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B.S. + E.C.

Wait a second… I thought I was writing mine and Edward's initials but…..Oh my Goodness… I'd just written "Bull Shit" and "Extra Credit"! I looked up around my English classroom expecting every one to crack up, but no one seemed to notice...

I sighed, that's what I get for drinking three cups of coffee in 20 minutes. It must be sinking in… How did we not notice this? I thought. It's so funny! Bull shit and extra credit! I laughed out loud and every one turned to look at me.
"Something funny, Ms. Swan?" the teacher said to me. (A/N: what's her English teacher's name?)
"Yes…" I said choking back laughter. I couldn't hold it in.
"BULL SHIT!" I laughed. I froze, shocked. Did I actually do that?
"Excuse me?" the world class educator spoke.
"I meant to say…" Crap! What did I mean to say? Oh no, I meant to say… "EXTRA CREDIT!" I cracked up. Every one in the room was staring. Some were laughing, some where worried I was drugged, and others were just disdainful.
"Detention after school tomorrow!
"Is it extra credit?" I murmured to myself.
"Nothing." I said promptly.

I raced to the car after class so I could tell Edward about this! (A/N: I know she doesn't have English last period, but I'm changing that to fit the story!) Hewas waiting for me in the driver's seat.
"Hey Edward! Guess what!" I screeched at him while I pulled on my seat belt.
"What?" he said, curious.
"You know how your name 'Edward Cullen'?" I said, trying not to giggle.
"Yes." He said cautiously.
"And you know how my name is 'Bella Swan'?" I asked the laughter inside me shook my body.
"Yes…" he repeated, with the same hesitancy in his voice.
"Okay, well… Our initials are B.S. and E.C.! Bull shit and Extra Credit!" I erupted with laughter. He stared at me for a while, then chuckled and said,
"I never really noticed before."
"I know… it's freaking… hilarious… isn't it?" I managed between my fits of never ending laughing.
"Um… I suppose it's kind of humorous…. Bella, are you on something?"
I nodded.
"Oodles and oodles of CAFFIENE!" I started giggling again. He sighed.

I needed to tell someone else about this! But who would think it's funny?
"Can I come visit Emmett?" I beamed at him.
"Ah, what the heck? Sure." He sped down to his house, and I was out the door the second he stopped. I ran inside screaming.
"EMMETT?!" I yelled.
"What?" he said from behind me.
"Guess what!" I went on to tell him about B.S. and E.C. After laughing quite a bit he finally asked,
"Bella, are you on something?"
I nodded my head furiously. "CAFFIENE!!!" I squealed. He laughed some more.

Alice's Pov:

Edward, Jasper, and I where talking in our living room when Emmett and Bella finally came down stairs…. Dressed like…cheerleaders?
I didn't even bother to 'look' at them, now I really wish I had.
Emmett had a big Boom Box in his hands and he set it on the coffee table. They set up in there opening poses and the music began.

Emmett turned around on cue and lipped "Okay I'm a cheer leader now." They where lip singing!

The music continued, and now it was Bella's part; She spun around and mouthed:
"Did you fall off a building and land on your head?
And then a truck run over your face instead
?" getting all up in Emmett's Grillz.

Emmett had a fake look of outrage on his face as he continued his part
"There ain't no pill!
Cuz you ain't ill!
You ugly

Then they mouthed the chorus together
U.G.L.Y. you ain't got no alibi!
You ugly! Hey! Hey! You ugly!

Bella started her part again:
"What you really need is to wear a mask!
And book that plastic surgery! Fast!

"Girl! Your scary! Your hairy!
I heard about you!
You're the main attraction at the city zoo!

"You got eyes like a pig!"

"And your nose is big!"

"And with hair like that, You should be wearing a wig!"

And so on. Towards the end they formed a kick line, and started kicking. Bella's foot hit Emmett's nose; he ignored it.


"YOU UGLY!" They finished in the splits. They can do the splits? I thought to myself.

Edward's Pov:

And that's how I discovered Bella's Low tolerance for caffeine…

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