- Four -

Roy rolled his shirt sleeves up, slumping against the door jamb as he waited for the rest of his classmates to show up. It was sweltering hot in the room, his jacket long abandoned on his chair. The open windows and oscillating fan did nothing but blow the hot air around. Mewtwo, for a change, had Doughnuts Dunking's iced coffee lattes (three of them) on his desk, one of which was floating, signifying he was in the process of consuming it. The other two were full to the brim, condesation formed on the plastic cups. Roy sipped at his water, contemplating dumping the contents over his head. He wondered whether or not his kind of weather was humane or not, but his train of thought was broken when a very disheveled blue headed prince walked through the door. The prince's shirt was untucked, he was missing his jacket, his tie was loosened, the two top buttons were unbuttoned, and the boy's tiara was in his hand. Roy assumed it fell off in the heat and the moisture and the sweat (although Marth didn't look sweaty at all, but for all Roy knew, Altea could have inhumane weather such as this and he was used to it).

Roy limped over to the prince and sat down in his seat next to him, becoming concerned when Marth's head was on the desk and there appeared to be no signs of life. Roy poked Marth with a hi-liter, which caused the blue headed swordsman to stir.
"It's too hot to do anything, Roy," the swordsman said, sitting up and rubbing his eyes.
"Too hot to have your tiara on?"
"It's not a tiara."
"Then what is it?"
Marth glared.
"Who cares? It's too damned hot to argue about it." Roy gathered that Marth's usually calm and passive demeanor went out the window when it was this hot. The bluenette, in short, became short tempered in the hot weather, which was scary because Marth was acting like his girlfriend's father. Roy shuddered at the similarities and decided to arm himself with something, like a dictionary.

"I see you've been graduated to a walking cast," the prince said, trying to make conversation without blowing up.
"Yeah," Roy replied, drinking water out of his red water bottle. It even had a white "R" on it.
Mewtwo turned the page of the newspaper he was reading. It was the Obituaries section.
"Poor seven year old girl. Shame she drowned. Oh well, people can always make another one." Marth gave his teacher a disgusted look, but lucky for him, Mewtwo didn't see it.
"...Aren't red heads supposed to be the ones with bad tempers?" Marth asked, placing his tiara on his head and adjusting it just so.
Roy gave him a glare.
"You actually believe those stereotypes?"
Marth thought about it.
"...It's a stereotype?"
"..." was all Roy could say. Or not say. Whatever.

One by one, the rest of their classmates entered the class and nearly died of heat stroke. Mewtwo didn't notice the heat at all, or the fact that half of his students were dogpiled by the door.
"I can't work in these conditions!" Marth shouted and nearly passed out from the action. The bell rang and Mewtwo noticed the class was too quiet.
"Where's half the class?" the purple cat-like being asked, placing his newspaper down on the desk and gathering his things for class. Roy pointed to the dogpile in the doorway.
"Passed out, I see," the telepathic creature remarked, pointing at them. His eyes glowed yellow and within seconds the students were gone.

Marth, Roy, Stephen, and Nicholas were the only ones left in the classroom (aside from Mewtwo).
"Where's Link?" Nicholas asked, talking to his girlfriend via DS.
"At home, sick," Mewtwo replied, writing world domination plans on the expo marker board in Japanese. Nicholas stared.
"...How do you figure that?"
"Mewtwo lives with us," Marth answered without turning around, arms crossed. He looked bored. His tiara had fallen on the desk, and looked like it wasn't moving any time soon.
"...That must suck," was all Nicholas said. He wrote that on his DS accidently (because he couldn't do two things at once) and sent it, which caused his girlfriend to write in all CAPS and sign off. He cried and threw his DS across the room.

"...Can I please shoot myself?" Stephen asked and raised his hand.
"No," Mewtwo replied, still writing world domination plans. He laughed evilly until his cell phone rang.
"What?" Mewtwo asked, answering the "Double Trouble" ringtone'd phone. He sounded pissed off and bored.
"Is that how you talk to your gay wife, Mewy?" He winced and rolled his eyes.
"Pikachu, honey, I'm in the middle of teaching class."
"He's teaching us shit!" Stephen shouted, hoping whoever was on the other line heard him. Mewtwo's (gay) wife heard nothing.
"Well stop teaching and come home."
"BECAUSE I'M TELLING YOU TO, ASSWIPE." The line clicked and Mewtwo closed the phone and threw it out the window.
"Never, ever get married," Mewtwo said, and resumed work.

