  You seem very nice, besides, I don't get to know the person and then kill them!"

They both laughed for a while.  Then she remembered the question he asked her earlier.

"Oh, my name is Aeris", she told him.

"Wow, that's a pretty name", he replied.  He noticed the cup of coffee in her hands.

"Umm... if you're a vampire, then why do you drink coffee?"

"Oh, I just like the warmth of it", she said, "and it's smell is also a little nice."

He looked at the cup again and he noticed that it was still full.  Another moment of silence fell upon them.  He broke the silence again.

"So... umm... tell me your story."

"Hmm?  What do you mean?" she asked.

He smiled again.  "I believe that every person has their own story to tell.  I just think that yours would be a little more interesting."

She looked into his brown eyes.  "I could tell you, but are you willing to hear it all?" she asked.

"Of course", he replied, "even if it takes all night!"

She laughed to herself.  "It will take all night.  I promise you that!"


Well this is chapter one!  I know it doesn't really make sense but it will get better!! Everyone's probably wondering about Aeris being a vampire.  But she does tell her story!  That's when it will get interesting!  I know it kinda sucks.  It was also a little rushed.  But the main story starts in the next chapter.  There are a lot more FF7 characters in the main story so it will seem less boring (I hope!).  But anyway, please review and tell me if I should keep writing this!!  I need some suggestions!  Any suggestions are welcome! 

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