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Walking slowly down the prestigious halls of Xavier's School for the Gifted was a woman child, with a slightly preoccupied air about her. Small, almost unnoticeable ear buds were tucked away in her ears, half hidden by the heavy curtain of her deep auburn hair. Bobbing her head along with an unheard tune, she unconsciously tucked a strand of shock white hair behind her ear as she continued to saunter down the hallway, as if she had, nay, deserved the right to own the walkway. She loved this tranquility; just her, her music and the silence of a normally bustling mansion. Sometimes she wished that it would always be this quiet…and then Kurt or Bobby would make her hid a smile at their antics.

As suddenly as her iPod changed songs, she felt something…someone near her. Stopping, she unhooked her headphones and wrapped them around her neck. Cocking out one hip and placing a hand on it she glanced around her before calling out, "Alraht, who's therah?"

A chuckle that reminded her vaguely of bourbon and jazz wafted from one of the doorways to her right. Stepping into the light, a satisfied smirk glazing his thin lips, a tall and rangy man with a hair do that screamed, 'Yes, I woke up looking this good,' stood before her and swept her a deep bow, but always kept his sunglass covered eyes on her face. Or at least she assumed he was looking at her face, for all she knew he could be giving her the once over of a lifetime.

"Mornin' chère."

Rolling her eyes she looked for a way around him, for he was blocking the doorway and she was going to be late for breakfast, "Mornin' Swamp Rat, Ah have tah say, ah'm surprised thaht yah ain't already up and at 'em before the rest of the block heads."

He merely smiled at her sweetly, "Aw Roguey, what's tah say Remy weren't down there early just waitin' tah save yah a spot next tah him?" Remy'd pushed enough of Rogue's buttons in the past to know that he was in hot water, but what was the point of living a long and fruitful mutant life if there wasn't a bit of spice added to it every so often? And just looking at the growing blush that steadily traveled up Rogue's face was enough to add spice to anyone's morning.

'That's it…' Rogue turned to him, breakfast forgotten momentarily, "Listen here, you worthless piece of swamp trash, if you don't want the last thing anyone said about was 'Boy, that Gambit sure had a lot of meat on his bones,' then ah'd suggest you shut up and pronto. Otherwise, the gators'll be havin' a pretty damn good meal soon enough." Even though she was madder than a wet hen, as his Tante used to say, Remy couldn't help but notice that Rogue was the prettiest when she was pissed off at him. It was the only thing that made her emerald eyes glimmer, and some color flood her sun deprived cheeks. He opened his mouth to retort when he heard the oddest sound coming from Rogue, it was like Wolverine when he hadn't had his morning ration of coffee and artery clogging bacon and eggs piled high with enough hashbrowns to float a small armada. Fighting back a smile, the only notice he gave away was that his left eyebrow raised enough that Rogue could tell he was giving her an incredulous look behind those aviators of his.

"What? Ah was on mah way to breakfast when ah was so boldly interrupted." She crossed her arms and glared at him, "Now then, are yah gonna move or am ah gonna have to move yah mahself?" to prove her point, Rogue began tapped the toe of her heavy, steel toed combat boots; her own eyebrow raised in expectation, though the effect was lost behind the huge amount of mascara and eyeshadow that she wore. But Remy wasn't about to tell her that she wasn't nearly as scary as she thought with all that junk on. He gave a mental snort, 'Huh, scary…righ' and the next thing Remy knows Roguey and Bozo are announcin' their engagement." The temporary mental image of their children was enough to make Remy shift backwards and make another sweeping bow, his arm outstretched towards the dining hall. "Après vous, mademoiselle."

Muttering harshly under her breath, Rogue forced herself to think of her poor food and caffeine deprived stomach as she stomped her way along the hall and down the stairs towards the enormous industrial sized kitchen. Whistling a jaunty tune, Remy kept pace with her on her trek in order to, as he claimed to himself, keep her company in case she was waylaid again. Waylaid…right, Remy'd noticed the looks some of the younger male recruits had been giving his chère lately.