Roy eyed the schedule Mewtwo wrote on the board.
"Periods 1, 7, 8, and 3. Dismissal at 12:50."
"Half day WOOT!" Kweenetra shouted as she walked down the hallway. Everyone ignored her.

- - -

"...That will never change, no matter what may come."
Half of the people in Roy's English class were bored out of their minds and/or asleep. Roy, unfortunately, sat in the front and therefore couldn't sleep and have a nice nap while watching some boring movie.
"Oh Lord E..."
"OH DEAR GOD DO I REALLY HAVE TO SEE THIS?" Roy shouted, jumping out of his seat. It was bad enough they had to through the first seven books of the series. They didn't want to see the movie of the seventh book, which was pretty much nothing but standard wangsty emo stuff where some dude kills his girlfriend and then mourns over her loss or some shit like that.
"Yes Roy," Mr. Georgeston said, not looking up from the tests he was grading.
"Like, oh em gee, that Lord Elwood--"
"Eliwood," the guy next to him corrected.
"Like, whatever. He's sexy, I want his number, and possibly buttsecks."
Roy nearly died.

"Hello, that's my dad you're talking about."
"ESS TEE EFF YOO, NOOB," the guy replied, getting into Roy's face (and thoughts of getting into the red head's pants were also running through his head, too).
Roy pounced on the dude and beat him with a bottle of White Out, a water bottle, a potted plant, and a stapler. The guy was knocked out cold.
"Anyone else wanna say my dad's hot?"
"...That Ninian chick is so bangin', yo. I wanna get me some ass."
Roy threw the Fuuin no Tsurugi at the guy.
"Anyone else wanna say my mother's 'banging' or hot?"

"Ohshitohshitohshit," was all Roy could say before Nestéa pounced on him, knocking him out of his chair and into Mr. Georgeston's lap.
"Y helo thar Roy," the English teacher said and grinned lecherously.
'Oh great,' Roy thought, 'I have two people trying to get into my pants now. Great.'

- - -

"...I don't want to be here," Roy said, sitting on the bleachers.
"That's nice," his teacher, Ms. Aran, said, getting her attendance book out.
"Whoever didn't change..." The unchanged sophomores were standing in their designated lines, while the ones who changed were sitting down in their respective lines.
Samus pointed her laser gun/sword at them.
"Either change tomorrow or I will shoot you and make you a smudge on the track field." The unchanged individuals screamed like little girls and ran as far away from the blonde as humanly possible. All except for Roy.
"Isn't that assault?" the red head questioned, holding a rather thick notebook under his arm.
"Maybe," the bounty hunter answered, placing the gun back in the holster, "If it makes them change, I don't really care."
Roy walked over to the bleachers and opened the aforementioned notebook to a blank page.

Roy looked up to see Marth standing over him.
"What're you doing here?"
Marth walked down the stairs and into the bleacher Roy was sitting on, this time he was standing next to him.
"Ms. Toad--Peach let us do whatever," the prince replied, making one of those fortune teller things out of his hallpass. He sat down next to the fifteen year old, leaning slightly against him.
"What are you writing about, General Roy?"
Roy nudged the eighteen year old away.
"Nothing, Prince Marth."
"That looks like a whole lot of 'nothing', Roy."

The Duke of Pherae gave him a glare.
"If you must know, it's a...journal thing."
Marth grabbed the journal out of Roy's lap (to which Roy was not very thrilled) and skimmed a page.
"...You write poetry?" Roy's face turned the colour of his hair.
"Yes. Do you have a problem, Prince of Altea?"
"No, not at all, Duke of Pherae," Marth answered and gave the book back.
"I think it's cute." Roy blushed harder and closed the notebook.
"You made me lose my train of thought."

"Do you have anyone to go to the prom with?" Marth asked, breaking the silence that settled around them like glass.
"I was thinking of taking Lilina..."
"Well, according to the rules, we can't bring people from other schools."
"Then why the hell is there a prom to begin with?" the general asked, scribbling something on the cover of his notebook as he did so.
Marth shrugged.
"So, let me repeat my question. Do you have anyone to go to the prom with?"
Roy shrugged.
"Now I don't."
"Good, 'cause I'm taking you to Prom whether you like it or not." The school bell rang to symbolise Marth's decision was final.

"One problem."
"I can't dance."

- - -

Author's Notes: So I wonder what will happen at the Prom. Will Marth confess to Roy he loves him? Who knows?

Oh, and yes, Mewtwo is married to a (male) Pikachu, coincidentally, the same Pikachu in Melee. Try to figure that one out.

So anyway, feedback is appreciated and welcome.