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Me Too


He couldn't breathe.

There were too many variables on the outside.

And she had been gone far too long.

They had just shared possibly the most crucial talk of their lives and she had just disappeared. He cast his mind back to before she had abruptly stood and walked from the room. It was only minutes ago, but it seemed as though so much had happened in that short time.

He leaned back in the chair and calmed his racing heart beat.

He was scared.

And not sure why.

It wasn't as though he'd said anything that would upset her, right?

Then it hit him. He hadn't said a word. No wonder she was mad.

Moving from the couch, Michael sauntered barefoot down the hallway to the bathroom, where he'd heard the door slam just minutes before.

Funny, he thought, she never uses the bathroom for anger. Their bedroom was always where she would go when she got angry. The bathroom was new territory for him. And it excited him.

Of all his intellect and charm, he had never been in a relationship where he could just judge what a woman was feeling. He could guess with Nika, but nothing was ever real between them. The female mind truly intrigued him and it excited him knowing that a new room could only mean a new emotion. A new shot at getting to know Sara better.

He knocked on the door; without waiting for a response he opened the door and found Sara sitting on the floor, her knees were drawn into her chest and her head was resting on them. When Michael walked in, she looked up awkwardly, smiled and blushed bright red.

"I can't believe I just said that." She said and let her head fall back on her knees, hiding her face from Michael who was grinning,

Embarrassment. He stored away.

It had never been simple for them to just say how they felt. The couple had a silent agreement that something other than the usual three words was so much more special. They had developed a language of their own that let the other know how the other felt, but they rarely ever said 'I love you'.

So really, it came as no surprise when Sara had quite blatantly said it, "I want to marry you."

The surprise came in on the setting.

In the loveseat, watching Chicken Run of all things. Sara was leaning back on Michael, wearing her pajamas, Michael was in track pants and a t-shirt and she had just said it.

Michael had felt his heart race, he knew he wanted to say yes, but his mind was still reeling from the question…and it wasn't even a question.

By the time this thought had entered his mind Sara had realized what she'd said, gotten up and walked to the bathroom in embarrassment.

Michael watched her for a moment more then walked over and sat next to her, holding her hand lightly to get her attention again.

She looked up.

They both smiled.

"Sara, about before."

She nodded.

"Me too."


So, I hope you liked it! Just thought I'd explain the Chicken Run thing…it's because it's based on the Great Escape and I thought that was rather fitting. Lol.

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