Xx Between a Boy and a Girl xX

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Theme 10. #10

The absolute last thing Hiruma ever expected to hear while fooling around his apartment with his girlfriend was the sudden uncontrollable laughter of said girlfriend. Forcing himself to put a little distance between them. Hair disheveled, shirt significantly higher up than it had been before, he had no idea what would cause the burst of hysterics she was just getting under control. Determined to figure this out quickly so that he could continue on with more pleasurable activities, he went straight to the point.

He looked her right in the eye and asked, "What the fuck is so damn funny?"

This only caused a peal of giggles.

With a sigh he pushed himself up and off her. Taking a seat on the futon while Mamori righted herself. In vain she tried to tell him several times what was going on but then she'd look at him and start all over again. He could feel the back his neck heating up in an awkward mix of anger and embarrassment.

Embarrassment. Now that was one thing he had never felt before he started dating his ever serious manager. Sure it took five years of working together and a year of not seeing each other to get to this point but in all that time she was the only one who could make him feel... self-conscious. She made him second guess himself in ways he never had made him cringe a little how easily he had let her in but it was too late now. The benefits so heavily outweighed any discomfort that he could feel, that there was no way she was getting rid of him.



Well, it seemed she finally managed to choke out a word. He turned his head to look at her: face flushed, eyes bright, and practically asking to be kissed again. He was on the cusp of just forgetting about the whole thing to return to their previous activities when she started talking again.

This time around it looked like she had a handle on herself. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to embarrass you."

"Che. You didn't."

"Uh huh." She was looking entirely too smug for his liking."Then I take it the back of your neck has always been that red?"

Inwardly he cursed himself as his treacherous hand all but flew up to feel the heat radiating from it. His eyes narrowed at her snickers. Apparently he was a bad influence on her; she wouldn't have done that a couple of years back. His own mouth twisted in smugness. "Better than having a laugh like a fucking deranged hyena."

Rather than having the desired effect of having her shut up and shoot daggers at him with her eyes, it caused her to light up like a roman candle. "I couldn't help it you're just so- so'"

He wasn't sure where she was going with this.

"So bad at it."

Something that he wasn't even completely aware was inside of him died at her words.

That was harsh.

He hated to sound like the melodramatic teenager that he had never been but- just- wow. That had hurt. It was a really big blow to his pride but, more than that, it hurt in another more personal way. It was a direct hit to him and his pathetic lack of experience with girls. As much as he hated to admit it, even in confines of his own head, he didn't have any game. Like at all. He was too abrasive, too blunt. Sure he looked great and he could act like more docile if he wanted to but he really didn't see the point in that. It would only serve as an atom bomb of a rude awakening when his real colors showed through.

Even he had to admit he had gotten lucky with Mamori.

Damn lucky.

With a side bit of extensive plotting.

Apparently he wasn't doing a vey good job of hiding his hurt because he could see the exact moment that she started to feel guilty. Then she started babbling, "No! No, I didn't mean you were bad at this," Here she made an exaggerated pointing gesture between him and her. "Cause you're really good at this. Great even! I mean-"

That little part on him that had been brutally murdered just minutes before was not as dead as he had previously thought. It come surging back with such speed and pride and happiness that he could have sworn he was a compliment away from doing something stupid. Something like grinning like a maniac or tackling her back onto the futon they had previously been occupying. But then he felt his jaw start to ache and he knew he wasn't hiding his grin at all. And if he wasn't hiding his grin, then what was the point of holding back in the tackling bit?

None. There was no point whatsoever.

Ten minutes later he managed to detach himself from her long enough to ask the question that had been nagging at him the whole time they had been making out, "If you weren't talking about me being bad at this then what were you talking about?"

"Oh," She laughed again. Only this was more of an embarrassed chuckle instead of the hysterics she had been in earlier. "You have trouble unhooking my bra."

Of all the things he had been imagining that had not been one of them. "Are you serious?"

"Yeah." She gave a sheepish smile. "I shouldn't find it so funny but I do. I mean, you have those long thin fingers and you can throw a perfect spiral and draw tiny details on your sketches but when it comes to unhooking you fumble. I guess I sort of expected you to have better bra skills. "

And to that he had no response.

Although three days later he got the smug satisfaction of hearing her surprised squeak when she stood up from the couch they had been necking on and had to fly her arms up to keep her chest from falling out of her unhinged bra.