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Key: "Talking"
for this chapter only: Isao

Note: Contains graphic scenes, violence, rape, language, suicide attempts, darkness. Basically, if it's been on Law & Order SVU, it's here. If you are uncomfortable with any of these, leave now. You have been warned.

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Rape. Fundamentally the worst thing that can happen to a woman aside from being sold into sexual slavery, but, at least, with sexual slavery, you have the comfort of knowing that the violation was to be expected, with rape, there is none.




It was an A-rank mission, or was it an S-rank? Did it really matter? All he knew for sure was that she had been sent to retrieve a scroll and he had been assigned as a bodyguard. He was to keep her safe and make sure the mission was completed. It was a simple job, regardless of the enemies that they had encountered. Afterall, a shinobi was just a tool for his village and he was just doing the task assigned to him.

They had retrieved the scroll from the Kazekage that was to be returned to Konoha a few days ago and were traveling back to their home with relative ease. No problems, no ambushes, but that was yesterday.

Today, at approximately 500 kilometers from the village, they had been ambushed. A group of missing nin, about seven or eight from what he could count, had attacked them for the scroll in their possession. Was it really that priceless? Was this scroll really that important? Then again, missing nin would steal anything they could get their hands on and people were known to kill each other over stupider things.

The battle raged. For how long? Minutes? Hours? Yes, hours. Hours seemed more accurate because he had sent Pakkun for backup a while ago and there were only a few nin left standing. He looked around to see his partner, a pink-haired woman, fighting two of them. Her name? Haruno Sakura.

Haruno Sakura, birthday March 28, age 19, jounin medic ninja, took apprenticeship under the current Hokage, Tsunade, at age fourteen, approx. 167 centimeters tall, and no next of kin. How did I know all of this? I was her ex-sensei. My name? Hatake Kakashi.

Blood gushed freely from his chest as I dislodged my arm from the hole I created. I heard the body slump to the ground, heard the dry earth drink the red liquid that flowed freely from him. I panted heavily, cursing under my breath. As the Chidori in my hand dissipated, I felt the sweat of my body mix with the cut I had over my Sharingan eye. I felt like screaming in frustration. My Sharingan had used up most of my chakra and I felt drained. What was more was we still had three more missing nin to deal with. I looked around. Sakura was fighting two of them, so where was the…

I narrowly dodged the blow aimed at my head and watched the bark chip off of the tree that I once stood in front of. I could still hear my heavy breathing in my ear, the sound muffling the chirps and chattering of the forest. I turned my head to the sneering nin as he shook tree bark off his hand. The bastard was having fun.

I scanned him over and noticed he was doing the same thing. He wore a tattered cloak, black boots, black pants, and armguards. He had blonde hair pulled back into a ponytail and my gaze trailed to the headband over his forehead, a slash running over the engraved leaf. He was one of us.

I knitted my brows in concentration. He looked so familiar. Who was he? Where had I seen him before? I heard him laugh and snapped my gaze up to him. I recognized that voice. "You remind me of-"

"Yamanaka Inoichi? Of course, he's my little brother."

I was stunned, but masked it with a smirk. Never show your emotions to an enemy. "He never mentioned he had a brother."

The man smirked. "Of course not. I'm the black sheep of the family after all. They don't like talking about it. Too many old wounds, you understand." he smiled.

"Of course." I smiled. "I'm sorry, you'll have to forgive me. I don't know your name."

"Isao. Yamanaka Isao."


"Oh no, the pleasure is all mine. So, shall we begin?"

I smirked. "Of course. I think we would've run out of topics anyway." I said running to meet him in a clash of kunai.

"Oh, I don't think so." he said pushing against me.

"Oh really?" I asked as we both leapt back.

"Yes. I would've had tons to tell you. Would you like to hear?"

I threw a kunai and watched as his met mine, causing the attack to become void, the kunai clattering on the ground. "Sure." I could use the time to stall as I formulated a plan.

Isao smiled. "Alright."

We ran towards each other, our kunai clashing, neither giving up. "What would you like to hear?" I sent a kick to his chest, which he blocked and sent a fist at me. I deflected the attack. "Anything will be fine."

Isao smirked. "Alright. I'll tell you the reason why I became a missing nin." he said, pushing away from me. I skidded to a halt; leaves stained with blood were scattered to the winds. "Shoot."