Down in the kitchen, Rogue and Remy both stood wordlessly in the doorway as they gazed upon the chaos. Kitty was phasing doughnuts away from Kurt, who was in turn 'porting away every time he saw her get close. Bobby and Jubilee had devilish smirks on their faces as they both watched Amara and Roberto carefully. Who knew what they had done to the latin pair. Beast was trying to cook a pan full of eggs with Jamies bouncing here and there and everywhere crying at the top of their little boy voices, "I wanna help! Mr. Hank! Oh, Mr. Hank, can I help?" Sam Guthrie, aka Cannonball, was trying to use his powers to smash the ice in the mold into more manageable pieces; when Rogue noticed this she snorted, talk about overkill.

Staring into the mishmash of mutant chaos, Rogue debated her chances of getting out of there before Logan found her. She'd rather go out to breakfast with Gambit than try and wrestle away some food from Kurt and Bobby, the human vacuums. A glance at Gambit showed that he was thinking along the same lines. But before they could slip back through the doorway, Scott, Jean and Logan all showed up at once. 'Oh, yippee' was Rogue's thought, 'Just what ah needed, Captain Boy Scout and the Perfect Princess this early in the morning. Aw hell, ah'd rahther go through a few Danger Room sessions before this!' Logan looked between her and Gambit for a second, his eyes narrowed.

"Stripes, Gumbo, Half-Pint and Elf, session after breakfast. Got it?" Stunned, Rogue looked at Gambit and mouthed,' What did you DO?' At his surprised shrug she turned back to Logan. She didn't mean she had actually wanted a stupid Danger Room session! It was just an expression!

"But Logan, why? We had one last naght!" She stalked into the kitchen after him as he made his way to the coffee machine. 'Well, at least he parts the sea better than Moses.' The entire kitchen had finally settled down with Logan there; not that they didn't all love Hank but he was a soft touch. And you know kids, they can ferret out a weakness in an adult at fifty paces. And with the professor and storm gone for a week, it was up to Beast and Wolverine to care for all the mini mutants.

Glancing around the kitchen, Rogue noticed that everyone save Kitty, Kurt and Gambit were oddly preoccupied with their food. Breakfast, it was the perfect place to eavesdrop. At the coffee maker Logan took his sweet time, which was odd because he drank it high octane and straight, none of that sissy stuff like sugar and creamer. Finally he turned around and face his surrogate daughter.

"I'll tell you why Stripes, 'cause during last night's session you weren't paying attention and were sloppy, that last roundhouse wouldn' have hit a barn. Kurt was too busy practicing his showing off techniques for the Half-Pint, who was trying to hide away in a corner so that she could use her phone and call some boy. And Gumbo here, well…let's just say I'm not satisfied and leave it at that" he grinned and took a long sip of his coffee before turning her around and giving her a gentle, well for Logan anyways, shove towards the table. "Eat," he gave a low chuckle, "you're gonna need it." And with that he made his way past the hyper active Jamies towards the basement to prepare the Danger Room. Growling softly, Rogue roughly pulled a plate with a scoop of eggs and a strip of bacon towards her. Plopping down on the bench along the side of the table, she picked up her fork and just began to move the eggs around.

"Chère, Wolvie be right ya know, ya might wanna t'ink about eatin sometin'." At his voice Rogue just stopped moving the eggs gently around her plate and started stabbing them. Great, her stalker was now her nutritionist. "Ya too skinny as it is." Glancing at him out of the corner of her eye, Rogue watched him gulp down a heaping forkful of eggs with gusto. It was the piece of egg jiggling out of the side of his mouth that finally killed Rogue's appetite. Good ol' down home Southern cookin' this weren't. Shoving her plate towards Guthrie, third runner up in the human vacuum race, Rogue stood up and walked over to the coffee machine. Who needed milky scrambled eggs when there was such a thing as coffee in the world?

