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A/N – Please enjoy, this is going to be a slight Tiva. Ed- revised edition

The Ford 66' Mustang pulled into the underground car park of an apartment block. The car parked in the designated space that was allocated to it. Shutting off the engine Anthony DiNozzo climbed out of the vehicle. Slamming the door hard, as he walked to the trunk to pull his gear out of the back.

"Crazy Chick," He muttered angrily. Tony's mind lingering on the woman's words still accusing him, earlier that evening.

He opened the trunk of the car pulled his backpack, jacket and hat out. He slammed the trunk down hard and angrily. He made his way towards the elevator. He continued walk muttering and shaking his head and his fist angrily. He was ten feet from his car when it exploded. The explosion sending shrapnel and fragments through the air in all directions. The shock wave throwing him off his feet, and sending him sliding across the bitumen, falling shrapnel cascaded around him and other places.


On the first floor of the apartment block, Dave was sitting watching TV when his apartment shook as if it were in an earthquake. He rose quickly from the lounge he was sitting on. He walked quickly over to the door he opened it.

He noticed the smoke flowing up the stairwell at the end of the hallway. Picking up his cell phone he raced towards the fire escape stairwell. He descended down the stairs at a rate of knots before he cautiously opened to door. Revealing that the smoke was coming from the underground car park.

Proceeding he opened the door, and as it swung open on its hinges his eyes widened. He took in a car was burning fiercely, black smoke rolling through the underground car park. Dialling 911 he stood transfixed in shock, then he noticed the body over by the elevator. Finding his legs responding once again he rushed quickly over to where Tony lay unconscious. Checking his pulse he let out a breath of relief. The pulse was faint and Tony was bleeding profusely, from his head and back.

"Dear Lord in heaven!" Dave gasped as he pressed the cell phone to his ear. "911, emergency response, what is your emergency?" The operator said through his cell phone.

"I need an ambulance, the fire service and the police immediately there's been an explosion," He said extremely quickly, and rather panicky.