Isao nodded and disappeared into the trees. I waited and dodged the shower of kunai that came at me. "I was never really liked by my parents." he started as some shuriken came from the side.

"How sad." Where was he?

"Yes, really. Anyway, my brother was the favorite and that left me in the background. You could imagine what that could've done to me."

"Lone wolf character?" I asked as Kage Bunshins fell from the trees.

"Quite." they echoed. I quickly dispatched of them. I could hear myself pant. I needed to finish this quick before I collapsed. "Anyway, though I resented my parents, I always looked out for my little brother. He was a bit of a pansy."

"Oh really?"

I heard Isao's laughter echo in the trees. "Quite. Had to save him from everything when we were kids." I smiled to myself. If I got out of this, I'd have to ask Inoichi some things.

"As we grew up, he started to become less dependent and started branching off. I was losing my purpose to protect. Sure, the village, but what can it offer you other than a paycheck and a place to sleep?" I dodged the fireball he sent me and landed nimbly on my feet. "After a while, we both became jounin, then he met that wife of his. I didn't mind at first, really. She was a nice woman, but he started going soft on me. One day, while I was on a mission, I got an offer to leave my village to join a bunch of guys who weren't satisfied with their village lives and were going to strike out on their own. I told them I'd think about it and they surprisingly let me go. I went home and asked Inoichi if he wanted to come leave the village with me. He told me he couldn't. I asked him why and he said he couldn't leave the broad when she was having his kid."

I looked around, hearing the rustling in the bushes behind me and leapt into a tree as a hand made a grab at my feet. I threw a kunai and watched the cloud of smoke form. Damn, another clone. "I went absolutely livid. Not only had he gone soft, he was abandoning me, his brother, for some freaking chick. I gave up. He obviously didn't need me anymore, so I packed up my bags and found the guys outside my village and left with them." he said as he twirled the kunai in his hand. I leapt up and held the man as my other hand gripped a kunai. I was about to end his life when I felt something hit me from my side, knocking me from the tree. It was Isao.

He gripped me by my vest as we plummeted to the ground. "I've dreamt of killing the great Copy-Nin. You know, memories of home and everything. The great hero of my old village. That Sharingan of yours ain't too bad neither." I struggled against him as his hand began to grip my throat. I coughed and stared into his eyes, a mad glint in the blue irises. "You're gonna find out why I was the most dangerous out of all these guys."

The words of a jutsu were muffled as two men hit the forest floor, the impact sending a cloud of dust into the air. The dust cleared and the slumped form of Isao could be shown being rolled off Kakashi. He stood and dusted himself off, stumbling a bit. He leant against a tree. "Your body's a bit weak, eh, Hatake?"

I struggled. Where was I? I saw two semi-circles open and I could see a forest, blood splattered everywhere in the foliage. I tried to move my hand, tried to pull it forward, but couldn't. I looked at my wrist, then at the rest of my body and paled. I was bound to a pentagram.

Like it? My own jutsu made just for you. There was a fifty-fifty chance this would actually work, but hey, guess I was lucky.

I looked around. 'Where am I?'

In your mind.

'My mind? What? How?'

Tsk. Tsk. Kami, Kakashi. Even though I'm a missing nin, I'm a Yamanaka first. And I thought you were smart.

'Why are we here? How are we here?'

I told you, my own jutsu. Five-Sided Pentagram seal. Made it up myself. It allows me to enter your mind like that brat my brother had and nullify your Sharingan. Best part is, this is running off your chakra. Good thing I let you rest otherwise this would've been a moot point.

'Why did you nullify my Sharingan?'

Well, I couldn't exactly have you using this against me. I'd never live it down. I probably be dead anyway, but this has another nifty effect.


It lets you see, hear, and feel everything I do while I can go through all your memories. This is going to come in handy for what I'm going to do to you. I always was the sadistic one out of the two of us.

I paled and clenched my fists. 'What are you going to do?'

All in due time. What I can tell you is that you'll wish I had killed you earlier.

Sakura sighed and wiped her forehead as she shook the blood of her hand, watching bits of the brain of her opponent drop onto the forest floor. She sighed and wiped the blood onto her jounin pants as she kicked decapitated head away from her. Another day, another bad guy beaten to a pulp. Oh well, at least she didn't have to worry anymore. She had beaten her opponents and could afford to relax a bit. "Nice job, Sakura."

