Even Perverts Deserve a Second Chance

Yet another time travel fic… but this time with Jiraiya! Watch the Ero-sennin relive his genin days with all the knowledge of his older self! What will he do to try and change the future? What will stay the same? Rating will eventually go up. JirTsu

Chapter 1

A tall, white haired man buried a hand in his hair as he took another heavy swig of sake. His tanned cheeks were flushed dark red, showing just how drunk he was, but despite how much alcohol he drank, he just couldn't seem to distract himself from the losses and pains of war.

The owner of the run down little bar walked up to him, taking away the empty sake bottle. "Okay, sir, I'm sorry, but I think you've had more than enough for one night."

"Bah." The Sannin grumbled. "I'm a big man, I can handle a lot more Sake than a shrimp like you ever could. Besides, maybe if I'm lucky, I'll die from alcohol poisoning or something. At least I'll get to see her again. Oi, another round!"

The bartender shook his head and left the white haired man to himself, having no intention of bringing another bottle of sake. The Sannin waited at the bar for nearly half an hour before tottering away, drunk off his ass. The gloomy, broken buildings of the once proud Konoha towered over him in the night, innumerable windows boarded up and the streets permanently stained with the blood of battles. The remains of the Hokage Mountain continued looking over the village, deep gouges carved out by multiple snake attacks.

He didn't seem to notice when it began to rain; fat, wet droplets plastering his wild mane of white to his head and back. Pink-tinted water splashed over his feet and shins as he trudged through various puddles, the rain washing away some of the blood from the cobblestones. He had no idea what he was doing or where he was going; in fact, his foggy mind was hardly thinking at all, but he eventually found himself at the familiar, smooth, blackness of the memorial stone, shivering and clutching his elbows.

He reached out to the stone, numb fingers tracing over the many familiar names. Some of them precious people he'd lost to the war with the Sound. All of them KIA, killed in action. But two names stood out the most

Uzumaki Naruto


Senju Tsunade

His legs gave way and he fell to his knees, mud staining his shins. Thunder rolled overhead as he stared blankly at the writing, fingers tracing over the smooth lettering.

Why? Why'd you have to die? The seat of Hokage really is cursed, just like you always believed, Tsunade-hime. I lost both of you. And I never even got to tell you that I…

"Jiraiya-sama." A dull, cool voice came of from behind him. He didn't look up as the pale man walked beside him and set a bouquet of flowers by the stone, all of them various shades of pink.

"What are you doing here, Sai?" The white haired man mumbled.

The young man looked over at the Sannin. "You must really be drunk tonight, old man. I'm here all the time."

"Staring at your dead girlfriend's name. Kami, you're like Kakashi… get over it."

Sai narrowed his eyes. "Like you're one to talk. Sakura died nobly in battle. You're going to die from either old age or alcohol if you keep this up. I come here to respect my Cherry Blossom, not grieve like you do."

Jiraiya had nothing to say to that and simply let his hand fall to his side.

The twenty year-old looked back at the stone, his face softening. "Do you have any regrets, Jiraiya-sama?" He asked quietly.

He bit his lip. "I never told them I loved them. Neither of them. Tsunade never got to know that she was the woman I always dreamed of and Naruto never knew he was the grandson I never had."

"I wish Sakura and I could have had children."

Jiraiya coughed mildly, shivering in the cold. If Sai felt any concern, he didn't show it. The Sannin ran his hands through his pale locks, the sake catching up with him. "Y'know, I wonder what it'd be like if I, or we, or whoever could go back and change shit, ya know? Kick Oro-hebi-teme's ass and drag him back to Konoha before he could go all musical or take Naruto in while he was a squirt." He coughed again.

"You're losing it, old man."

"Yah, well we're all bound to someday, ain't we? We're fucking ninjas. We come and conquer or go and die. Just like everyone on this rock. Fucking rock. It's glaring at me. What's with those stupid red lines, huh?"

"That's your reflection."


They didn't say anything after that. They simply stayed there side by side, wallowing in the memories of their lost ones. After several minutes, Sai departed, not willing to stay in the rain any longer than necessary. Jiraiya continued sitting there, staring at the stone. He finally managed to drag himself to his feet, stumbling dangerously. He slapped one hand against the stone for balance and sighed heavily, wincing when he realized his knee was scraped, bleeding lightly.

