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The Ebon Hawk appeared out of hyperspace over Telos and Citadel Station. It slowly dropped down into the busy space station; I sat at the controls in the cockpit. Telos would be the place where Kieron would leave us and make his way into the unknown region. I had not seen either him or the handmaiden since we had left Malachor V, I was kind of restless and was feeling that now he would be leaving us and we would go back to doing what we had started. But now me being a Jedi I felt that I might stay on Telos and help with the recovery effort that the Ithorian's had started. Bao-dur was interested in helping me, with this job. I was awakened from my thoughts when Lieutenant Dol Gren appeared on the holo, "Ebon Hawk, nice to see you again please land in docking bay three."

"You got it Lieutenant," A voice spoke up behind me before I could say a word. The holo projector closed down and I turned around, the Jedi behind me smiled and his eyes sparkled with enjoyment, "You can't stay awake can you?"

I looked at him trying to think of a come back, "Hey, I can fly this thing with my eyes closed," I paused as he looked ruefully at me, "Besides I was in hard thought."

He smiled wider now, "That makes a change," and before I could say another word he disappeared down the hallway that led to the main cabin area. I turned back to the controls and guided the ship through the hubs that dotted the space station. I felt her through the force, "Trying sneak up on me now are you."

"Your full of it," the red head remarked as she slid down into the other seat, "You know that don't you."

I smiled at her and shrugged, "I like to feel you through the force."

She raised an eyebrow and looked at me, "You're either being sick or you've been bitten by something."

"I was not trying to be sick and I definitely haven't be bitten by something," I replied, she had taken the good mood I had around her away.

The Ebon Hawk, glided into then hanger bay and I sat at the controls, Looking about me I though, I'm going to miss this rusty old ship, I rose from my seat Mira had left as soon as I had touched down so I walked slowly out of the cockpit and into the main cabin. There was nobody about, made my way to the ramp where everybody was awaiting for me, Kieron shouted, "Come on Atton, we haven't got all day."

I made my way down the ramp and into the group I stood there as the next few minutes as Kieron spoke and then boarded the Ebon Hawk with T3-M4 and HK-47. The ship backed out of the hanger bay and took off heading away from the directions of the core worlds. Handmaiden was crying and both Visas and Mira were doing there best to comfort her, I turned to Bao and gestured to the exit, he nodded and we walked out of the hanger bay.


The past few weeks have been foggy, Bao-dur and I have been busy with the Ithorians. Visas returned to Katarr to try and rebuild her planet, apparently a few other Miraluka have returned from planets they have been living on to help her. Both Handmaiden and Mira have gone back to the surface of Telos to see if Atris will teach them more of the Jedi. Mandalore has returned to Dxun and has made and alliance with Talia, so they are living peacefully together. I have a feeling that Revan if he ever returns will need the Manderlorians, but that's just a theory. I met Admiral Carth Onasi yesterday, he seemed to a really nice guy but I sense that he isn't trusting, could just be me.

Boa-dur walked into the cantina and sat down next to me, "I'll have what Atton's having."

I turned to him, "You ok, Bao?"

Bao nodded, "Why wouldn't I be," he looked at me, "I guess you better tell me why you so down in the dumps."

I smiled, "You wouldn't understand," I looked at him and he was serious. His drink was set down in front of him and he pulled out the few credits.

He turned to me, "It's about her isn't it?"

I looked at him, "Wow, you don't pull punches do you?"

"Are you going to answer me or not Atton," Bao was serious but he was also concerned, I had been drinking like this since Mira had left. I hadn't been sleeping lately either Pazaak had become boring. My blocking trick wasn't working on Bao now either he could read me like a book and I hated it, even if he was my friend. I nodded, "I'll answer this question of yours, just give me some time to think."

Bao waved the bartender over, "I want a cup of caffa for him." The bartender went away and returned a few minutes later with the caffa steaming hot, "Thanks," Bao said as he paid for it and put it under my nose.

I sniffed the beautiful aroma and lifted it to my lips, my senses now seem to have cleared slightly, "Yeah, I was thinking about her."

"Why," Bao said with a non-plus sound in his voice, "You barely know the girl and you miss her."

I looked at him and sat up straight, "I can't explain it, when I'm around her I feel free, and I feel like I would tell her anything that I can't do without her."

Bao smiled widely, "You mean you love her!"

I looked back at him, "Wow, I must really be losing the battle to hide things from you now."

He laughed, "I do know how you feel, sometimes I miss a certain person as well."

It was my turn to read his thoughts, "You mean a certain Miraluka who shall remain nameless."

He gaped at me as he tried to bury his thoughts, "How did you know that?"

"I learnt that from Kieron, I'm not great, but good enough," I said trying to sound casual, that was the first time I had done that without the person realising who it was. I got up and Bao rose with me, "Do you want to talk about it?"

I turned around on him my eyes blazing, "What's there to talk about she's being the Jedi and I'm the scoundrel."

Bao new he had hit a nerve, "So you think she's better than you, that just because you killed a lot of Jedi and she never kills anything if she can help it, that makes her better than you."

I turned and walked out of the cantina, fuming at the fact that Bao had seen into my head once again.


Mira walked the Jedi enclave; it had been weeks since Kieron Halcyon had left Brianna here with Atris and herself. But it was not Brianna nor Atris or even Kieron that her thoughts now were honed upon. She remembered Atton lying in his bunk sleeping peacefully for the first time she had met him, that day Kieron had asked him something personal. According to Brianna, Atton had told Kieron that he was a Jedi killer; Kieron had so easily forgiven him. It had been that night Mira had decided to talk to Atton about it; she had walked into the starboard dorm. She had stood in the doorway and had found him exhaustedly sleeping deeply; she had sat down on the floor and watched him. It had been dawn when she left, he had started to doze and she decided that it would be best to let him make the first move. When Kieron left, he and Bao-Dur had left without saying goodbye, which had hurt her she had wanted to kiss him in the cockpit just before they had arrived but she hadn't had gall to do it.

Mira paced the practice area now, thinking of him constantly. Brianna walked in and noticed her; Brianna had noticed that something was on the former bounty hunters mind. Mira looked up, "Oh, sorry Bri I didn't notice you."

"Mira are you alright, Atris and I are worried about you," the echani handmaiden said with concern.

Mira smiled trying to reassure her new friend, "I'll be fine I promise."

Brianna turned around and made her way up the ramp towards, Atris' Meditation chamber now clear of all the Sith holocrons. She reached the doorway to find Atris, rising from her meditation.

"Yes, Brianna what is troubling you," said the older woman who had recently turned to the dark side and whom Kieron had saved looked at her new pupil.

"Master Atris, I believe something is troubling Mira," Brianna said softly.

Atris nodded, "Yes, I feel she is troubled as well," the older woman put a hand on Brianna's arm, "I know I will never be anything but you teacher, but I feel something is troubling you also, will you tell me."

Brianna dropped her head, "Atris, I miss him so much," she looked up the older woman, "Sometimes I can feel him other times he's not there."

Atris nodded, "I think I can understand, it is difficult though."

Brianna looked at her, "Atris, I have a feeling who Mira is thinking about."

Atris looked at Brianna suspiciously, "Who?"