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"I can barely even lift it!" Tony said as he slid the gun under his bed sheet. "I'll be dead before I even fire a shot."

McGee looked at him. "Tony, you'll most likely not have to use it."

"Who's idea was this anyway?" He grimaced as he moved slightly. The deep gashes on his back still were causing him pain. He was also trying desperately to stop use the Morphine injector when in pain.

"I'll give you one guess!" McGee said in his usual way.

Tony groaned. "Why?"

"You'll have to ask him when he gets here." McGee said walking towards the door. "Anyway, if I don't leave now he'll kill me, good luck Tony." Tony watched McGee slip from the room and groaned again.


Within MTAC. Director Jenny Shepard and FBI Agent Fornell watched the big screen of the security footage that was being beamed to them of the events that were taking place at that very moment.

"Show me McGee." Director Shepard said looking at the technician.

They watched as McGee appeared in the Emergency Department dressed as a paramedic with a bucket and squeegee in hand. The camera then flicked to the outside of the Emergency Department where a Ambulance was parked. He placed the bucket down and began to clean the ambulance.

"Good, show me Ziva." Jenny said once again to the technician.

The car park security camera zoomed in on Ziva. She was sitting on a park bench outside the hospital with a pram that she was pushing up and down. Jen smiled. Ziva was doing her best to look like a housewife that was walking her new born. She was resting from walking and getting some air. Jen thought, Ziva looked uncomfortable in the role given her.

Fornell looked at the technician, "What's Agent Sacks position?"

The technician typed away and the images from the camera showed Sacks walking down the steps of the hospital. He walked towards the car and was clear he passed Ziva two seconds later without her moving a muscle. He climbed into the vehicle. Starting it, he reversed and drove away.

Fornell nodded. "Sacks, I want you to do a big circuit." Fornell paused and then continued. "Make our Mafia friend think you've left."

"Confirmed, sir." Sacks voice clearly audible in both Director Shepard's headset as well as Fornell's.

"All agents in position, Gibbs." Fornell said. "Your clear to move!"

"Right." Gibbs said through the headsets of both Jenny and Fornell's.


Gibbs climbed slowly out of the car. Closing the door before he took a slow sip of his cup of coffee. Walking towards the hospital building he took his time crossing the road. He walked past Ziva his face totally blank. He ascended the steps to the main entrance. Walked through the main sliding doors he took his time walking down the hall to the elevators.

"Anybody, got a visual yet?" Gibbs said as he lifted the cup of coffee to his mouth. The small microphone attached to his sleave picking up the question.

"Negative here, boss!" McGee replied loudly in his ear. As the earwig receiver picked up the signal. The receiver was not visible to the casual eye. Gibbs continued to walk through the hospital.

"Nothing here either Gibbs!" Ziva replied. She sounded like she was in a tunnel Gibbs thought. He realised that she was talking from within the pram, he grinned.

He looked around the hallway before hitting the elevator call button. "Keep me posted guys!" Gibbs said taking another sip of his coffee. The doors opened and he stepped in and hit the button for the level that ICU was on. Three more people climbed in before. The doors shut and he quickly glanced. None of them matched Lombardi.

The elevator arrived at the floor ICU was on. The door slid open and he walked out heading in the direction of the ICU ward. He spotted a bin in which to dump his coffee cup in. Gibbs got closer to a bin. He heard footsteps behind him and felt confident that it wasn't Lombardi. Ziva and McGee both hadn't reported in that they had a visual. The barrel of a silencer pressed into the small of his back. "Hello Gibbs!"

Lombardi had arrived after McGee had left Tony's room and the security cameras had missed him. He smiled. "Take the earwig out of your ear old man!" He paused if Gibbs had an earwig he had a microphone. "Remove the microphone that is by your wrist." Gibbs did as he was told. Placing the earwig and the microphone in the bin. "Now your SIG and the back up!" Lombardi said easing the hammer of the colt back. "No tricks just do it." Gibbs obediently pulled his gun from his belt and pulled the other gun from his ankle holster. He held them by the barrel and dropped them into the bin. "Let's get rid of the knife as well." Lombardi said.


