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Damp breath was shared and obscure eyes were still enticed; he found himself unable to pull away from the enthralling moment, he found himself unable to pull away from his warmth.

Familiar hands reached towards his pale cheeks, and the meek sincerity of those fingers was enough for him to douse right into a cesspool of lust. He found himself leaning towards the older man, and he had found himself inhaling the other's humid breath, as if the moment was meant to be from the very beginning.

He closed the windows of his obsidian eyes, and he had let the magic of the moment take over him. They were not very far from each other now, and both siblings had partially opened their mouths to welcome each other's taste into one another once again.

But something seemed…wrong.

Little voices whispered into his ears that this was not right. This was…disgusting. This was vulgar, not just that, it was repulsive.

Revolting. Filthy. Sickening. Forbidden.

His ebony eyes snapped open, and he had forcefully pulled the warmth of his brother's fingertips away from his cheeks; he forced disgust into his eyes, and he had furrowed his brows in abhorrence. He was, by no means, anything like Itachi.

Sasuke…was Sasuke. Sasuke was not in love with his brother. Sasuke…was not like Itachi. He refused to believe so.

"Don't you ever touch me again, you incestuous freak", the raven darkly hissed, his eyes piercing through Itachi's crimson ones like fierce daggers, "Don't you ever think I've forgiven you for what you've done!"

With a sharp glare of his own, he stood up, his knees cracking from the sudden impact, and sending weak pain throughout his legs. He ignored it though, and he rushed out the door; making sure that he slammed the door firmly into Itachi's stunned expression.

Silence filled the hospital room, and the intoxicating smell of medicine and plastic scratched at Itachi's senses. His ruby eyes went wide, and his thin mouth opened in disbelief. Then he could feel the wretched warmth of salty liquid escape his eyes.

He clenched his fists tight, and slammed his eyes shut. He was alone now, and nobody would be there to help him. He was no longer needed. He was no longer depended upon.

He was no longer loved.

He was a joke to the world now. An outcast. A criminal. A pedophile.

He had taken Kisame for granted, and now, he realized that he had also taken Sasuke for granted; no matter how much he had denied to himself in the past. It hurt.

It hurt seeing Sasuke go…just like before, without a goodbye.


He ran as fast as his thin legs could take him; he'd ignored the nurses telling him to slow down, and he'd ignore the old lady that he had bumped into and harshly thrown over.

He didn't care where he would end up. He didn't care anymore. All he knew was that he was confused, and that he had to see Naruto's face again.

No, he needed to see Naruto's face again.

Sloppy tears slipped from his eyes as he barged through the hospital's glass door, but he refused to wipe them off. He simply ran. And ran. Ran until his legs literally broke beneath him and forced him to slam his tired body down on a nearby bench.

With a long shaky inhale entering his mouth, he pulled at his charcoal locks of hair; letting sobs escape his throat, his essence. He was confused. He was completely and utterly confused. He had no one to turn to at the moment. He needed reassuring words, he needed embraces; he needed love.

Yet, when he turned, he'd found no shoulder to lean his head on and cry. Instead, a large gap of nothingness filled his surroundings. Realization struck him hard. He had never in his life had a shoulder to lean and cry on. Never.

Who would he be able to tell that he was confused? Who would be able to fully understand the severe love he had for a certain boy? Who would he be able to share his problems with?

Who could possibly understand the situation that he and his own brother were in?

Knowing the answer to those questions, he tugged harder at his hair; freely letting a few strands rip from off his scalp and cascade at the palm of his hands. He felt no pain. Yet, he did feel slight relief.

Still sobbing quietly, Sasuke wiped away the salty trails of tears from off his cheeks, not caring for the few passer-byers snickering quietly at the sight before them.

After all, who wouldn't laugh at an insane kid pulling out his hair in the middle of a public park?

Soggy obsidian eyes wandered aimlessly in the cheery atmosphere. He was confused on how he felt. Hell, he was confused about everything but one thing.

The only thing that he knew for certain was that he was in love with Naruto, and that he would do absolutely anything to win over the blonde angel's heart.

"Hey, fag", came a voice from behind him, a voice much too familiar, "daydreaming about man-sex so early in the day?"

Not now. Please not now.

"Go away, Zaku", Sasuke merely whispered, his skin stretching intensely at the insult spat at him.

Zaku. The one guy that had always picked on Sasuke pretty much throughout his entire life, not just him, but sometimes he had brought his friends with him. Like the weird guy with the bandages covering almost his entire body, Dosu, and the girl with the floppy ponytail falling at her back, Kin. They were his worst nightmares. The mention of their very names brought back brutal foul memories.

