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Chapter 1:

The Mission

Lying on the red tiled roof of the Hyuuga complex looking at the clear blue sky above with a serene smile on her face is where we find the heiress of the clan Hinata. Hinata with a feeling of excitement could hardly contain her squeal of happiness. For the first time in her eighteen years things have finally turned around for her. This morning before the Chounin exams had started Hinata had gotten a summons from none other then the Hokage herself requesting an audience for an important mission.


Stepping in to the Hokage's office Hinata looked around nervously until her eyes set found Tsunade sleeping on her desk with an open bottle of sake to her right and a picture of Naruto on her left. Most people didn't know that Tsunade considered Naruto her younger brother but to anyone who knew either of them it was obvious. Stepping slowly to the desk Hinata sighed in aggravation. She was not happy that she was the one who had to wake up the Hokage. Everyone knew of her temper and those who were Medi-nin's like Hinata and Sakura the result was going to be worse.

"Umm….Tsunade-sensei? Are you awake?" Hinata asked shyly. The Hokage obviously not hearing Hinata let out a small snore then moved her head a little showing a small trail of drool out of the corner of her mouth. Feeling a little bit mischievous Hinata gathered a small amount of chakra in her hands and slowly added a little bit of water to it making it a water balloon. Grinning slightly she tossed the ball over Tsunade and let it chakra go causing water to splash all over her. Hinata quickly dunked down making sure that she wasn't seen for the explosion that was sure to follow.


Shizune hearing the commotion came running into the room to see a dripping wet Tsunade and a Hinata hiding in front of the desk, trying not to laugh. Glad that Hinata had for the most part, gotten over her shyness and was comfortable playing tricks on the Hokage started laughing saying "Hinata come on out she asked for you to be here so she technically can't get mad at you."

Hearing this Hinata stepped away from the desk and gulped looking at Tsunade giving her a sad and rejected look and started to play with her shoulder length blue, black hair. "Tsunade-sensei, you asked for me to be here an hour ago. I tried to wake you up I really did but nothing worked so I am sorry I had to throw water at you."

At Hinata's confession Tsunade's anger melted away. Knowing she was glad that Hinata was finally out of her shell and that she did ask her to show up she asked her to have a seat.

"Hinata I asked you here because I have an important mission here for you. This is a class S-mission. I know that you are only at a Chounin rank but we both know you could be a Jounin if you wanted. I need you to go to Musinick village just outside of the Hidden Village of Sound. Because of your Byukken and because no one would suspect you I need you to move into the village and spy on Orochimaru for us. This mission is very dangerous and it will take a few years for you to complete. You will not have any other support other from the village since you will be traveling alone. It is up to you to come up with a cover story. If you except this mission you will be away of a very guarded secret that no one else is really aware of. Do you except this mission?"

"Yes, Hokage-sama, I will accept. I am glad that you have this much faith in my abilities." Hinata answered with a small blush on her face. "When do I leave out?"

Tsunade looked at Hinata carefully and said "you will leave before dawn in the morning. I will send you some scrolls to practice your Medi-nin techniques. You will be aware of the secret when you come to the village of Musinick. I will need updates on what is going on. You will have no other contact with anyone else except for me from the village. I wish you the best of luck and enjoy your last night in town. Maybe see Naruto at the party after the exams. Who knows when you will see him again?" Upon hearing this Hinata's face turns into a bright red tomato. "I don't know why your blushing Hinata EVERYONE but him is aware of your feelings for him. I wish you the best of luck and drop a line when you are settled. You are dismissed."


Neji and Haishi had heard that Hinata had an important mission but were not informed of what the mission consisted of, only that it will be a few years before Hinata was to return. Haishi was a dickhead telling her that if she failed this mission she was not allowed to come home. With Naruto gone for those three years she had gotten into many of fights to defend the nindo of her 'Naruto-kun'. She trained hard both with and without her family. When she wasn't sparing with Neji or her father she was fighting her teammates and anyone else she could get to spar with her. During that time she learned many different styles and even made her own, that her family is not aware of. Gradually Hinata started to win these fights, but still not enough for her family to be proud of her. Compared to Hanibi they still see her as a weak link. Neji was finally coming around especially when he started to date TenTen. Tsunade seeing her dedication started to train Hinata after seeing her success with Sakura on being a Medi-nin. She figured that Hinata would be great as both an offensive and defensive party that could also heal but not need to be protected. The training with Tsunade was harder then anything Hinata had ever experienced. Thankful for all her hard training she was soon working in the hospital in surgeries. With her excellent chakra control she quickly became a top Medi-nin and with her gentle nature the patients soon started requesting her in person. Hinata's family was in shock in how the villagers loved Hinata but still because of her gentle nature did not see her as a capable heir. As a person she was great as an heir she was lower than dirt. The only ones proud of her in her family was Neji and Hanibi.

Naruto had returned a few days ago and Hinata had yet to say anything to him, let alone admit her feelings. She had seen him a few times but each time he was trying to ask Sakura on a date. Each time Hinata ran away before being seen. While she was more confident and able to voice her opinions, when she was around Naruto she still turned into the blushing, shy, timid girl she once was. But tonight at the party Hinata had decided she was going to let Naruto know how she felt, especially since she didn't know if she was going to come out of this mission alive.