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Chapter 1

Greg pulled his jacket closer around him. It was cold out here. They waited in dead silence for the suspect to come out. He had a silly grin spread across his face. He couldn't help it. He felt so happy and proud of himself. The dreadful cold, harsh, whipping wind, and torrential downpour couldn't put a dampener on this night. He popped his head up a little higher, the silly grin spreading ear to ear as the teams came out the suspect in hand. This was an especially important suspect capture to him. It would only happen once. This was the first suspect that was found because of evidence that he'd found and clues that only he'd deciphered. His biggest fear was laid to rest in darkness for this one night at least. He always feared not being able to live up to the others' expectations. Of letting them down.

They never would have been able to arrest this man, this criminal if he hadn't found that evidence. He couldn't be more glad that he'd found that evidence and not just because it gave him that warm fuzzy feeling for having played a key role in the take down of this criminal. He was most happy because they'd gotten a serial murderer off the streets and on top of that, the evidence he'd uncovered had led them to an eye-witness that could link this man and many others that apparently formed a small crime ring, together with substantial almost undefeatable evidence. They were sure to be convicted. He watched as they led the suspect to the car in cuffs. The man looked directly at them and Greg saw what exactly it was he had helped to put away. It sent a small shiver up his spine. The man still had the blood of his last victim on his hands.

He'd seen the photos of the victims. They'd been gruesome at best. He could never understand how a human being could possibly do something like that to another person and live with themselves. He didn't want to understand. He had found the evidence about fifteen minutes before the body of the last victim had been found. He was glad that he'd found the evidence when he did, a few more hours he'd been told, and they would have had another murder victim. His mind went back to the witness they'd found. He couldn't imagine having witnessed all those murders being committed, as well as all the other crimes this man and the others the witness could connect him too, and still keep their sanity. He hoped the jury that these men ended up with would see the witness sensibly and see the truth in it all and convict them right away. All he could do was hope.

Warrick and Nick stood in front of Greg, fairly close together but not so much that they blocked his view as the criminal was brought out. Greg had done a superb job. He found the one shred of evidence that they had all missed and it turned out to be the most important bit of evidence they had. Warrick smiled at Greg. He knew this was a really important thing for him. Nick simply smiled at everybody right now. They all knew that Greg was afraid of messing things up and letting them down, but he didn't seem to realize that he hardly ever made a mistake, at least until now. It was comical, that look on his face. He knew too that this was a good step. He'd done something important that everyone else had missed. If he didn't realize how important to the team he was before, perhaps now he will at least get a glimpse.

Once the criminal was securely locked in the car being driven away they turned to get into their own car. Nick laughed at Greg. He was standing there with his big grin, hunched and shivering, the faint sound of chattering teeth competing with the wind and rain.

"You know what we're going to do now Greg?"

"What?" He asked between chattering teeth.

"I'm going to buy you a coat. Every time I see you, you're shivering. Do you even own something besides a thin long-sleeve shirt?" Greg looked up, searching for his answer.

"No, I don't think I do."

"See, the next time I see you, you'll be a popsicle."

"I think it's his life dream to be a popsicle." Warrick chimed in.

"Yeah and what do you plan on buying me? Huh?"

"What, you find the key piece of evidence on a case and all of a sudden we have to buy you presents?"

"Now you're getting the idea. You can even have the privilege of calling me majesty as well, but don't advertise, others might be jealous. You know, the favoritism idea and all."

"Well your majesty, if you don't hurry up and get in the car, you'll be too wet to be permitted in my car and have to walk home." Greg stopped smiling for a moment worried about the how serious Nick really was and was in the car in what looked like less than a second. The grin reappeared immediately once he was inside the car, his ride secure again.


He looked out his window at the scene before him. There were cars everywhere with those horrid blue and red lights flashing in his eyes. Those were the colors he hated the most. They represented the guys that got in his way. He had so many things he had planned. So many ambitions. It was a shame people kept getting in his path, if they would just stop getting in his way they would still be alive. Life would be so much simpler for them all if people wouldn't stumble upon him in the middle of his work or purposefully stick their noses into his work with the intent to impede just like the clowns outside right now. More people would still be alive and he wouldn't have such a large trail of bodies leading to him. If they ever found a connection to him he would be doomed. Up until now they'd only found some of his minor underlings, but they'd been faithful to him. None had confessed to working for him or to even being part of this little crime ring he had going.

He knew for a fact that the man they were currently walking away with wouldn't give him up, that was one reason why he'd been so perfect for the job. The man was perfect. He accepted his money without complaint or demand for more, never asked why, and never asked any questions at all. He was content so long as he had his regular payments of money. That was also why he happened to know everything. He had proven beyond just trustworthy and therefore had been told everything. He no longer had reason to ask questions because there wasn't anything about the operations he didn't know and knew it. Currently he was feeling a little homicidal as he watched through his snooperscopes as his third in command was led away in a car. This was a huge stumbling block in his plan. This had to be ratified and fast.

His gaze focused towards a trio standing apart from the commotion. Two men and a kid stood watching the criminal being led away. The two men had simple smiles but the kid had this irritating, proud, gigantic grin spread across his face. The man scowled. This was not a night to be happy. The kid was completely oblivious to the protective, guarding stances of the two men that stood in front of him. The man gained a malicious grin as he saw that both men held their hands on their guns in a deceptively casual grip that subtly tightened as his third in command was led right past them. The kid had been oblivious to that as well. He watched them exchange words in a short conversation then drive off. His smile grew. If you couldn't out smart the enemy, then get rid of the enemy brains, or at least give them something else to focus on. It was when they were distracted and panicked that they were easiest to take out, and that was the exact plan. Distract them, give them something more important, time consuming, and time sensitive to work on, and while they're reeling to regain their balance and focus, just pick them off one by one. It was ingenious and a proven plan.

He sauntered into the kitchen. It was nights like these that made him glad he always stayed so close to those working under him. This time he'd been caught by surprise and hadn't been in his own place of residence when he got the call that one of his men was being arrested. He'd been out running an errand and simply 'borrowed' a local's residence for a while so he could observe. Had he been home he would have just gone to a window, but he hadn't, so he was here now. He dinked around the kitchen for a moment until he found a lovely looking serrated knife. He caressed the blade lovingly. It looked so simple, just a reflective metal, but it was a deadly weapon, especially in his hands. He meandered to the small closet in the bedroom opening the door. Within was the owner of this home, duct-taped to a chair, sock stuffed in his mouth and a strip of tape over his mouth.

He jerked back terrified, whimpering as tears streamed down his pitiful face. The man paid no attention to the actions of his victim. He leaned forward, slicing deeply the inner, upper arm swiftly, and tossed the knife aside. A cut like that and the man would bleed out in minutes. The deed done he left the home grumbling. He huffed and puffed his way out into the rain. He loved the rain, dark, dismal, destructor of evidence, and the perfect weather to hide within. No one ever noticed suspicious characters leaving their neighbors apartments where they didn't belong. They were too busy huddling in their blankets, on couches, hot chocolate or coffee, and their movies and books making reappearances. He unlocked the car angrily and climbed inside, his mind now on the contents in the trunk. Grumbling he drove away. His ice cream was most likely melted by now.

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