"Oh c'mon! I'm pretty sure you're having an orgy in that faggot head of yours, eh?" Zaku cackled, his voice slurred and poisoned in venom, "Maybe, eh, I dunno, your man-whore brother, and that gay-ass Naruto guy?

Oh, no he did not just say that. He did not just insult his family and Naruto. He wouldn't dare insult what was most precious to him!

"SHUTUP! DON'T YOU EVER INSULT NARUTO AGAIN!", Sasuke shouted, standing from the bench and throwing out a punch at Zaku's direction; missing to his dismay as the older boy dodged with ease.

"Just like I thought! You hit like a motherfuckin' girl!", he cackled, slamming Sasuke down at the ground with a firm push, "Fags like you should rot in hell!"

A rough kick was slammed against his ribs, and he could feel the bruises that Itachi had previously marked in him begin to flare up with renewed pain. It stung him, and he could barely move. The beating that Itachi had almost killed him with was still present in his body, and he could do nothing to defend himself.

He could do nothing to defend Naruto. He felt pathetic, absolutely and utterly pathetic.

"Hey! Leave him alone!" came a familiar voice from not far away.

Sasuke couldn't quite turn to see who it was, since if he moved his head from out of his arms protection it would most likely be marked by one of Zaku's violent kicks.

"I said leave him alone, damnit!"

In no time, the impacting pain suddenly stopped, and the pounding on his ribs disappeared. Sasuke slowly uncovered his face and turned towards the boy who had saved him from a harsh unfair beating.


"Who the hell are you to call people that, you fucking idiot!?", Kiba shrieked, greeting Zaku's surprised face with a harsh blow of his own, "Leave Sasuke the fuck alone!"

Touching gently at his cheek from the fierce punch given to him, Zaku didn't hesitate any further to run away from the infuriated Kiba. And with a snap of fingers, the boy disappeared into the distance, tail between his legs.

"Hey, you okay there, Uchiha?" the feral-eyed boy quietly asked, kneeling down and helping the raven up to his feet.

"Y-yeah…I'm fine", Sasuke quietly whispered, rubbing gingerly at his side.

"That fucking time I'll castrate him for you" the brunette mumbled with a comforting voice as he gently sat Sasuke down on the bench, "What the hell was that all about anyway?"

"It's always been like that…everyone hates me", the raven whispered, not bothering to enact eye contact with his friend, "I'm such an idiot. I couldn't even defend Naru-"

"Shut up already", Kiba suddenly interrupted, crossing his arms in front of him as he stood up in front of the young Uchiha, frowning slightly, "You put yourself down too much. Only complete retards do that, and you're not one of them. That's for damn sure."


"Listen, you can't let people put you down like that. It's just…I dunno, it's just…not cool, y'know," the brunette continued, deeply thinking about the words escaping his mouth, "Besides, I'm pretty sure that if you toughen up a bit, Naruto'll…well, y'know, start liking you more than Gaara."

Obsidian eyes widened a bit at that comment. Could he really be able to make Naruto like him more than Gaara…?

"Anyways, I was thinking, since we're buds and all, I think I'll help you with your problem", Kiba smiled, as he sat down again besides the raven, "Me and Shino are together now, y'know? And well, that means I get free stuff from where he works!"

Sasuke didn't even budge from the suggestion. It was hopeless. Naruto would never leave somebody as beautiful as Gaara for some useless loser like him. Although…Naruto did say he was probably leaving Gaara…

A frail smile tugged at the ends of his lips, and his eyes brightened with a flash of delicate hope.

"So I was thinkin', y'know, since Shino works at the flower parlor with Ino, that maybe you could get a little sumthin' for Naruto there", Kiba explained slowly, revealing a toothy grin after his suggestion, "If you need to pay or anything, I'll do that for ya. Whaddya say?"

Sasuke didn't waste a second's precious time to nod his head; like he'd said before, he would do absolutely anything to win Naruto over, "Okay."

"Awesome! Now, c'mon!" With a friendly tug at Sasuke's shirt, both boys ran off towards the mall's direction.

Small conversations ensued while they were walking, but Sasuke couldn't quite concentrate on Kiba's bunched-up words since he was dreadfully still thinking about the incident with Itachi at the hospital. What was Itachi planning on doing to him anyway?

He had never kissed him like that; much less apologize to him for anything. Sasuke thought back at what he had spat at his brother, the phrase 'incestuous freak'…was that a little too much? Had he gone too far…?

It didn't matter anymore anyway…the bastard deserved that and more. Then again, why did Itachi try to kill himself? He clearly knew that Itachi would never do something like that just for his sake like he had said...considering that was branded as foolish to even consider Itachi had common sense or a heart to do that for Sasuke.