Sakura turned back and smiled. "Hi Kakashi-sensei."

Kakashi struggled in his mind. 'I thought I told her to stop calling me that.'

The body of Kakashi looked at her sternly. "I thought I told you to stop calling me that."

She smiled and stuck her tongue out at him. "Too bad. Well, I'm glad you made it out okay, Kakashi. It was weird, that guy you were fighting looked a lot like Inoichi-san. I'm gonna have to have to tell Ino-pig about this." she said as she turned around to pick up her fallen glove. She felt a hand on her shoulder and turned around. "Yes Kakash-"

The world seemed to tip back as Sakura fell backwards. She could see the storm clouds overhead and struggled to get up, but a heavy weight pressed her down, she could feel enemy blood soak into her skin. "Kakashi-sensei, you're heavy, you know that?"

Her teammate smirked and held her arms above her head and uneasiness flicked past her eyes. "Kakashi?" she asked unsuredly. He answered by forcing her legs apart and smashed his lips against hers, his weight pinning her down.

I couldn't believe it. He…he was going to use my body to- 'You sick bastard.' I growled.

Now, now. Such language. I'm appalled, but you should've been listening when I told you I was sadistic. I think I'm going to enjoy this.

'You Son of a Bitch!' I roared as I tried to pry my body off the pentagram. I heard fabric tear, the sound of a scream ripping through the air, and lifted my head to see my body ripping her shirt. 'You're not going to get away with this. She won't let herself just lie back as you violate her.'

Correction. You're the one who's violating her. It might be my spirit, but it's your body doing the dirty work and in case you've forgotten, her chakra levels are low. She won't be able to fight, not that she'd try. It's her dear old ex-sensei. You're one of her best friends. She'd never be able to go full out on you. She trusts you.

I cursed. He was right. The guy was using my body to violate her. The sick fuck was right. 'I have to shut it out.' I thought, but something made me keep my eyes open.

No, no, no. You're going to watch it too. It's half the fun. Aside from the screaming and the feel of her body. I'm lucky your student is such a babe. I'm going to have a lot of fun with her.

I watched as my arm reached down and the fabric of her pants tear away into my hand, the sound echoing in my mind. I felt the pressure of my other hand increase and knew bruises were going to be left behind. My blood pulsed and I pulled against my bonds. Dammit, why couldn't I do anything?

I saw the ground become wet and felt moisture on my back. My head tipped up to see water, a kick from below brought my vision from the rain to the girl under me. I felt my hand brush against my side and felt the raise in my skin and heard my vest and shirt fall away, heard them splash in a puddle. "Something wrong, Sakura-chan?"

Ugh, chills went up my spine. I could feel my skin crawl as I felt the bile rise in my throat. This was so wrong. She shouldn't have to go through this. She knew, all kunoichi knew they could get raped on a mission. They knew, accepted, and were prepared for the day a scumbag would violate them, but this was different. This was a familiar face, a person you had spent time with. Someone you had seen smile, laugh, and cry. They were the ones you called friend and you had no way to defend against this. You would imagine the enemy and know what to do, but when it was someone you knew, a friendly face with a familiar smile, you'd freeze and scream and sob because you hadn't counted on this. Because you didn't know what to do anymore.

Kakashi lifted his head from hers, panting against her bruised lips as he stared into her fear-colored eyes. "K-Kakashi, why?" He smiled at the confusion and pain in her voice. His answer was to remove his pants and grind into her bare center as a hand gripped a kunai. Her bindings were cut and the hand moved to cup the pink-capped flesh that had been revealed as his hips moved in her core and heard her muffled scream in his mouth, her legs kicking from under him. He pulled away and nuzzled her neck as he rolled her pink nipple between his fingers. "Don't you like it Sakura-chan?" he purred.

Tears appeared in her eyes as she tried to squirm away, her hands madly grabbing for an escape. When that didn't work, she tried to clench her legs shut, but his knees kept them pinned to the ground. She looked around wildly, her chest rising and falling as she looked around wildly. Everything seemed to be going so fast, nothing made sense anymore. Why was this happening to her? What had caused it? When did this start? Why was he doing this to her?

