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Author's Note: This story is based on my story only words, which was for a challenge to use only dialogue. It is on missing pieces.


"What is it Mama?"

"I love you my darling daughter."

"I love you too Mama."

"You have to get away from The Centre darling."

"I can't."

"Because of the deal you made with your father?"


"You know since your father jumped out of the plane that deal is no longer."

"I know. There's a new deal."

"With Raines?"


"I'm sorry darling. I know you've been though a lot."

"You have no idea."

"Yes, I do."

"I'm sorry Mama."

"Goodnight my darling daughter. I'll be back. Sleep well."

"Goodnight Mama."


Miss Parker woke up and felt more rested than she had ever felt before. After Sydney had helped her develop her inner sense she had slowly been hearing her mother's voice in her head. She loved her Mom and she wished that she were still alive. If her mother were alive would her life be this way. Would she be the same person she was now? Would she be chasing her best friend? Would she be cold towards him? She remembered when she was nice to him. Before she believed all the lies that her father fed her over the years. Lies about Jarod and other things. She was aware of the lies, but that was all she had. She was comfortable with it and she didn't know anything else. She wasn't ready yet to let go of them. Maybe someday, but not today.

She got dressed and got into her car to get ready for another day of trying to find Jarod. She wished that this was all over. The only way that it would be over was to bring back Jarod to this place. She didn't want to bring him back to this place that used him and used his work to kill and hurt thousands of people. When did that change? Was it when she watched the DSA of when Raines and Lyle did the heart stopping experiment on him? Did it change when she saw that Raines addicted him to that drug? Or was it when they shot and killed Kenny in front of him to make them give them the disk? She had been at school with her friends going to parties and having a good time when most of the stuff was happening to him. Here he was suffering at in the hands of the Centre and she was having fun and going to parties.

She walked into her office and put her things in her desk and started to walk to the tech room. She took the elevator and she looked at the bullet hole. Oh, mama I wish you were still here. She's still with you. The thought entered her head. She remembered Jarod told her that a long time ago.