The only person that heartless bastard cared about was that weird-looking guy Kisame. So if he were to do anything out of his character, it would definitely be for his 'beloved' boyfriend.

Then that could only mean…

No…that's almost…impossible…

"Hey you awake?" came a slightly worried voice not far from him.

Turning to reveal a weak smile, Sasuke nodded, "Yeah, sorry."

No, of course Kisame would never leave his brother. Those two did everything together, hell, after a 4 year relationship he deeply doubted anything would go wrong, especially considering all the sex those two had; but if that were right…then why…?

"We're here! C'mon, let's go find Shino!"


The screeching sound of video-game sound effects had filled Naruto's house, and excited laughs and giggles followed each and every one of his victories.

There was no way Gaara would ever beat him at his favorite video-game! Hell, he'd prove himself right after counting the 50th time he had beat Gaara that day. His moves were just way to slow.

The conversation they had earlier that day…it was left behind and forgotten after Gaara had kindly suggested spending time with Naruto. The blonde didn't hesitate to the offer. He would've done anything at that moment to forget the conversation between them.

He wanted to forget everything and move on. Face it, Naruto found it an impossibility breaking up with Gaara, yet he couldn't deny to himself that he felt extremely guilty for forcefully pushing away the sweet memories of Sasuke's love confession, and his own mutual feelings towards the raven.

It was hard, but he knew that it was for the best…Sasuke would move on one day anyway. It was just a simple crush Sasuke felt for him…right? The phase would soon pass and the raven would most likely end up happy with somebody else.

That thought alone tugged at Naruto senses, nevertheless. He didn't want to see Sasuke with another person; he didn't want Sasuke to move on.

He didn't want to move on.

His feelings for that young boy…they were just too strong to ignore…much too strong. He had promised Sasuke that he would 'find a way', and he wasn't about give up on that promise. Not ever.

Before he could defeat Gaara for the 60th time that day though, the pause menu suddenly slid into the screen, "Huh?"

"I'm getting tired", was the simple comment coming from the annoyed-looking boy sitting not far from Naruto.

A smirk couldn't help but tug it's way at Naruto's lips, "Tired of losing?"

"Yeah…I guess," the older teen smiled, crawling slowly towards the smaller blonde beside him, "Why won't we do something else?"

"Like what…?", the blonde silently breathed, feeling the humid air escaping Gaara's mouth dance gently against his cheek.

There was a quiet pause, and Naruto noticed the way Gaara sat up in front of him, a dead-serious expression present on his face, "I need to talk to you."

Without hesitation, the blonde quickly sat up in front of his boyfriend, putting on a serious expression of his own, "Okay."

"I…", the copper-haired boy started, locking his lime eyes with Naruto's own cobalt ones, "I'm sorry for acting the way I have… I just…"

Blue eye widened at the sudden apology, and a serene smile couldn't help but to play gently upon his pinkish lips. Gaara was…Gaara was apologizing to him

"I just…didn't want to lose you. I never want to lose you. Not ever. I love you, Naruto, you know that." His words were ever so sincere…filled with integrity and emotion; Naruto couldn't help but to notice a bit of the old Gaara surface into those words, but suddenly, he found himself not caring anymore.

Strong arms wrapped around is waist and Naruto didn't even bother pulling away, but simply dug himself deeper in the welcoming embrace. Intensely pretending to himself that those words had escaped with the sensual slurs of Sasuke's unique voice, and that those strong arms wrapped around his being belonged to no other than the raven himself.


"I only wanted to protect you. Protect us. I don't want you to leave, not ever," Gaara silently whispered, gripping tighter onto the blonde's body, "I'm so sorry."

A kiss was now present on his lips, but Naruto didn't bother to pull away from that either. Instead, he deepened it, playing along with his own game of pretend that only he knew was being played and used on his own boyfriend.


Hands traveled up Gaara's shirt, and fingers tugged down at the blonde's pants. Clothing was no longer necessary, you see, because Naruto wanted to feel Sasuke. He wanted to feel every hidden corner of 'Sasuke's' body. He wanted 'Sasuke' in him. He wanted to feel, touch, smell, and have 'Sasuke'.

He wanted everything 'Sasuke' had to offer.

"Naruto…" was the breathy gasp escaping Gaara's throat when he felt slim hands pulling down at both his pants and boxers. This shocked him, Naruto had never before in their relationship done the first move.

In other words, Naruto never wanted to have sex with him. Gaara would be the one eventually persuading him into it, and later convincing him that he indeed did want to sleep with him.