As she walked out of the kitchen, Rogue again noticed that her shadow had grown rather large. "Gambit, aren't ya supposed tah be stuffin' your face with food about now?" She didn't even turn around, but took a gulp of her blistering hot java and continued walking. It was early still; she had time to get down to the basement, change and maybe even do an easy work out before the nightmare run with Logan's program. And since none of the new recruits were joining them this morning, Rogue knew that he wouldn't go as easy on them.

"Why'd you t'ink that Remy did someting to ol' Wolvie?" By this time Rogue had reached the elevator hidden away the led to the subbasement. Sighing, she turned around; if he had followed her all this way and had actually asked a question then it sounded like she was going to have an unwanted gust along for the ride down. "'Cause when Wolvie, ah mean Logan," she fought desperately to fight the small smile that was threatening to escape as she noticed his smirk; he'd noticed the slipup also, 'Damn Cajun...,' "is tryin' to get back at someone, then it's usually sessions all around. And since you're new, ah figured thaht ya must have done somethin' tah piss him off. Lahke get into his alcohol stash?" To his credit, Gambit didn't make a telltale move.

"Ya know about that?" Rogue shrugged, sure she did. Where else was she supposed to go when Wolverine's psyche reared its adamantium laced head and demanded libations. At least it was better than raiding his stash of Cubans. "Sure, ah'm just surprised that ya know about it." Now that infamous grin appeared, "Yeah well, Remy knows lots of t'ings 'round here."

Elevator door finally open, Rogue stumbled into it,' real smooth there Rogue.' That's what she gets for leaning on the doors when they open. Recovering slightly, she glanced at Remy to see if he had noticed but couldn't tell where he was looking, 'Those damn sunglasses, why does he hafta wear them inside?' Come to think of it, Rogue couldn't even say what color his eyes were. They were a mansion mystery, half the girls had tried various schemes to force them off of his face. Jubilee claimed that they were a dazzling blue, while Kitty and Amara stated wholeheartedly that they had to be a velvety brown. Poor lil Rahne was too shy to get into the betting pool and Miss Jean Grey was too full of herself, she thought it was beneath her dignity to bet on the newest recruit. Course that didn't stop her from making sure that he was always on her team, or sitting anywhere near her for that matter. Rogue stifled a giggle, poor Scotty, he had no idea that the love of his life was lusting after a Swamp Rat. Glancing surreptitiously at him, Rogue tried to figure what color eyes she thought he had. Some reason though, he didn't strike her as a blue or brown eyed guy. And not green, though that would be interesting….no, for Gambit it would have to be some amazing color.

For his part, Gambit thought green eyes were definitely interesting alright, especially paired with pouty lips, two toned hair and enough sass to flood the Mississippi during a drought. He leaned casually against the wall of the elevator, just watching Rogue steal secret glances at him. Smirking inwardly, he crossed his arms and faced his head away so that she wouldn't be able to tell he was watching her too.

Finally making up her mind, Rogue faced him and walked toward him, sidling up slowly so that she was all but touching his left arm with her arm. The only telltale sign that she had shocked him was the sudden tensing of his arm muscles, otherwise he looked like a hurricane couldn't blow him over. Frustrated with a lack of response, Rogue went in for the kill. She wanted to know damnit!

Quickly, so that he wouldn't have a chance to stop her, Rogue reached up and snatched away his sunglasses. Just as quickly though, he shut his eyes tight. If she had wanted his attention, now she had it completely. He exploded, "What ya do t'at for Rogue!" Snarling, he reached for her groping for the hand that had stolen his sunglasses. This was ridiculous, he was the Prince of Thieves and he had been taken in by a slip of a girl! Cursing her silently, Remy wanted to open his eyes but there was a part of him that refused to scare her. If he scared her, then he wouldn't have a chance with her. That and the florescent lights in the elevator gave him an instant headache.

