A Mother's love


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A/N: Serena and the girls are in high school now, they're sixteen, and Hotaru does exist except Rini is three because something weird happened when she time traveled back after leaving again. Darien never went to America, but is going to school to become a doctor at Tokyo Medical School. There's no real reason to why she's still there. Oh and they don't know Setsuna, Amara, Hotaru, and Michiru. In my world they saved Hotaru.

Changing Addresses

"Serena, Rini, Sammy your father and I have great news," Ikuko announced. Kenji was smiling happily beside his wife as they stood in front of their family. Kenji had been out of work ever since his company closed and they hadn't seen him smiling in a long time.

"What is it momma had Father found work again?" Serena asked happily. They smiled at her thinking of how nothing ever brought their Serena down. She had kept their hope alive.

"Yes, I have found work and the best part is we get to move to America!" Kenji exclaimed. Sammy, Serena, and Rini paused in their cheers.

"What!" They exclaimed.

"You can't move us!" Sammy and Serena cried.

"You can't move!" Rini cried. Kenji and Ikuko frowned.

"I'm afraid we have too, we just have enough money left to get us to America and move into a nice apartment until your father has made enough to buy a house."

"Yes, and besides I've already sold this house."

"Oh no, I refuse to move and you can't make me."

"Yeah we refuse to move," Sammy agreed.

"Well I don't know where you are going to stay, but you can't stay here or in Japan now go upstairs in pack."

"I'll move in with Grandma she could use the company," Serena stated matter of factly.

"Yeah, we'll move in with grandmother."

"Yeah," Rini readily agreed. Ikuko and Kenji looked at each other.

"We'll consider it if you really want to stay," Kenji conceded when Serena presented him with her best doe eyes, and trembling lip that Sammy always had to compliment her on no matter what just because when she used it as a last resort it always benefited him too. That night dinner was silent and Kenji started refuse there offer to stay with their grandmother when Serena gave him her infamous look and started to add tears to it. Sammy who had his own special look added to it as well. It never worked like Serena's, but it amplified her look when he did his. Rini decided she'd better get in on the action too or the Senshi would never be able to help her.

"Alright we'll call her in the morning."


"Alright, alright settle down." Ikuko was furious with him and skipped the rest of dinner. In the morning everyone was packing up their belongings.

"Serena what's going on?" Lita asked as they all walked up to the house. Luna looked alarmed as she watched Serena carry a box into the moving truck.

"We're moving," Serena simply stated.

"Moving!" They exclaimed in shock.

"But what about the..." Mina started but Raye immediately clamped a hand over her mouth when Ikuko walked out with a box.

"Serena come on you don't have time to talk we've got boxes to move and a flight to catch."

"Yes ma'am." Serena hurried back inside and took the next box from Rini. She found her friends still waiting.

"What's this about a flight, where are you moving?" Amy asked.

"Oh Father got a job in America."

"America!" They shouted.

"Yeah, its really good, because we were doing horrible, but anyway Sammy and I aren't going."

"Oh thank god, but where will you stay, it says your house has been sold," Lita pointed out.

"We're going to stay with our grandmother she lives in Yokohama and she promises that she'll get us back into the city on time to get to school, and if it doesn't work than we'll have to go to school there."

"Serena, you should just give up now you'll never make it here on time," Raye commented.

"Thanks for the vote confidence Raye."

"You're welcome."


"Serena!" Rini shouted.

"Gotta go." Serena went back inside and soon the entire house had been packed up and the moving truck departed. She waved to them before departing along with Rini and Sammy. The girls walked to the crown arcade hoping their friend managed to succeed in getting to school on time every morning.

"Hey Darien, Andrew!" They called.

"Oh I see you've heard," Darien stated seeing their downcast looks.

"Yep, we just saw her off."

"My poor Usako going to live in Yokohama."

"She'll be back Darien you'll see," Raye comforted.

"Yeah, I know, but I liked it better when she was closer." They nodded and ordered a chocolate milkshake each.