There was a sudden knock at the door as Josh sat at home the next day watching a movie he had rented

There was a sudden knock at the door as Josh sat at home the next day watching a movie he had rented. "Drake, wanna get that?"

"Ok." Drake opened the door to a surprise visit from none other than Mindy Crenshaw. "Oh, has the Grim reaper come already?" he insulted her.

Mindy rolled her eyes. "Normally, I'd respond, but it is my belief that which the level of intelligence I respond on would be incomprehensible to one such as you."

"What?" Drake asked softly.

"You see?" Mindy said, suddenly exasperated. "Is Josh home?"

"Hey, Josh!" Drake called. "The wicked witch is here to see you."

"Mindy!" Josh jogged toward the door with a huge smile.

"Hey you!" She grinned, and pulled him close for a hug. "It's so great to see you. You look really good!"

"Thanks. So do you. I mean, like, really good." Josh replied. "I can't believe you moved back here."

"Surprised?" she asked.

"Very! I mean, how great is it to see you?"

"Very." she replied. "Hey, listen, I've gotta run, but I came over to see if you wanted to hang out tonight. I need to talk to you about something."

"Sure. Whenever you want." Josh answered, wondering how Andrea would take it if she found out.

"Thanks. Meet me at my house at a bout 7. We'll just get pizza or something."

"Cool." Josh said. "I will see you there."

"Yes you will." With a smile and a little wave good bye, Mindy left.

Drake shut the door. "Man, are you in for it."

"In for what? She just wants to have dinner and talk. How bad can it be?"

"Josh. Have I taught you nothing? When girls want to talk, they usually have bad news." Drake said, putting air quotes around the word 'talk'.

"Come on. It's Mindy. And I love Andrea. Nothing's gonna happen tonight."

"Nothing?" Drake asked slyly. "Or something?"

"Come on, Drake. Every time you think, you mess something up for me. It's been scientifically proven." Josh said, pointing his finger at Drake's face.

"Ok, man. Just if Mindy wants to tell you something that will mess up your already horrible relationship with Andrea, well, I warned you." Drake said.

"Relax. Everything's gonna go great tonight." Josh said.

"Oh, and no pressure, but if things don't work out with you and Andrea, I might not get Gabby back. That could be bad, man. I really like that girl. And there's two of her. One for you." Drake grabbed Josh by the collar. "Don't mess this up for me, man!!"

"Oh, yes, the guy who gets any girl he wants needs my help." Josh said dryly. He went back to the couch and hit play on the movie. "Every thing will work out in time, Drake. Relax."



Josh's watch said 7:00 promptly as he rang the door bell at Mindy's house. He carried a steaming hot pizza in one hand, so he hoped he wouldn't have to wait to long at the door.

His wish came true. "Hey, Josh! Great you brought the pizza! That's great. Come on in. Mindy said. "What did you get on it?"

"Only your favorite. Sausage and chicken." Josh said. He walked into Mindy's living room, which already had a pizza on the table. "Oh. I'm sorry."

"Sorry for what?" Mindy asked. "Now we have more food."

"Well, I do like food." Josh grinned. "What'd you get on it?"

"Only your favorite." Mindy joked. "Bacon and extra cheese."

"Awesome!" Josh was very happy. "I'll grab the Moca Cola and then we can talk about what ever it is you need to talk about."

Mindy put two slices of pizza on each waiting plate while Josh got the Moca Cola from the fridge. The both took a seat on the couch next to each other.

"Josh, what we need to talk about. . . It's kinda serious." Mindy said.

"How serious?"

"Like, intensely serious. Josh, I need your help."


"You know that show, The Secret Life of the American Teenager?"

"Yeah." Josh was getting very concerned.

"This is nothing like that."

"Mindy! Why'd you scare me like that??" Josh said, freaking out. "That is so mean!!"

"I'm sorry, Josh, but I wanted to freak you out so that you wouldn't think my news was so bad. I didn't mean to hurt you."

"Just tell me, Mindy. Nothing is as bad as that."

"I made my parents move back to this town because. . ."

"Just say it."

"Because I still love you."

"Wow." Josh whispered. "Mindy"

"You hate me now. Oh, I knew it, I just wanted to see if you still loved me and I guess that was really stupid, because-"

"Mindy." Josh took Mindy in his arms and kissed her before either of the m knew what was happening.

If there was one thing they both knew while they were kissing, it was that this was a dirty little secret they'd both keep.