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Bella's POV

"You know, I don't think we were done with our cheerleader thing, Bella."

"Whatcha mean?" I asked excitedly.

"Let's do a stunt?"

"What is that?"

"Well, Me and Edward will be underneath you and grab each others' wrists tehn you'll jump on top of our wrists and we'll trow as hard as we can, then we'll catch you!"

"mmmHmm, And how do you know all this?"

"Uh...You just...hm...hear things when you've been around as long as I have..." He squirmed,

"Oh please! Emmett went to cheer camp on year. I guess he thought it would be fun...?" Alice said, antagonistically. I giggled.

"Well, what do you say?" Emmett said, ignoring Alice.

"Ha! it will be like a mimi roller coaster! I'm in!"

"What? No way! She's not doing it. I won't do it." Edward huffed.

"Oh, you're such a baby! Lighten up, Edward!" I teased

"Yeah, Eddie! And wouldn't you rather catch her? I don't think you'd really trust us if it was me and Jasper..." He smirked.

"Ugh," She sighed, "Well, I suppose there isn't a safety issue... But I don't like chancing it..."

"I do!" I chirped. "Yay!"

Emmett laughed, "You know what this means, Edward?"

"I've utterly lost my mind?" Edward tried with an arched eyebrow.

"No! You have to wear the uniform!" Emmett smiled.

"No," Edward face smoothed out coldly, he could be such a kill joy. His forehead creased, "Emmett, I am not acting like an old man! I'm acting like a man period. You're the cross dresser here."

"Ouch!" Alice giggled.

"Don't make me and Alice get it on you by force!" He smirked, "You know we could..." He added threateningly.

"You could," He smiled, "If you could ever catch me!"

"Hey, Hey, Hey! If you guys take off I'll be here by myself all bored so no! Come on, Edward! Please! It will be funny." But before any one could say anything else, Emmett jumped on Edward, and Alice soon followed.

"Gotcha!" Emmett Boomed, while I laughed uncontrollably. Emmett had Edward's arm twisted behind his back and held him down with his knee, all while Edward was trying to claw Emmett's eyes out with the arm that was behind him.

"Emmett you're dead!" He growled.

Five Minutes Later...

Edward, Emmett, Alice and I stood there, fully clothed, in one of the uniforms Emmett and I had used earlier.

Emmett showed Edward the hand movements and quickly explained to him what we were doing all while Edward glared the death glare. It verged on worse than the one I got on the first day of school...

Then he turned to me and explained when I should stand up. I nodded, it sounded easy. Finally, he looked at Alice who was just standing behind them, Alice, you're going to help throw! But not as hard as you can, just try to even out Edward and me if one of us thows harder.

"Mmkay!" She nodded

"Okay, let's go for it! Hop in, Bells."

So I did. I pushed off of their shoulders and jumped in. It was a big jump; they were tall.

"Ready?" Emmett asked me.

"No." complained Edward.

"Edward, I'm not throwing quite as hard as I can, but if you take it easy on her, even a little bit, we won't throw the same and she'll fly away."

"Yes, I can see that Emmett." He snapped, "I'm just a little nervous," he added a little softer, glancing apprehensively at me.

"Just do your job and she'll be fine!" Emmett soothed uncaring. I smiled reassuringly at him. I was very excited.

"Okay, let's get this over with."

"One, Two!" Emmett called. And before I knew it was was flying up. I smiled. hehe! This was sooo much fun!

But then I kept going up...

...and up...

...and up...

"Holy crap!" I screamed. I flailed around and caught a glimpse of the ground. No. Freaking. Way...

I might as well have been in a plane! How long did I have until I ran out of Oxygen?!

And just before I felt truly scared, I started to go down.

"Ah!" I cried in relief. I was soo filled with giddiness I flipped. Hehehe! I could do flips without falling up here! So I did one more.

And then I was struck by a knew fear...

I was falling so fast! Would they be able to catch me? I tried to suppress these fears. Of course I could trust them! But...Ugh, getting caught by those hunks of rock wouldn't feel so hot...

"Mmm..." I winced in anxiety. I was pretty close to the earth again... Oh CRAP! I thought nervously.

And the I felt their arms on me, They first touched me pretty high then followed me down slowing my fall as they lowered their arms. I was completly stopped when they had me at their chests.

I sighed in relief. Well that didn't hurt at all! Good rocks! I smiled to myself.

I Laughed as they set me down.

"That... was... soo...much...hahaha, FUN!" I gasped between spells of laughter.

Emmett held up a fist to Edward and Edward sighed, looking harassed, and hit his fist with, unenthusiastically.

"Let's do it again!" I laughed.

"No way! My nerves are shot!" Edward sighed. I rolled my eyes.

"Kill joy." I complained. Then I realized something. I looked at Alice pointedly. She realized what I meant...

And we laughed together, so hard I could breath.

"What?" Edward asked, looking just as confused as Emmett did.

"You two!" I mouthed. There was no oxygen for the words in my lungs.

"Look what your wearing!" Alice explained for me, although she was laughing just as hard as I was.

"Ugh," Emmett sighed, embarrassed, he looked at Edward, who was glaring again.

"You had to have the uniforms, didn't you Emmett?" He accused.

Emmett looked sheepish for a moment but the seemed to get distracted.

He laughed as well. Cracking up actually. "You're in a skirt!" He said laughing with me and Alice. Emmett's words sparked up more laughter.

"Ugh," Edward grumbled, then he walked off.

"He'll be back!" Alice laughed.

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