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Yami pulled up to Domino High School in his baby. Ok, it was a black convertable, but he called it his baby. The top was down and he was wearing dark shades. He parked his baby in just the right spot and got out to lean against the door and look cool. He pulled out a toothpick to add a little touch of coolness.

Within minutes, a sea of students came pouring out of the building. Yami looked at himself in the rearview mirror and toyed with some of his hair. His aibou was on his way. It was their anniversery that weekend and Yami planned on starting the celebration as soon as he could. Oh how he loved Friday nights. He would cuddle with Yugi on the couch, bring him any food he desired and then get rewarded with either more food or sex. He prefered and expected the later for this occation.

Then he saw his aibou's smiling face running towards him. He smiled and waved his hand. Yugi waved back, and continued to run. He ran a little lopsided, which made Yami curious, but not all that concerned.


"Yami!" Yugi cried out as he finally reached his boyfriend. Yami's eyes widened as Yugi set something large on the ground before jumping up and kissing him.

Yami quickly responded to the kiss and then broke it. He eyed the object on the ground curiously, tilting his head.

Yugi giggled. "It's a carseat Yami," he explained.

Yami raised an eyebrow, not taking his eyes off the...carseat.

"For who? You? Because it looks a little small," Yami said.

"It's for the baby," Yugi said as he removed his arms from around Yami's neck and picked up the carseat.

"What baby?" Yami asked. "I swear I didn't do anyone but you Aibou!"

Yugi laughed. "You didn't do anything Yami. It's fake!"

Yami's eyes widened as Yugi turned the carseat to reveal a baby lying inside. Yami reached out to touch it with one finger. He quickly withdrew it and took off his sunglasses to examine it.

"Yeesh, and you never look at something like this unless it's me naked," Yugi said as he rolled his eyes.

Yami mumbled a sorry as he continued to stare at the plastic creature.

Yugi finally grumbled and swept the object of Yami's attention away, placing it in the back seat of the car. Yami slowly made his way back to the driver's seat of the car, watching Yugi struggle with buckling in the carseat. Yami smiled to himself. Yugi sent him a stern look before a click was heard and Yugi sat in the passenger's seat, a smile of satisfaction on his face.

"Put up the roof."

"What?!" Yami cried. "Why?"

"Because it's safer for the baby," Yugi answered sternly.

"But Aibou," Yami whined. "It's not as cool!"

"I don't care! Just put the roof up. You can still wear your glasses. Can't you think of anything other than looking cool? I already think you're sexy with your new body."

Yami sighed and grumbled as the roof made a loud sound as it crossed over their heads.

Yugi smiled. "Thanks koi."

"I don't get it Aibou," Yami said. "The thing's not even real. Why take care of it?"

"I promice, it'll be gone on Monday koi!" Yugi answered.

Yami nodded. "It better be, cuz the thing is creeping me out."

Yugi chuckled.

"Hey Aibou?"


"You didn't give me a kiss did you?"

Yugi smirked. "Well, yes I did, but if you don't remember, I can refresh your memory."

Yami and Yugi leaned in for a passionate kiss-


"It makes noise too!?" Yami cried.

Yugi quickly pulled the baby out of it's seat and cradled it in his arms. "I promise, it's leaving Monday morning!"

Yami grumbled and started the car. "It better be. It interrupted an all to good opportunity there..."


Yami had to hand it to the plastic menace, it brought out the parenting side of Yugi that Yami had never seen before. Frankly, Yami liked it. It was really really cute seeing Yugi feeding the baby and singing to it. It also turned him on.

Yugi had set the baby's carseat in a corner of their bedroom. Yami had snuck up on him and seduced him in less than five minutes. A record for the former pharaoh!

The baby was facing them as they undressed, but Yami didn't notice, or at least he didn't care. Yugi glanced over at it a couple times during the early stages of their love making, but overall, Yami knew he was getting his attention.

Yugi gasped and cried out Yami's name as both men felt the pleasure and passion of it all. Yami continued to slam into his lover. Yugi's cries reaching his ears made him go faster. Yami screamed. Yami was about to go over the edge when-


Yami came, but he didn't notice. His pleasure was overtaken by anger. Still staying burried in his aibou, he reached for the nearest small object, aka, the alarm clock on the headboard of the bed.

"Shut up! I'm trying to make love to my aibou here!" he screamed as he threw the clock at the baby.

Luckily, he missed by about a foot.

"Koi! Knock it off! That thing is for a grade!"

"A what?"

Yugi sighed. "This key that the teacher put into it's back allows it to cry and be taken care of just like a real baby. It can keep records and sense when any harm comes to it. I beat it up, I get a bad grade."

Yami raised an eyebrow, "What class is this for?"

"Child Development."

Yami double blinked and thought for a moment, looking around. Yugi blushed, noticing what Yami noticed. They were still in a very... seductive position.

Yami nodded. "I get it. I'll wait until it's gone."

With that, he pulled out of his lover and pulled his boxers on.

"I'll be in the shower," he mumbled as he left.

Yugi collapsed back on his pillow and sighed.

This was going to be a long weekend. A baby and a sex-deprived Yami were going to be a couple handfulls. He could handle it couldn't he?


Funny right? This one is mainly going to be humor just to help us get through the rest of the school year. This is going to be the longest month and a half of the year. It usually is. Anyway, this really happens in my school so Kiua (thanks for the help!) and I came up with this and we'd love some revews! Thank you!