The next thing he knew, he was lying on top of Gamabunta's head, giggling drunkenly. "Hey! Hey, Gamabumba, I have… hic… a question for… hic, you."

The great toad sighed. "Drunk again, Jiraiya. How many times must we go through this?" Why did the man always have to end up summoning when he was drunk?

"I… I 'unno. Hey, hey, Gamabumba…"

"It's Gamabunta."

"Right, right, Gamabumba… listen, hey, listen, is there any way to go back in time 'cause I was… was… hic, was 'undrin' about some… hic, stuff."

The great toad's eyes widened and he looked up at Jiraiya in shock. "Time travel? That's...strictly forbidden, Jiraiya. In fact, I don't even remember mentioning it to you, even." He frowned suddenly. "Why?"

"Just thinking about stuff, like seeing Tsunade again or, hic, stopping Orochimaru from starting that village called, uh… what was it called?" He scratched his head. "Oh, oh yeah, Broadway. Yeah. Broadway, yeah."

Gamabunta failed to hold back a snicker. Orochimaru… and Broadway… he snorted, smirking.

Jiraiya's giggling attitude faded. "We're not going to win this war." He said somberly. "We can't."

The great toad's moment of humor came to an abrupt halt and he looked up at the once perverted Sannin sadly.

Everything had gone completely downhill since Orochimaru took over Sasuke's body and the man had become nigh unstoppable. Anyone that could have stopped him was now dead due to the war and numerous conflicts with Akatsuki, and when Tsunade and Naruto were finally taken down by the organization's leader, Jiraiya lost the heart to even try anymore. He no longer even gave naked women a second glance and had taken to drowning his woes in Sake. The white haired man was no longer the boisterous, perverted, give-it-your-all-or-die-trying ninja Gamabunta once knew.

Konoha and much of the other shinobi nations were little more than ruins now. It was clear who was going to win the war and the odds weren't in Konoha's favor. And since Akatsuki failed to get Kyuubi from Naruto and all their plans for the Bijuu went down the drain, the organization more or less split apart to join one side or the other, now fighting for possession of the remaining Bijuu. Itachi and Kisame were the only ones to join Konoha, since Itachi wanted revenge of Orochimaru for stealing the Sharingan and Kisame since he was the remaining Uchiha's lover.

How that came to be was something the toad boss didn't, and preferred to never know. He looked up when Jiraiya sat down abruptly, his usual, grieving self coming back into focus. "I miss her," was all that he said.

The wheels began turning in Gamabunta's head. Jiraiya mentioned time travel… he bit down on his pipe. It was risky, and he'd no doubt get chewed out by the higher ups about it, maybe even by Kami himself, but… still.

He sighed.

Jiraiya made no protest when the great toad wound his tongue around the man's middle and brought the white haired Sannin to face him. Jiraiya's eyes were glazed and sad, full of grief and hazed with the intoxication of one who had drank far too many shots of liquor. It was the face of one who had given up completely.

Gamabunta sighed once more and gave a strange little half smile to the Sannin. "All right, Jiraiya. I'll take you back. Just… go back to being perverted… please."

There was a bright flash, Jiraiya passed out, and from then on, everything was a blur.


Jiraiya groaned and sat up, placing a hand to his forehead. "Ugh, aw man…what happened last night?" He slid off the bed, yawning and ruffling his hair. He opened his eyes and frowned. Why was his hair so short? Did he get it cut while he was wasted? His eyes widened further. This room… what the… where the hell was he? It looked just like… His eyes landed on a mirror. He gaped and ran up to the reflection. His face! What happened to his face! He looked twelve again! What the hell happened?

He promptly bit his thumb and preformed several hand seals, summoning Gamakichi in a puff of smoke.


"Gamakichi, what the hell happened to me!"

The toad winced. "Hey, hey, calm down, Ero-sennin! You don't remember? Man, you really must have been drunk."

The shrunken Sannin's eye twitched. "You think I haven't figured that out? Why the hell do I look twelve years old, Gamakichi?"

"Well, because you are twelve."

The white haired boy stared in shock. "I'm… what?"

He jumped when there was a knock at the bedroom door. Gamkichi squeaked and leapt into hiding.

"Whoever it is, don't panic! Stay calm, okay?"


The door opened with a creak. Jiraiya turned and his face paled, eyes growing wide. "O-otou-san…"

End Chapter 1