Chapter 3: Discoveries

The Smashers spent the next hour or so catching up on old times with Michelle. She was happy to hear that the tournaments went well and that their lives are back on track. They were happy to hear that she was doing well herself, both physically and financially. Though still a bit shocked about it, they were still happy for Michelle's engagement.

After the meeting with the generals was over, Steve came out and suggested that everyone enjoy the rest of the evening. Michelle whispered something to Steve, then he nodded and smiled at her. Michelle turned to her friends.

"Could you guys follow me?" she asked. "I know what we can do tonight." She led everyone down the hallway and to a large lounging area with a karaoke machine. There were mixed reactions to the machine, but everyone sat down regardless. "Okay, for everyone who's going to participate in karaoke, put your name on a slip of paper and we'll draw names out of a hat randomly to see who goes next." About half of the Smashers wrote their names down, including Steve and Michelle, then put them in Steve's hat. He held the hat out to Peach, who then drew out a name.

"Steve, it looks like you're up first," announced the princess.

"You always go first," laughed Michelle. Steve smiled, then gave her a peck on the lips. He then walked over to the machine and picked a song.

"Just lucky, I guess," he chuckled. The music started up and he began singing. The others were quite shocked, except for Michelle; Steve had a nice singing voice, and great stage presence. They then remembered that he used to perform with Michelle back in college, so their shock wore off. When he was done, he set the microphone down onto the machine and walked back to his seat during the applause.

"Hey, that was-a pretty good," complimented Luigi. Steve smiled, then dug his hand into the hat.

"Okay, who's the next victim—I mean, singer?" asked Steve sarcastically, causing some chuckles to emit from the crowd. He pulled out a name, then faced the crowd. "Link, you're up."

"What!?" blurted Link. "I-I didn't put my name in there! Who put my name in there!?" He looked around, then glared at the guilty party. "Falcon!"

"Sorry, I couldn't help myself," laughed the racer. He sighed nervously, then slowly made his way to the machine. He knew he couldn't get out of it; he knew of three certain girls who would use the sad, puppy-dog look on him, which always put him into submissive mode. He looked at the song list, a strained look forming on his face. Michelle walked over to help him out.

"Can't pick a song?" she asked. Link looked at her.

"I don't know any of these songs, and I don't do well in front of large crowds," he admitted. Michelle put a hand on his right shoulder, then looked at the list.

"I think…this one will suit you well," suggested Michelle, picking the song. "You'll be fine; you're among friends. Good luck." Link watched her walk back over to Steve, then looked at the screen with the words on it. He listened to the melody, then when it was time to start singing, he brought the microphone up and began to sing. Link's singing shocked everyone more than Steve's. Nobody had ever heard Link sing. Even when he did back-up vocals five years ago for Fox and Falco, his voice blended in with everyone else's and was almost audible. When the song was over, Link shakily put the microphone back down onto the machine. His head quickly snapped in the direction of the audience when he heard loud cheering and clapping.

"Link, that was amazing!" squealed Zelda. Link blinked in surprise.

"Holy crap, man!" exclaimed Fox. "I didn't know you could sing!"

"Maybe you should be touring with me next year," suggested Michelle enthusiastically. Link looked at Michelle, his face getting very red.

"I still don't do well in front of large crowds," noted Link nervously. Steve put an arm around Michelle and looked at Link.

"Besides, she's already got a partner," stated Steve, smiling. Link looked at him, then nodded, keeping silent.

Fox was next after Link, wowing the crowd once more. Marth, Roy, Zelda, and Samus performed decently. Falcon and Ness made everyone groan. Everyone wanted to pull their ears out when they heard Mario sing. Falco redeemed the group with his amazing performance, bringing back memories from five years ago. Michelle finished everything off with one of her songs, proving her worth as a performer.

The next day was devoted to investigations. Everyone split into three teams. Team Mushroom, which consisted of Mario, Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, Donkey Kong, Bowser, Kirby, and the Ice Climbers, snooped for information on the island. Team Triforce, which consisted of Link, Zelda, Young Link, Ganondorf, Michelle, Marth, Roy, and Captain Falcon, went into Los Angeles to search for clues around where Michelle was attacked (They were picked since they were the most human-looking ones). Team Insider, which consisted of Fox, Falco, Samus, Mewtwo, Pikachu, Ness, Pichu, and Jigglypuff, stayed inside of the base and searched the databases for anything they could find.

Samus scanned every computer that she could get her hands on in the room, desperately looking for some kind of clue. Fox and Falco stood at each door entering the room for the main database. Mewtwo sat in the middle of the room cross-legged with his eyes closed, trying to sense any presence that came near. Ness was on stand-by in case he needed to quickly shut down any of the systems. The Pokémon waited by Mewtwo, waiting for any orders from it. After what seemed like an eternity, Samus got everyone's attention.

"Everyone, take a look at this," she ordered. Everyone walked over to the computer, looking at the passage that Samus was pointing at. Everyone was amazed and confused at what they saw.

Phase 1: Collect DNA Samples. Status—Complete

Phase 2: Test Magic Levels. Status—In Progress

Phase 3: Detain Compatible Match. Status—N/A

Phase 4: Extract Magic Into Host. Status—N/A

Phase 5: Revive Phantom. Status—N/A

"Someone's trying to revive Kimoru!?" fumed Falco. Fox quickly clamped Falco's beak shut.

"Quiet!" whispered Fox harshly. "Someone could hear you!"

"Testing magic levels? What magic levels?" asked Ness, getting a bad feeling in his stomach.

"And whose DNA samples did they collect?" questioned Fox.

"Better yet, who is this 'they' that we speak of?" interrogated Mewtwo. Samus opened up another file, then scowled.

"There's more information here," she started, "but it's written in code. We have to crack the code somehow." Falco freed himself from Fox's grasp and looked at the code on the screen.

"It'll take us days to crack that," noted the avian.

"I've downloaded the files into my logbook," announced Samus. "We'll be able to review it at another time. It's best if we get out of here." Everybody nodded, then exited the room.