Song of Time

Summary: Takes place five years after "If These Guitars Could Talk". The threat of an old enemy returning has the Smashers troubled. They are more shocked when it involves an old friend they thought they'd never see again.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Super Smash Bros. characters. They are owned by Nintendo. I do not own any of the songs that will be used in this story, either. I will give proper disclaimers with those chapters. Michelle and Kimoru are my own personal creations. Please do not use them without my permission.

In order to understand this story, you must read "Attack of the Phantom", "The Reunion", "In the Eyes of a Hero", and "If These Guitars Could Talk" in that order.

Chapter 1: Troubling News and a Familiar Face

It had been five years since the Smashers visited Earth for their musical vacation. Five years since that horrific accident. Five years since they had seen Michelle. Right after they had left, the Smashers thought about her a lot, then over time, she was a distant memory. Everyone had moved on with their lives. They had all returned to their respective homes, awaiting the next tournament. There were four tournaments, one each year. Falco had won the first of the four, then Link, then Ness, then Luigi (and he made sure Mario didn't forget).

It was year five, and the next tournament was about to start. All of the Smashers had arrived and settled into their rooms. As always, before the beginning of the tournament, there was a board meeting to determine the order of the tournament. However, they weren't expecting what they were about to hear this year.

"The tournament is going to be running differently this year," announced the Chairman. Everyone looked at each other in confusion. Mario cleared his throat.

"How so?" he asked. The Chairman gave them an even face.

"As in it's being delayed until a more pressing matter is attended to." More confusion arose. The Chairman motioned for everyone to be silent. "I'm sure you all remember the Phantom, Kimoru?" Everyone nodded, getting uneasy feelings in their stomachs. "There's been a rumor floating around that someone is trying to bring him back, and they've found a way to do so."

"What!? What do you mean!? What's going to happen!?" the Smashers shouted variously. The Chairman once again silenced them.

"It means you all have a mission," he ordered. "All of our information has been coming from our headquarters on a remote island off the west coast of the United States. I am sending all of you there to get further information. Housing has been provided for you."

Within the week, all of the Smashers arrived on the island and moved their belongings into the apartments that resided on the upper floors of the headquarters. The island was tiny and forested, with them being the only residents. They were about two hundred miles off of the coast of Los Angeles. Their work was to begin the next day, but they were free to relax that night. They all had been granted access to a karaoke contest at an anime convention that was happening in L.A. They took a small plane over and arrived. They were lucky enough to get front row seats and were grateful enough to blend in with the crowd of cosplayers. Everyone started cheering when the M.C. ran onto the stage, hyping up the crowd.

"How's everyone doing tonight!?" he shouted. Everyone screamed loudly. "That's what I'm talking about! It is a great privilege to introduce our host for tonight! She started off winning karaoke contests at anime conventions on the east coast and even hosting at one of them for two years. She was discovered by a Japanese American studio and signed on to a record deal fresh out of college! She's already starting to make waves overseas and looks to do it in her home country, too! She used to be one of you once! Give it up for MISHERU!" Everyone started to cheer loudly once the M.C. ran off the stage and music began to play in the background. Suddenly, a beautiful brunette ran onto the stage. She had long, brown hair that flowed behind her as she ran. She wore a black halter-top that showed off her midriff. She had matching black gloves with a gold band around the tops and wrists; the fingers were cut off. She wore short, denim jeans with ruffled-pink fabric in three layers on her right hip that cascaded down halfway down her thigh. Black, knee-length boots adorned her legs to finish off her outfit.

"What's up, Los Angeles!?" she yelled. Everyone began to cheer loudly again. The Smashers stared at her in shock once they saw what was around her neck: a Triforce pendant. Link stood up and made eye contact with her, which shocked the woman on stage.


Hey, guys! It's been a while since I've touched this series! I will tell you now that this is the last story in this series. I got a sudden spark of inspiration a few days ago. Updates will be a little slow until May, since I'm working on a ten-page paper for my research methods class right now (shoot me ). Let me know what you think so far!