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The noise in Bao's ears made him open his eyes and stare around the room. His wall comm. unit was ringing, he rose and slowly made his way over, Bao had gotten to sleep just over an hour ago. He had been tossing and turning about Atton's situation he knew it was like that with Visas. Bao hit the button on the comm. unit and the image flickered up, to reveal handmaiden.

"Hello, how can I help you," Bao tried to sound cheerful apart from being bleary eyed.

"Sorry, Bao I didn't mean to wake you, I was calling to see if you have noticed something strange about Atton," Brianna said in her straightforward manner.

Bao smiled, "I think he is somewhat pining for a certain red head."

This obviously took Brianna by surprise, "Oh, really you mean that Atton is head over heels for Mira."

Bao laughed, "Yeah, it's really quite interesting, isn't," he paused, "She is head over heels for him, too."

Brianna nodded, "She wanders the academy, aimlessly."

Bao smiled again, "That bad, well at least she doesn't drink herself under the table, and feeling sorry for herself."

"Wow, he feels that low compared too her, then" Brianna looked at him in astonishment.

Bao tried to copy his friend, "She's a Jedi and I'm a murderer, she saves people and I killed them."

Brianna stopped smiling, "I thought when he told Kieron that ended, and obviously with her it didn't."

Bao looked up from his thoughts, "I have an idea, listen to me."


I walked into the Ithorian complex in the best Jedi Robes that I could find. Someone wanted to meet me here and I had no idea who. I walked into the main hall and was immediately approached by Moza.

"Ah Atton," Moza said in his language, "Your guest in waiting in the garden room."

I looked at the Ithorian, "Ah thanks, um you couldn't tell me who this person is could you."

Moza shook hi head and spoke again, " I was only instructed to tell you to go to the garden room."

I shrugged, "Alright but I have a bad feeling about this."

I walked through to door to the garden room, there was nobody in here I looked about until I caught my eye on a table with lit candles on and plates. "Nice," I thought, "I wonder who the creep is who set this up, I'll nail him to the wall for this."

I turned back to the table and was thinking something to say, when the door slid open. I whirled around to confront the creep, and was taken aback with shock, as I perceived who was standing in front of me.

"Mi-ra," my mouth choked out the words. Mira stood in shock as well wearing a black dress this looked great on her she was so beautiful, her red hair was lose and it made her look more beautiful.

"Atton," she said a little less enthusiastically.

I looked at her, "You look beautiful."

Mira looked even more uncomfortable, I looked shy "I'm sorry that came out bad."

Mira moved away more, I looked more desperate, "Do you want a drink, I'm not sure what they've got but hey, we could see."

Mira stopped looked at me, "Never thought you be so stupid Rand."

She turned and ran and Me, I was too freaked out and annoyed to chase her. I sat down on one of the chairs, pulled out the bottle of Ord Mantell wine took a sip and murmured, "Well that went well."

Seconds later Bao poked his head around the corner of the door, I looked up at him, "You wouldn't have anything to do with this would you."

Bao held up his hands, "It wasn't my idea, Atton I swear on the moons of Iridonia."

I shook my head; "Sith spawn you had something to do with it didn't you, now she'll hate me for the rest of my life.


Brianna heard the shuttle land too early, which meant something hadn't gone well. She got up from the book she was reading and looked at the bay, Mira from Brianna's point of view looked beautiful in the black dress she was wearing. She heard Mira's voice before she saw her, "Where is the schutta?" Brianna closed her eyes composed herself, and then opened them as the door slid open to reveal an angry looking Mira, who had also been crying.

"You set me up you schutta," Mira bellowed at Brianna.

"Mira, I did…" Brianna tried to explain.

"I don't wanna hear your excuses," Mira shouted back, "I'm leaving, I'm going to the temple on Coruscant."

Brianna turned away, "I didn't make it up, honest."

Mira rounded again on Brianna, "Look, don't realise your not playing with your heart, but mine so don't give me that handmaiden."

With that Mira stormed off to her room and Brianna collapsed to the floor, her heart aching and tear streaming down her face.


I sat in the pilots seat gripping the control soon my knuckles were white. I looked at Bao who sat in the co-pilots seat next to me, his face was whiter then usual as we streaked towards Telos below us at a great amount of knots. "Atton calm down you don't need to crash us again remember what happened last time," Bao tried to remind me. I turned to him, "I'm not going to walk away this time Bao I love her trust me." The shuttle streaked like a fireball towards the Telos Academy, I pulled the shuttle up at the last moment, the shuttle hit the plateau violently. I left Bao sitting dazed in the cockpit, I moved like a cat towards the entrance of the academy.

The door slid open for me to go through, the elevator lowered me down quickly. The door opened and I beheld Brianna the handmaiden kneeling on the floor sobbing. I walked straight over to her kneeling down to her eye level I asked gently, "Where is she?"

Brianna looked up at me, "Atton, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry."

I looked down at her and again asked her gently, "Where is she?"

Brianna shivered as she spoke the words, "She's on her way to Coruscant."

I rose and looked out of the glass window, the shuttle still docked in the hangar, I turned I felt her presences she was with Atris. I turned and began to run, running up the walkway towards Atris' meditation chamber. The door slid open as I reached it, their Atris stood, I immediately stopped and bowed, I had grown to like Atris, "Mistress Atris, I am searching for Mira."

Atris smiled at me, "Is that who you are after Jedi-killer."

"I need to tell her," I said honestly.

Atris nodded, "She took the secret passage to the hangar, I suggest you run now."

Without a word I took off in hot pursuit of my quarry, I reached the observation deck overlooking the hangar as I heard the familiar starter of the shuttle. I raced down the ramp to the shuttle, out of the corner of my eye I noticed Bao he was smiling as he held up a part of the engine. The ramp on the shuttle started to lower itself; descending Mira came she stopped dead when she saw me.

She was back wearing her bounty gear, me I stood in my ribbed jacket and normal clothing.

"Going somewhere, babe" I said nonchalantly

Mira blinked, "Well, if it isn't the Jedi-killer."

I felt like I was struck across the face with that last comment, I was able to counter the comment, "Well, look who's trying to bail on me now."

Mira shrugged, "I knew we were set up, as soon as I saw you."

I walked closer to her, "Mira don't go, I love you, I have felt this for anyone, trust me I know."

Mira burst into laughter, "You really have the corniest lines Rand."

I shrugged, "I love you Mira,"

Mira nodded, "I know."

She jumped off the ramp, and landed into my arms, I kissed her slowly. We broke the kiss she whispered, "Don't let me go Atton."