Clothes were thrown to the side, and slim legs were revealed in the bleak moonlight of the evening. Gaara watched silently as Naruto removed his own pants, and the way his blonde had almost immediately rode on his lap before he could fully function and understand what he was doing.

"Fuck me." Naruto's eyes were hazy, and his gaze was distant; Gaara didn't think anything of it though, and he more than willingly took a firm grip on the blonde's hips.

Naruto silently rode the boy beneath him; pressing his limp flaccid area against his boyfriend's own erected one…no, not his 'boyfriend', his Sasuke.

Nails scratched gently at silky skin, and painful moans were shared between the two embedded bodies. Walls were ripped open once more, and liquid escaped from one boy, only to mix and stir with the other's. The night was gentle to their skin, and the hollow winds of the hellish night danced through their hair. The night outside was oblivious to them, and the hushed mourning of crows outside the window were drowned out into the mute vibration of gasps and moans.

Red mixed with yellow, sweat mixed with saliva, and love mixed with guilt. The hours passed, but they did not care. Love drove him, yearning drove the other, and they did not stop. Yet, when one fell to the side from exhaustion, the other begged for more. He strode at the member between the other's legs and he impaled himself into it once again.

And, so, the process was repeated.

The blonde rode his hands gently through red strands of hair, wait, no, raven strands of hair, and he gasped quietly to himself; only to beg for more, only to pretend some more. The boy beneath him, sweat had covered his body, and he could tell he was exhausted; but Naruto didn't stop. He needed more of it, it was a drug; it was ecstasy. He had the vital necessity of having more. He needed more of his pretend; he needed more of his imaginary Sasuke.

He dug his hips further into the muscle beneath him, and he rode harder, he bit down harder. He wanted more of this. This…beautiful feeling between his legs, he needed more.

He desired more of 'Sasuke'. He would never let him go.

Not ever.

The night went on endlessly, and there was no time for regrets. Everything Naruto did that night, the way he used Gaara, it did not matter to him. It did not make him feel guilty. It did not make him feel remorse.

All that mattered was that he had 'Sasuke' beneath him, and no one else. No one.


The hospital was quiet, and there were no noises present during midnight; only the occasional open and closing of the room's door to check up on him and the other patients next door.

He was restless, and he couldn't sleep. The bags he had under his eyes grew more clear, it was extremely rare the times he could close his ruby eyes and fall in slumber. Sleep was almost a mystery to him. It was rare the times that he could dream. It was scarce the times where he could fly free into his own mind. That probably would've explained his lack of imagination and creativity.

Besides, he had many reasons for not falling asleep. Itachi never did trust doctors; he never trusted hospitals. Anyone could barge right in any minute and suffocate you with a pillow, and if a nurse wanted, she would gleefully inject you with a lethal dose of medicine to shorten her job. In other words, he trusted no one. Not anymore, anyway.

His eyes wandered aimlessly at the dark room he was in, and he couldn't stop thinking about two certain people. No matter how much he tried to push his thoughts away, their faces remained fresh in his mind.

Kisame and Sasuke.

It was hard for him even now to accept the fact that Kisame had left him, and it was also extremely difficult dealing with all of the harsh things Sasuke had spat at him that afternoon. He repeated the phrases several times in his head like a broken record, as if he did not dare believe his little brother had called him all that. Yet, he couldn't deny that he deserved that…and more.

'Incestuous freak', 'bastard', and 'fuck face'. They hurt him deeply, but he pushed them away. Of course Sasuke didn't mean that…he was just…frustrated.

Itachi quietly inhaled air into his lungs, he hadn't noticed he had been holding his breath the entire time he was reviewing those phrases for the thousandth time in his head. He still refused to believe them, though.

Finally finding some hint of tiredness in his body, he immediately took the chance to close his eyes to try and attempt sleep once more; but to his dismay, they were snapped open once more when he heard the front door of his hospital room begin to creak open.

He couldn't quite make out the figure when the door was closed and locked behind it, but he could've sworn he found the silhouetted shadow extremely familiar, dangerously familiar.


"So how have you been, Itachi?", was the casual voice approaching the already-trembling figure on the hospital bed, "It's only been a few hours."

That voice…it was…Kisame; Itachi could feel his heart skip a beat at the sudden realization.

The Uchiha swallowed hard at the lump in his throat, his ruby eyes widening 3 times their normal size as he silently brought the covers up to his chin. Why was Kisame here? How did he know he was here in the first place?

Something he had never once before felt made its way to his stomach, something foreign…something completely unknown.

Was it…fear…?

"Cat caught your tongue?", was the devilish sarcasm as the large figure approached even further.



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