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STORY – Set sometime early in Ten's first series. The Tardis likes to give him a little reminder sometimes.


'Where are we Doctor?' asked Rose. It wasn't like him to be so cagey about where they were going. He'd never hidden anything from her, even when they didn't always end up in the right place.

He looked at her; for an instant those dark eyes more alien than she had ever seen. There were times she knew him, totally. Then there were other times, only fragments of seconds, where she didn't know him at all.

His smile flashed on, and she found herself smiling back.

'Who knows, Rose!' he replied, flashing his eyebrows in that way, that dangerous and compelling way. 'This one is new to us both. Who knows what lies behind that door.'

He pointed and she looked too, in spite the fact she had been staring at the door for the best part of an hour.

'There is only one way we can find out,' he said. 'Don't you think!'

He grinned at her, and held out his hand to lead her round to the door.

'Adventure, excitement, and really wild things?' he said. 'Just behind that door!'

Roses smile widened.

'Come on then!'

For a second, before he opened the door, she saw him hesitate. He did that sometimes, as if he was bracing himself for what was going to happen. It must have been such a difficult life, always moving on, with no home and no roots and no family. Not even any of your own kind any more. He was the last of the Timelords. And she was with him, all the way.

He pushed open the TARDIS door.

Somehow she had expected it to be brighter. She had expected it to be more colourful. Actually, she had expected it to be alive.

'Oh,' said the Doctor, peering round the door. 'Not what I expected. No, not what I expected at all.'

There was dust, light grey dust, and rocks, as far as the eye could see. And that was all.

'This place, it's dead,' said Rose. 'What are we going to do, here?'

The Doctor smiled a reassuring smile at her.

'Well, you never know,' he said, moving round and stepping out onto the barren land. 'You just never know.'

He put his glasses on, and looked round, his hands in his pockets. He walked off.

They wandered around for about an hour, as far as she could tell.

But there was nothing there. Nothing lived, except them. He moved away from her, peering at some rocks that poked out of the dust.

'What did you call this place?' she asked suddenly.

He mumbled something.

'What?' she called.

'…and I didn't expect it to be like this.'

'What?' she called again. He loved to be confusing.


Rose walked over to him, as he knelt by a rock. He had the sonic screwdriver in his hand, but it wasn't switched on, as if he knew already what he was going to find.

'So what are we doing here, then? Why did the Tardis bring us to this place?'

There was a long pause.

'Sometime,' he said slowly, 'I think, she thinks I need reminding.'

Rose frowned, but didn't get a chance to ask any questions. Nor did she want to; she knew him well enough to know that she'd never get a straight answer.

Abruptly, he stood up, and brushed the dirt off his clothes.

'Come on,' he said. 'We're leaving.'

She grinned, even though he hadn't answered her questions.

'About time too,' she said honestly. 'Not my kind of place, this.'

'No, nor mine,' he said. 'Too quiet, nothing for a Timelord to do.' The next few words were so solfly spoken that she almost missed them. 'Because we were too late to help them.'

'What did you say, Doctor?'

The was one last pause.

'Nothing, Rose. It's time to leave.'

The End