"Kakashi?" she asked, praying he had an answer. He grinned, his smile feral and she could see all the teeth now that the mask was gone. His mask was gone. This was supposed to be a time for celebration, but she didn't want anything more than to just run away and forget all of this. Breathing. She couldn't breathe. Everything was smaller, suffocating her. It was all suffocating her. She felt something brush against her and arched her back at the electricity that shot through her spine. What was going on?

Ooh. Responsive too. You got one hell of a student here, Kakashi, I'll give you that.

I turned away, the bile rising. I could taste in my mouth. I wanted to let it out, but I wouldn't give him that satisfaction of knowing that he had managed to make me sick to my stomach. I willed it down and felt the moisture against the front of my body. I felt my body respond and cursed, anger coursing through me. I was so disgusted. I shouldn't be doing this. I shouldn't be hurting her!

I looked around. I needed a plan. Focus Hatake, focus! Maybe if I focused on the bonds and concentrated my energy there, I'd be able to break it. It was worth a shot.

I channeled all my energy to my right hand and kept it there. I stared at my hand as I tried to move it. Dammit, why wouldn't it move? I tried harder, sweat rolling down the side of my face and watched my wrist lift slightly under the green lines that held me. From the corner of my eye, I thought I saw my hand move.

Enjoying the show so far?

I glared. The sick bastard was liking this too much. I remained in silence.

Oh, you're not? I can fix that.

I felt my arm move from the pale flesh over her heart. It was covered in bruises. I took this time to scan her body for injuries. She had a gash to her shoulder and from what I could tell when my hand moved, a few broken bones too. I needed to get her out. I needed to control my body so she could escape. My hand moved lower, brushing past the nest of pink curls and felt it dip into her warmth, hearing her whimper and try to move away. The hand moved away, rolling a sticky liquid between two fingers. "Enjoying this, aren't you?" She whimpered and he continued to torment her. "All nice and wet."

I shivered under my skin as I heard my dark chuckle. No, it wasn't mine. It was his. This body wasn't mine anymore. He'd taken it over and was using it for his sick pleasure. This wasn't my body anymore. It was his. I was just along for the ride.

His hands bound her wrists with wire, but I was the one who saw the blood trickle down her skin. His hand delved between her folds, but I was the one who heard her sob. His fingers pistoned in and out of her body, but I was the one who could hear her screams.

Sakura stared up at me, her beryl eyes filled with a childlike innocence. "Why?" she asked. I felt like killing myself right there. The hurt in her voice wrenched my heart. He chuckled. "Because I can."

He thrusted into her, no words, no warning. Nothing but a ragged moan as she screamed. "Ahhhhhhh!"

I could feel her channel grip at me and heard him laugh. "Never thought you'd be a virgin. You're just full of surprises, aren't you." God, he was toying with her. Wasn't this enough? Wasn't this enough for him? He groaned. "You're so tight." he whispered.

I could hear her screams as he thrust into her, his fingers digging into her thighs as she tried to crawl away. "NO! NO! NO! Stop! Please! Please! I'm begging you! Stop! Please! Stop! Stop! Stop it! Stop it! Please! No! No! Stop! Please!"

I shut my eyes. 'I'm sorry' I chanted to myself. I needed to drown it out. The sick squelching sounds, his ragged moans, his dirty encouragements, her voice. I needed to drown out her. I chanted louder, but every scream was being heard. Every scream was being processed. Every scream was being etched into my brain and killing me slowly.

I shut my eyes further, tried to block out the sound and it worked, but something else came through. "Open your eyes." I recognized that voice. It was my father.

I opened my eyes, the visage of the Great White Fang of Konoha standing before me. He hadn't aged, hadn't deteriorated, hadn't changed at all. He looked just like he did when I was a child. Tall, commanding, and a warm, comforting smile on his face. It made me sick.

"Open your eyes." I shut my eyes in defiance. I wouldn't listen to him, but something nagged at me to obey. I shut my eyes further. "Kakashi…"

There were new voices now. I opened my eyes. A medic smiled and a boy grinned. 'Rin…Obito…'

The two smiled. "Hi Kakashi."

I looked at them. All three of them. All three dressed in the same white robe, all three had the same smile on their face, all three looked like they hadn't aged a day.

