Of Bug-Lovers and Dog-Boys: A Drabble Collection

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Summery: Kiba reflects on the rules of trust between shinobi, and he and Shino's trust for one another.

A/N: Here we are, another little drabble, although this is one of the longer ones. Also, I think I might end this drabble collection at 20, to keep it nice and even, so that would mean only one more drabble to come, I dunno.

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Anyways, on with the drabble!


"But, I mean, how do you know he trusts you?" Naruto asked incrudiously, one eyebrow raised questioningly.

It's true, Kiba knew, that not many could read Aburame Shino. Not many would know if he trusted them, or even if he were trustworthy himself.

But it was different with Kiba.

It was well known, that when in the company of a ninja, a guard and assasin, trust was the most foreign of concepts. It wasn't even trust in your comrades' character, so much as in their abilities, that was discurouged. It didn't matter if the shinobi lying next to you was your best friend; if they coulden't spot an enemy less than three feet away, then you might as well have trusted the rock lying on their right.

And so, in accordance with this unspoken law, it is accepted that a ninja should never sleep with their back to another ninja, be they companion or stranger. To do such, after all, was to trust, and that has been the biggest and last mistake of too many ninja for such behaviour to go unwarrented.

But Shino and Kiba were different. They trusted each other, despite the taboo. Kiba remembered too many instances where Shino and he had entrusted thier lives in each others hands completely, no matter how foolish this may seem to the others.

"I know," Kiba answered finally, a large grin covering his features as he turned to Naruto, "Because when he's with me, he sleeps facing the wall."