"What's going on?" Fornell said looking at the technician.

"I need to get a visual with the cameras on Special Agent Gibbs?" the tech replied. "And I have just lost audio."

Jenny looked at Fornell. "He's got him Fornell. Lombardi was there before we got here!"

Fornell spoke purposefully into the microphone. "All Agents, move in target is within the building, I repeat." He shook his head angrily. He should have seen this coming. "Target within the building."

Jenny looked at the technician. "Audio?" she looked at him. "Is it Gibbs or the gear?"

The Tech typed in commands into the computer. "It's him but he's just removed them!"

"The scum bags got him." Jenny whispered. Even as she spoke the security cameras revealed both Ziva and McGee had both headed into the building. She felt fear grip her.


Thomas Frank Lombardi walked slowly off to Gibbs' right hand side with his silenced colt pointed at Gibbs' back. Gibbs opened the door to the ICU ward and Lombardi followed behind. One of the nurses looked up. "More Agents to see Mr DiNozzo, hey?"

Gibbs nodded. "Yep, he's in demand today!" Lombardi nodded and smiled at her.

Gibbs walked slowly into Tony's room it was dark the blink that allowed people to look in were closed and the blinds on the window were closed as well. Tony was watching the Television he looked up. "Hey boss." His mouth went dry when he saw Lombardi lean against the doorframe.

"Hey Tony!" Lombardi smiled menacingly walking in and closing the door and lifting his silenced colt up at Gibbs. "Mike Macaluso, sends his greeting from prison and wishes he was here to see you die today." Lombardi moved over next to the bed and hit the morphine injector button several times. His gun still pointed at Gibbs. "You're a hard one to kill, DiNozzo." Lombardi said looking down at him.

Tony was so very slowly moving his hand to his weapon. The three hits of Morphine that Lombardi had just injected into him were their presence in his body known. He had to fight this Morphine he knew he did. " I'm just bullet-proof!" Tony smiled trying to alleviate his fear and pain. Fighting the Morphine rushing through his body. His hand sliding under his bed sheet for the grip of the gun.

Lombardi smiled evilly. "Well we'll find out right after I killed your boss!" Lombardi moved round the bed so confident that Tony was disabled from the Morphine. "I've been waiting for this a long time!" He smiled as his finger squeezed the trigger. "You destroyed my marriage, my reputation and my jaw, you going to pay for it Gibbs!" He laughed not even looking at Tony. "Once you're dead it won't matter whether your Agents kill me or not, I'll have my revenge!"


McGee ran down the hallway of ICU. When he heard the shots fired he picked up his pace. Both nurse's and doctor's screamed and shouted and dropping to the ground for cover. McGee burst through the nurses' station. Moving quickly he pressed himself against the wall outside Tony's room. He opened the door and swung gun first into the room.

"You're a little late Probie!" Tony muttered as he dropped the gun in his hand.

McGee looked down at the body lying on the floor. The blood pooling around the dead man's head. McGee looked up at the wall. Two bullets were buried in the wall. He smiled. Tony the way he was at the moment couldn't hit the broadside of a barn. Then his face fell. If Tony had missed. Gibbs and Tony would have been dead and he would have had to deal with Lombardi. He shook his head with realisation. He reminded himself to thank Tony later.

Gibbs sat in the chair. He rose slowly and walked over to Tony. Tony grimaced as Gibbs hand swatted the top of his head. "Hey I just saved your life Boss!"

"That's for your sloppy shooting DiNozzo!" Gibbs said turning to walk out the door. "McGee get someone to clean this up."

"Right away, Boss." McGee said nodding in his usual way.

Gibbs walked down the hallway he smiled to himself. He couldn't have wished to put his life in anyone's hands then Tony. Leaving the building he caught Ziva standing outside the main entrance. "Officer David, Go see him that's an order!"

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