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Chapter 1: Love is a Gun

"She was the sun shining upon
The tomb of your hopes
And dreams, so frail..." HIM

Ino had been dreaming of this moment since before graduating high school, and it was something her parents had always encouraged. Now, she realized that dream was reality as she stared out over Konoha University's campus. But she always knew she had wanted to go to college, not just for her education.

She pushed a loose strand of blonde hair from her pretty face, blue eyes scanning the grounds. She knew some of the people walking around, Sakura of course, Shikamaru, even though he hated tests and work, Neji, and even Naruto, though she thought it was because of his sexy no jutsu.

As she smiled to herself, she held the key to her dorm room, involuntarily turning it over in her palm several times. '245.' She reminded herself. Ino walked towards the dorm building, carrying her case full of clothes and other such essentials.

It took her a moment to find even with a map. When she found it, un-locked the door, and walked in, she noticed how much of a mess it was. Going from room to room, she saw the clothes that were strewn around the only bedroom and the horrible state of the living room.

She put her stuff down on the non-made up bed, picking up a little as she went. She remembered being told that she would have to share a dorm and a bedroom, but not a trash pit.

She decided to un-pack to get her mind off of it, 'Ok, shorts, check. Shirts and tanks? Check! Toothbrush, toothpaste, hair brush? Check, check, and check!" She pulled out the items as she ran through her mental checklist, putting them in the appropriate piles. 'Let's see, skirts? Check!'

After everything was accounted for and put away, she just had to get a shower. She took off white shirt, and pulled off the blue jean shorts she was wearing. Still in her matching, blues bra and panties, she turned on the hot water in the shower.

Steam emanated quickly from inside the shower just as she shut the glass door. Ino took her hair down, and it fell like silk a little past her shoulders. It was growing back, but slowly.

Suddenly, she heard someone come inside, just as she stepped into the warm flow of water. Then, she heard them knock on the door of the bathroom. "Yes?" She asked, squeezing some of her shampoo into her hand.

"Can I come in?" She froze in mid-lather, she knew that voice.

"S- Sasuke?"

"Yeah." He replied impatiently.

'Damn! I forgot to lock the door!' She thought, frantic, "Oh, o-k..." She heard the door open and he walked in. "Um- Sasuke?"

"What?" He was standing in front of the shower door.

"Are you- my roommate?" She asked nervously.

"Actually, you're my roommate."

"Oh..." She thought she had gotten over him in middle school, but now her pulse sky rocketed as she saw his form moving around the bathroom. After washing her hair, and everywhere else, she turned off the flow of water.

"Do you need a towel?" He asked, with a hint of sarcasm in his voice.

"I can get it myself, thanks." She answered, peeking her head out of the shower and looking at him. 'He's so hot.' She thought.

His jeans hung low, his shirt stretched over his shoulders, and every time he moved, she caught a glimpse of his smooth, muscular back as the hem of his short shifted. "Like the view?" He asked, not turning around as he stood at the door.

She blushed, "Uh- sorry."

"Tch. Don't worry about it." He left her alone, shutting the door just slightly. She sighed, taking a deep breath.

She grabbed a towel that was hanging on the towel rack beside the shower and wrapped it around her wet body, her stringy, damp hair sticking to her neck and cheeks. As she started to get her clothes from the bedroom, she slipped, falling to the floor.

Ino sat up, rubbing her head, and she saw at her feet a banana peel. "That's it." She mumbled to herself, standing up, and going into the living room. "Sasuke!" She stomped in front of him sitting on the couch and blocking his view of the TV.

"I think you should help me clean this place up a bit! It's a complete mess and I can't take it!" Se growled, glaring down at him. He looked at her, then stood picking her up and throwing her over his shoulder, "Hey! Put me down!"

Ignoring her struggling against him, he walked to the door, putting her on her feet outside. "You can't throw me out! I don't know what you think you're doing!" He slammed the door and she heard the lock click into place. She banged on it a few times, then gave up.

Sasuke ignored her, smirking to himself. He decided that he would let her in after his show was over. She sighed, this wasn't how Ino had imagined her first day on campus. "I'm sorry! Please let me back in, Sasuke!" She pleaded, pulling her towel tightly around her.

He growled to himself. He got up and unlocked the door, opening it for her. "Thank you." She said, walking past him.

'Next time, I'm probably not letting her back in.' He thought.


Moonlight shone through the window, covering Ino with its silvery glow as she slept on the couch. She was in a blue silk nightgown, the blanket she was using, on the floor. Over her sleeping figure stood a shadow. He sighed, gently holding her bridal style, and carrying her down the hall to their bedroom.

He layed her on the soft bed, tucking her into the black sheets. His raven hair brushing her cheek as he softly whispered in her ear, "Good night Ino." Then he went into the living room and covered up with her blanket.

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