Retreating hastily, Rogue slipped the sunglasses into her pocket. This elevator ride was going a lot more slowly then she had remembered. She may not be the biggest fan of the Swamp Rat, but she hadn't meant to practically cripple him! Belatedly she wondered if he was like Scott and had a secondary mutation that he couldn't control from his eyes. She knew his first mutation had to do with blowing things up but she had no idea of he had others.

"Rogue, give me back the sunglasses." Dead serious, he stood across from her against the opposing wall, arms still crossed and eyes scrunched tight. He's serious, she thought; it was the first time she hadn't heard him refer to himself as "Remy" or "Gambit." Frustrated, Rogue walked towards him and pulled his glasses out of her back pocket. "Here."

Grabbing them quickly, Gambit placed them back over his eyes and let out a small sigh. Then he turned his attention to the only other occupant of the world's slowest elevator "What'd ya do t'at for girl!" Ok now she was pissed, she understood he had a right to be annoyed because she took them without asking, but to call her girl?

"Mah name is Rogue, call me that or else" she threatened, standing before him her hands on her his and eyes wide with temper. "Whatev'r Roguey," once again that smirk flashed before her, "Now, t'en, why did ya take Remy's sunglasses." Slowly he began walking towards her, and Rogue panicking slightly moved backwards as quickly as the space would allow. Gambit really had no problems with invading her personal space, finally she had reached the opposite wall and couldn't move. He had made a barricade with his arms, blocking her escape route. Though really, since they had yet to arrive in the subbasement where could she escape to?

Gazing at the woman before him, Remy noticed that her breathing had increased and her eyes were darting all around trying to find a way out. 'Interesting',' was his thought,' guessin' t'at she don't often have people who want t' be dis close t' her.' Touching her lightly on the cheek, Remy couldn't help but flinch when she did. This was the first time he had ever dared touch her and he wished that it didn't have to be through gloves.

"Why Rogue?" Two simple words and the close proximity of their bodies had Rogue babbling like brook. "Ah just wanted tah see your eyes. No one else had and well ah wanted tah be the first ah guess, ah'm sorrah, ah had no idea that ya were lahke Scott and couldn'-"

At that Remy practically fell backwards, "Like Scotty?! What t' hell giv' ya that impression gal? Remy ain't nuthin like de Boy Scout! Remy even bet t'at he iron his tighty whiteys!" At that mental picture Rogue couldn't help but laugh a little and it was enough to end Gambit's tirade. He had never heard her laugh before.

Shaking his head a little, Remy let out a small chuckle, "So ya wanted t' see ol' Gambit's eyes, eh chère? Coulda jus asked ya know, didn' hafta go t' all de trouble of grabbin' dem." He watched her face as she blushed lightly, which stained her face a brilliant strawberry red. Defiant, she looked him straight in the eye as best she could through the glasses, "Ah know that now you stupid Cajun, but what else was ah supposed tah do? Ya never take them damned things off! And ah've got fifty bucks riding on the color o' your eyes"

Smiling he leaned back a bit and moved one of his hands from the wall, while still looking Rogue straight in the eye just in case she decided to move her head and notice that she now had a way out. "Jus' fifty? Aw mignonne, ya coulda won at leas' a hundred offa dese." And with that he whipped his glass off and blinked in the brightly lit box, trying to adjust his eyes before gazing down at the girl in his arms.

She gasped, she couldn't help it. They were amazing! She had been right all along thinking that a guy like Gambit couldn't have had everyday eyes. They were a velvety midnight black, surrounding a blood red iris that pulsed like a banked fire. They were almost hypnotizing and beautiful. Way better than Bobby's blue and Roberto's brown and almost as good as her brother's natural golden yellow.

Self conscious, Remy waited for her to say something. He really didn't care what she said as long as she didn't scream bloody murder. He had learned early on that people were wary of the unusual, even among the unusual. Still gazing avidly at her face to try and figure out her reaction, Remy gripped the sunglasses, ready at a moment's notice to put them back on.

