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"The Man who Would Be King" by Karen

Someone once said that a mark of a man's sophistication to cultivate a taste for a fine vintage liquor. If that were true, Damar reflected, then he must be well and truly sophisticated for he had consumed liters and liters of the alcoholic beverage greatly admired by Cardassians throughout the far flung empire, Kanar.

In recent months, since the military's decision to bind the fates of all of their people to the that of the Dominion's war on the Alpha Quadrant he had become quite the imbiber. The stress had wore down his own resilience and perhaps his tolerance level, but at the moment he was just too damn tired and worried to debate the matter.

In the back of his mind Damar had been all too aware and perhaps his over-blown senstivity to the snide whispered comments exchanged by Gul Dukat and the Vorta Weyoun; but it washed over him like the still waters of the pond outside of his modest winter home on Cardassia Prime, one he has not seen in many years.

Enlistment in the ranks of the Cardassian military certainly left scant time for personal holidays and he knew that when he chose his career path. In the be-fogged numbness of his alcohol-induced thoughts Damar found that he had little cause to regret the decisions that brought him to the culmination of his career. Those, counting the two men who stand bent over a lit -up situation map in the room adjacent to where he stands sipping glass after glass of Kanard, he is perhaps the most feared and powerful man in the Alpha Quadrant.

Except for Gul Dukat, and in a dark corner of his mind, Damar considered the impossible but oddly tantalizing possibility that if he were to somehow find a way to remove Dukat from the occasion, as a man playing pieces on an immense game board, then he would be the one in charge, the man all else would take orders from or know the reason why.

Damar briefly considered this wild and dangerous gambit for a few moments longer before he dismissed the thought as the result of alcohol benumbed brain, and twining the stem of the glass he held in his left hand, Damar then hurled the glass as hard as he could.

The action caused the glass to fly through the air and then smash into a hundred sparkling pieces against the opposite wall.

In the background he could hear Gul Dukat whisper something about childish tantrums.

Damar balled his fists at his side, and whispered silently, "I will show him, I promise by all I hold dear, that I will show them all!"