Chemistry 101

It was an early spring morning. Troy Bolton was in the library staring down at his uncompleted Chemistry assignment. He was up hours the previous evening doing the exact same thing. But through all his efforts, he still couldn't figure things out. It was near the end of the final quarter and he knew he needed help. He had barely passed the last semester and if he wanted to raise his grade point average and receive credit for the class, he would have to put in a serious endeavor.

So he decided to get a tutor and takes things seriously. No more going to countless parties with the rest of the basketball team every other night, no more sitting in front of the television for hours with Chad, and no more making pointless bets with the guys that would be far too time consuming.

Once he exited the library, he spotted a slender silhouette down the hall. As he made his way closer, he immediately recognized the coffee colored hair that caressed the back of the quiet girl who sat in front of him in homeroom. He sighed knowing this may be a difficult task, for he merely speaks to this girl. She wasn't exactly his favorite person, and he definitely wasn't hers.

"Gabriella?" he said with a bit of hesitation

"Troy Bolton? What do you want? I've known you for years and you have never been the first person to come up to me in the morning. Why aren't you with your basketball buddies rating girls as they walk by?" she said with a bit of aggravation.

"I need your help?"

"With what?" she questioned without the least bit of interest

"I need you to tutor me before the chemistry finals" he said "Please…"

"Final exams aren't until next month. Why are you asking me now?"

"I don't know maybe because I haven't understood the last seven chapters"

"Why do you want me to help you?"

"Well…you are at the top of the class, you're captain of the Scholastic Decathlon team…and you won that…that award thing at your old school…"


"What?" he stated clearly in shock

"You obviously need the help, and if you're asking me you must be desperate…"

"THANK YOU!" he said ecstatically "You have no idea how much this means to me."

" Your welcome Troy" she replied

"So, we'll meet after school?"

"Yeah" she said, "See you than"

Troy contentedly walked away knowing he just might be able to do what he set out to accomplish. The bell for first period rang shortly after and he began to make his way to class.

"Psst…Troy!" Chad whispered


"Sonics vs. Pistons tonight, all the guys have already placed their bets, we're all going to my place later t watch the game, are you in?"

"Uhh…" It was always difficult for him to lie to Chad. He was his best friend and he was also really persistent. If Troy were keeping a secret from him, he would stop at nothing to figure it out.

"Sorry man, I can't I'm really busy tonight"

"With what?"

"Umm… you know…stuff"

"Alright man. Come over anytime when you're done doing…stuff "

The bell rang signaling the end of first period as Troy got up and left class to get, as far away from Chad as possible he knew it would be a long month.

After school, Troy had made his way to Gabriella's house. He shut the car door and made his way up the steps. He rang the doorbell and shortly after was standing face to face with Gabriella.

"Are you ready?" she asked

"Yeah. Let's get started"

She smiled and let him inside.

Troy walked into the fairly large house.

"I'm just going togo upstairs and grab my text book real fast. I'll be right back"

"Okay" he said

He entered the living room and took a look around. He saw pictures on the mantle. Photos of her with what looked like her family and friends, pictures of her at school events, and a picture of her singing.

"Huh. I guess the quiet perfectionist does have a life." He said to himself surprised the shy, studious girl did something other than read

The next thing he knew, Gabriella was already making her way down the stairs with a book in hand.

"Okay we can start Troy."

This is going to be interesting. He thought

With out a doubt the next month would be quite intersting. Troy Bolton would soon learn Gabriella Montez would teach him a whole lot more than just Chemistry.