Rogue shook her head, "Sugah, ah think yah rahgt, ah shoulda made the bet higher. They're amazin', ah don't know why yah'd wanna hide them. In fact," at this, Rogue finally noticed that she was no longer boxed in and grabbed the sunglasses from his tightly fisted hand, "ah think yah won't be needin' these anymore. No one here cares what color yah eyes are." At a pointed look from Gambit, Rogue at least had the grace to blush again, "Well, no one but the gals anyways." It was at this highly convenient point that the elevator door opened to display the subbasement.

Still jittery from her close encounter of the Gambit kind, Rogue swiftly moved from her position between his chest and the wall and made a break for it, sprinting down the corridor towards the woman's locker room. His chuckle followed her all the way down there as she ran past Logan who was just making his way out of the control booth for the Danger Room. He stood there, shocked, he had never seen Rogue run so fast in all the sessions he had put her through. Curious to see what had spurred this all it took was one whiff of cologne, bourbon and cigarettes. "Gumbo, what the hell didja do to her?" If he was shocked to see Gambit without his customary sunglasses it didn't show.

Remy shrugged, "Gambit don' know Monsieur Wolvie, she jus' tore outta there like she had the devil on her heels. Guess the charm be too much fo' her eh?" He smirked as he sauntered down the hallway in the same general direction of Rogue. Wolverine huffed as he watched two of the more promising x-students walk away, "Right, and I'm a six foot something Australian."

In the woman's locker room, Rogue struggled with her locker. Of all mornings it had decided to be persnickety. "C'mon yah damn thang, open up!" This was not her day, first the breakfast that even McDonald's wouldn't dare make…what was so wrong with good ol hashbrowns, biscuits and gravy…her Gambit encounters, and now the locker from hell. This was almost worse than the time when her friend Wanda Maximoff decided that restricting her boyfriend St. John's access to his pet lighters…and that resulted in half the brotherhood house being burned down by a raging pyromaniac. At least then it hadn't been her problem, could this day get any worse?

"Hey Rogue, like, what did the locker ever do to you?" The cheerful and perfectly pink Kitty Pryde walked into the room and with a simple phase was rummaging through her locker for her spandex. Rogue groaned, now why couldn't she have that kind of power?

"Hey Kit, woulda mahnd terribly helpin' meh out here?" Rogue finally gave up on defeating the evil locker monster and just stood next to it, gesturing towards the combination. Kitty shrugged, "Sure, it's like, not a problem." She dropped her costume onto the bench next to the lockers and walked over to where Rogue was standing, reaching her hand in, Kitty felt around before pulling out, in her hand a bunch of black and green spandex. "There ya go Rogue." Gratefully, Rogue thanked her before pulling on the outfit.

As she adjusted her hair so that it was now in a ponytail, what had she been thinking all those years of just letting it hang all over the place, it was a nightmare to keep out of her eyes, Rogue contemplated telling Kitty that she had lost the bet. Should she? It wasn't her secret to tell, but then again, and a rather ingenious grin appeared on her face, Gambit never said that she couldn't tell.

"So Kit, how's the betting pool going? Anyone make any headway on figuring out the color of Gambit's eyes?" Rogue asked casually as she grabbed two hunks of hair and pulled, tightening it into a ponytail that wouldn't dare fall out. She watched in the mirror as Kitty quit putting the finishing touches to her own costume before joining her.

"No, and it's, like, frustrating. Amara tried hiding all of his sunglasses that she could find, but we think she didn't check his trench coat, 'cause like, the next time she saw him apparently he still had them on there. Even Jean and a few of the guys have, like, joined in now." Kitty stated as she slathered on some shiny lipgloss. Rogue had no idea why Kitty required lipgloss when it was going to be gone in two seconds when they started, but that didn't matter at the time. "Jean? Why? Ah thought lil Miss-Know-It-All felt it was below her to bet against one of us."

