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House had just finished up with the most difficult case he had worked on in a long time when he flopped in his desk chair, exhausted. He perked up slightly when he saw the new email in his inbox. Daniel Forrester. Nice!

He had kept in pretty close contact with the two boys since their escapades in Southern Kentucky, emailing them at least once a week. These two kids had some great stories that even House couldn't top, and twice, Joey had sent him a case of Napalm. Great kids. Even better bootleggers.

He kicked back in his seat, prepared to read about another of Joey's paramedic adventures, or Daniel's latest raid in a meth lab, or Mama Forrester chasing a stray possum around the kitchen with a broom. However, what he read promised much more entertainment than a few stories.

The grin on his face grew wider by the minute, and he quickly typed a reply. When it was sent, he picked up his cane and limped over to Wilson's office. "Jimmy! You won't believe it! Guess what?"

"You got it on reliable information that Cameron used to be a man?"

House chuckled. "Nope. But that would make for a good story too. Guess again."

"Kentucky finally got a decent basketball coach, and college basketball is going to be interesting again?" Wilson tried.

House paused. "No comment on that one. I'll answer you in a year or so. Right state, though. Try again."

"You heard from Daniel and Joey?"

"Even better. Daniel and Joey are coming to visit!"

Wilson's face broke into a grin matching House's. "No way!"

House nodded, plopping down in the chair opposite to the desk. "Yup. They'll be here in a week. They're coming on vacation, and want us 'city boys' to show them a good time. You up for a little rematch of our trip to Kentucky?"

Wilson groaned theatrically. "The part where we got beat up by the cops –and I still can't believe you didn't tell me you got zapped with a taser in the shower!- or the part where we got chased out of a teenager's bedroom window by a crazy dad with a gun?"

House shrugged. "All of the above?"

Wilson closed his eyes, but he couldn't help but smile. Showing those two country boys around the city was going to be interesting. House suddenly seemed even more like an adolescent when they had been around them, or when he was talking about the frequent emails he got. This would definitely be fun.

His eyes popped open quickly. Wait a second…House…the two redneck kids…here…he winced. New Jersey may not be there by the end of next week. At the very least, Princeton was in serious trouble!