I blinked and Obito grinned. "Just enjoy it, Kakashi."

"Just enjoy it." my father echoed. Rin was more bold. She walked up to me, let her finger trail over my collarbone. She placed her cheek on my shoulder. "Just enjoy it, Kakashi-kun. Let go…"

I seethed in silence. I felt them come close and felt myself tense. They were being defiled. I wanted them to leave. I didn't want to have to watch them do this. I wanted them to go. I felt them come closer and snapped my gaze up. 'LEAVE!'

Their eyes closed and their heads bowed before disappearing into a cloud of smoke. I panted heavily in my exhaustion and my rage. This was taxing my mind, but I need to get out. I had to save Sakura. I pulled on my bonds and felt it give as he thrusted faster, lost in the sensations her body offered him. I smiled to myself. I couldn't believe I was smiling, but I had made progress, but just as I celebrated, the bonds snapped back. I cursed to myself. Was this how Sakura felt at the Chuunin Exam? The Chuunin exam! She had managed to get the Yamanaka girl out of her mind, but how did she do it again? She had forced the girl out by her will, but would it work? I would soon find out.

His thrusts were faster now. His eyes were glazed with lust, hers with fear as she stared into those mismatched eyes. Her screams were still in the air, but her voice had grown hoarse. The sloppy wet sounds echoed in forest air. He thrusted into her faster, frantic to find that release and he reached between them, flicking the small bundle of nerves and her spine arched, her eyes rolled back, and her muscles clenched around him.

I felt her muscles spasm around him and felt the pentagram weaken, felt the bonds loosen as he released inside her body, lost in her body and screamed as I focused my rage and disgust, my sorrow, my energy, everything and forced him from my body.

I felt my eyes blur and focus. I blinked and moved my hand, seeing it move with me. I had my body back.

I grabbed a kunai and threw it to my right, hearing the dull thud, the gurgle of blood, the cough and turned. I saw him smiling through his severed windpipe. He moved his mouth and grinned as blood bubbled from his mouth and spilled from his throat. Suddenly, he slouched forward and was gone. He was dead, but I could still see his lips moving, mouthing his last taunt at me. "Did you enjoy it?"

I panted, breathing in air tainted with blood. Air tainted with his blood. I felt my heart pound in my chest, each beat echoing in my mind as I stared intently at the man who had just perished, but I could still hear him, feel him mocking me. I turned back to Sakura. Her pale skin seemed white and a thin trickle of blood ran from her mouth. I reached down to brush away a tear from her cheek and felt her flinch beneath me. I looked into her eyes and nearly broke down sobbing.

I could see it. Everything. Everything I thought I would never see her direct at me was staring me right in the face. I wanted to kneel, beg, grovel for forgiveness. Even if I would never gain it, I wanted her to lie. I needed her to lie. I needed for her to say it was okay. I needed her forgiveness. I needed closure.

It scared me, what I saw. It was haunting my mind and chilled me to the bone. The confusion, the pain, everything that I had caused. I was the one she had trusted to protect her from everything bad, but I was the one who had done her the greatest evil. And she lay under me, her once bright beryl eyes were now faded, her body now marred with cuts and dark bruises, and her spirit was shattered. She lay in pieces like a broken doll and I was the one that broke her.

Rain fell, pattering on the dead foliage around us. I felt my arms give out from under me. Exhaustion crept up my spine, my limbs felt weighted. My lids fell and opened again, I could hear footsteps. "Teme, hurry up! They could be in trouble!" It was Naruto and Sasuke.

I moved my lids up to the semi-conscious girl I rested on. Shame and self-loathing covered me and burrowed into my system, coating and burrowing into every fiber of my being. I felt so unclean, so disgusted with myself. The footsteps were coming closer, the sounds were louder to me now. I felt like crying. What had I done? She had trusted me and I raped her! Oh god, what had I done?

I felt a tear at the corner of my eye and felt my throat constrict. The weighted feel was creeping into my head. She was starting to become fuzzy in my eyes. The footsteps were closer.

I couldn't do anything. I couldn't stop it. I wasn't able to do anything to stop it. I couldn't do anything. I was worthless. I wasn't fit to be alive. I had let her get hurt. Darkness was clouding my vision, a tear fell.

"I'm sorry…"