Kitty giggled and turned to face Rogue, "Yeah, but that was like before someone mentioned that he and she would make a great couple. So now she has a hundred dollars riding on that he has green eyes to, like, match her own." It took Rogue all of two seconds before she came to a decision, "Ah wanna up mah bet." At this, Kitty's brown eyes bugged slightly, "Up it? To what, Rogue?"

The two toned brunette smirked at her reflection, "Hundred fifty says he has red on black." Remy said a hundred, so Rogue was gonna boost that just a tad. Now it wasn't just Kitty's eyes that were slightly bugged, but her mouth had dropped, "That much? Rogue, he's like, too hot to have eyes like that. Nah, they have to be normal." She sighed lustily, "And I just know they're a gorgeous brown." She glanced at her best friend, "But if you wanna lose that much, then like hey, who am I to argue?"

"STRIPES! HALF-PINT! GET YER BEHINDS OUT HERE NOW!" the bellow of Wolverine penetrated the steel entombed room and caught the attention of the girls. Grabbing her iPod, knowing it was the only way she'd survive after this nightmare by listening to some relaxing tunes, Rogue dashed out the door with Kitty on her heels.

"Thank you fer join' us ladies." Wolverine snapped as they rushed into the room. Kitty and Rogue didn't pay too much attention to his attitude, they had lived with him too long and knew he had a soft spot for the mansion's females. He then turned his attention to the entire group, "Now then, as I was sayin', Stripes and Elf you two are gonna work on precision, then strength and speed. Half-Pint, you're gonna do the obstacle course, without your powers." He grinned at her groan and then turned his attention to Remy, "and as for you Gumbo, you get to spar with me." He barred his teeth in a feral grin as his ears picked up the slight sound of an increased pulse. Gambit was all his for the next two hours.

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"Vhat is vrong vit Herr Logan?" groaned Kurt as he dragged himself outside the Danger Room. Everything hurt, his hands, arms, legs, tail and even fingernails were killing him. Stumbling along behind him came Kitty, "Like, I have no idea, but whatever it is maybe we should just get him a scratching post to work out his aggressions on." Her hair was bedraggled, lipgloss officially nonexsistant not five minutes into the work out, and she was limping due to a strained calf muscle in her right leg. "Remind me to never really piss off Wolverine." Together they propped each other up and then lurched towards a bench along the wall.

Practically skipping, Rogue walked out of the Danger Room, "What are yah babies whinin' about. That wasn' that bad." Behind her came Gambit, his bo staff perched on his shoulders with his arms resting on it, a playful smirk gracing his features and his sunglasses hiding his eyes once more. They both had survived due to increased training they had received when they were younger. The only reason Kurt and Kitty had survived was because of Kurt's added agility and Kitty occasionally phasing when Logan wasn't paying attention. Gambit stopped before Kitty and offered his hand to help her, always being the gentleman while Rogue continued walking, her headphones already in place and her head moving to the beat.

Without Kitty to prop him up, Kurt fell against the bench with a painful moan before 'porting himself directly to his room. It was the weekend, there was no reason he couldn't spend the rest of the day in bed. Supporting the limping girl, Remy didn't have enough time to shout let alone warn Rogue.

There was a rumbling sound, like as if there were a stampede in the subbasement of the x-mansion. But Remy wasn't stupid enough to figure that they had a zoo as well as a jet hanger down here. As the noises came closer, it was clear that these weren't animal noises, but those of the teenage mutant variety. Bobby came first, in a patented ice slide that he only just discovered last week. Knowing all too well that when Bobby gained enough speed he couldn't stop, it was all Remy could do to quickly tuck Kitty's slender body into his and brace them against the wall. He could only hope that Rogue hadn't had the iPod's volume too high and heard, or at least felt the vibrations before they came upon her.

His hopes were dashed when he heard the startled scream penetrate the area. Remy whipped his head around, now that the immediate danger was passed of being trampled by the kids, let go of Kitty and sprinted towards the huddle of bodies. 'Nonononononono…' he chanted silently, twisting and turning his body to and fro in an effort to get through. Finally there it was. She was. He'd been right, that scream had been Rogue's. Her body was crumpled against the wall, one leg bent underneath her and the other straight before, one arm spread out as if she were about to jump into flight, and the other resting lightly against her torso. She looked peaceful.

Throwing himself to the ground he gently cradled her body against his, holding her close. Frustrated that his sunglasses impeded their closeness he tore them off without a thought and buried himself into her hair. Murmuring into her ear as if that could bring her back around, so that he might see the brilliance of her deep jade eyes and that "venomous" smirk that gave him chills just thinking about it. Behind him he could hear Bobby defending himself, saying that it was an accident. Beside him he suddenly felt Kitty, heard her gasp and a sobbing "No!" as she knelt next to him.

Tears pooling in her chocolate eyes, Kitty stared at him, "Is she going to be alright?" she whispered softly, reaching for Rogue's gloved hand. Remy just looked at her, what could he say? What seemed forever later, Hank McCoy showed up and swiftly herded Rogue, Remy and Kitty into the infirmary, as Logan was giving Bobby and the rest of the new mutants Danger Room Sessions for the better part of their lives.

Minutes later, Hank walked out of Rogue's room. Nervous, he handled his clipboard as if it were a piece of china, and taking a deep breath he faced Remy and Kitty, "Well, unfortunately it appears that due to the collision with Iceman; Rogue knocked her head against the steel beam supports of the hallway. The good news is that she's alive; the bad news is that she's currently unconscious and I cannot say for how long it'll last for. She has a concussion and a broken wrist, so I'll keep her here under surveillance for a while." Seeing both Remy and Kitty opening their mouths, Beast raised a claw, "Yes you may stay here and keep her company. I think it would do her some good to hear familiar voices. For all we know it could help her come out of his coma sooner." He gave them a small smile, "It'll be alright my friends, you'll see."

Nodding, Remy just stared at the still form of his lil River Rat. He hadn't called her that yet, but he'd been planning on it. Just waiting for the right moment, hopefully they'll get that moment soon. Beside him, Kitty fiddled with Rogue's iPod and was staring at the lit up screen. "Red on Black."

Stunned, Remy stared at Kitty, "Quoi chatonne?"

Kitty gave herself a little shake and laughed wetly before looking Remy straight in the eye, "Rogue, before we went into the session, she…she said she wanted to up her ante on a bet we girls have going." Nervous now, Kitty sharpened her gaze, "Did she tell you about that?" at his nod she laughed some more, "Course she did, like, that's Rogue. See, you know the bet was on what color eyes you had. So the rest of us insisted it had to be the 'normal' colors. Rogue didn't, she said that you didn't seem like the guy who'd have normal eyes. And if you did, why would you hide them? So, she bet fifty and then earlier she raised it to a hundred and fifty claiming that you have red on black eyes. I thought she was crazy, I was so convinced that you had brown eyes." Dropping her gaze back down to the iPod, Kitty never even noticed when a tear dripped off of her face, "I guess she won after all."

Remy swallowed thickly, Rogue said that about him? He was shocked, he'd honestly thought that her proclaimed impression of him was what she honestly thought. Glancing down at Kitty's hand as her right thumb adjusted and readjusted the volume on the black iPod curiosity suddenly struck him, "What was Rogue listen' ta Kitty-kat?" Raising her head again, Kitty's eyes held a glazed appearance.

"Hm?" he gestured to the MP3 device, "What was she listen' ta when it happened." At that Kitty blushed slightly, she hadn't even really been looking at the thing, just fiddling with it. "Oh, um…" She really looked this time, and was stunned at what she found, "Wow, and here I was thinking that Rogue only, like, went for the hardcore punk rock stuff. It's Natalie Merchant's Ophelia; sad, and sweet." Remy raised his demonic eyes to the prone figure on the bed and smiled his angelic smile, 'Just like Rogue.'

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