First time for everything

"Wow so this is a high school party," Serena said as they partied at Ichiro's house.

"No this is an exclusive Tokyo Private Party," Seiya corrected as he danced with her. He noticed the promise ring on her right ring finger, but ignored it all together.

"Here have a drink!" Haruka called over the music. She handed Seiya and Serena a beer.

"We drove here!" Serena yelled back as the music got even louder.

"I know, we've locked all the keys up and called a limo service!" Haruka yelled. Serena nodded and had her first drink.

"Here try this, it will take you on a journey through time," Setsuna laughed and handed Serena a blunt. Serena took one puff and she was on a journey through time. Memories of the last couple of years flashed it was a whole new experience for her. Soon she couldn't tell up from down and finally passed out after her seventh Tequila shot with Michiru who was just as drunk or perhaps even drunker than she was.

"Oh shit where are we?" Haruka asked as she looked at Serena who was just waking up as well. Everyone was passed out around them. No one had even made it to the limos last night.

"I don't know, how did we get here?" Serena asked.

"Uh um..oh now I remember we're at Ichiro's place." Michiru groaned from her place on the bar. She'd passed out after an energetic bar dance. Setsuna came stumbling in looking positively sick.

"We gotta get home, Hotaru will be very worried, she's only five after all." They nodded and immediately regretted it and grabbed their heads.

"Here our patented hangover remedy," Haruka said.

"Oh thanks." Serena drove home cautiously wishing she had a very dark pair of sunglasses. When she got home she took a shower and was just passing out on her bed when Rini came in and yelled for her to wake up. She jumped six feet in the air and held her head.

"Ahhhh...please shut up!" Serena exclaimed.

"No, we have to meet the girls in an hour let's go Serena!" Rini shouted.

"Alright, just shut up!" Serena groaned and dressed in her favorite tan fuku that resembled her school uniform. She left with Rini to head into Tokyo. Sammy had spent a night with an old friend. She met the girls at the crown arcade.

"Oh my god, stop screaming you guys," Serena groaned practically hitting her head on the table.

"Serena we're not yelling," Darien said."What happened?"

"She went out to a high school party last night," Rini supplied.

"Serena Tsukino did you get drunk?!" Darien asked. Serena groaned loudly.

"Drunk doesn't even cover what I got last night if I my head hurts this bad." They all groaned.

"Serena, I hope you didn't drive," Amy said.

"No, no we all had limos to take us home and I passed out after my seventh tequila." Raye laughed and Serena groaned.

"I can't believe you can't hold your liquor."

"I can hold my own, I only had the seventh tequila shot after my whole bottle of vodlka, three beers, and a shot of henascy. Plus I smoked something, and I don't even know what that was."

"Drugs!" Amy exclaimed.

"I didn't know what it was and I was drunk already jeez." Some one opened the door and Serena looked up to see Setsuna, Haruka, Michiru, and Hotaru.

"See told you we'd find her here," Haruka told Michiru.

"Oh you poor dear did you not make the Remedy/" Michiru asked. Serena shook her head and once again regretted the action.

"Haruka go make some in the kitchen." Haruka immediately obeyed.

"Sere, I'm sorry I gave you that chronic I was already high and didn't use good judgement."

"Its ok Setsuna, I was drunk too." Setsuna nodded. Haruka soon came back followed by a angry Andrew. Serena gulped it down quickly and her hangover was soothed. She just couldn't shake her head to much.

"Next time if you come to a party we'll make you don't over do it next time," Haruka said.

"You're just saying that, because she held her liquor longer than you did," Michiru chastised Haruka.

"So the girl has got spunk."

"You three have got some nerve serving a sixteen year old liquor," Darien said angrily. The other scouts looked at them just as angry.

"Yeah and your probably fucking her," Haruka countered. Serena immediately covered Rini's ears while Michiru did the same for Hotaru.

"Haruka please you're going to teach them bad habits."

"Look no need to fight there is a first time for everything, and anyway Sere if you're up to it we were just heading to the science museum to study quantum physics for our project, its due Monday."

"Oh right, sorry I can't hang with you guys, but gotta get that project done." Serena hurried out with the girls after kissing Darien and Rini goodbye. Hotaru was allowed to stay with Rini.

"Quantum physics?" Mina asked.

"Serena's in the advanced classes," Hotaru supplied matter of factly.

"Darien can you take me and Hotaru to the park?" Rini pleaded. Darien nodded not liking the path Serena was on. Serena showed up at Mina's house for Luna who wanted to come home to keep an eye on her charge and be her voice of reason.

"Luna!" Rini exclaimed happily from her car seat in back now thanks to Darien. Hotaru was also situated in a car seat. They returned home and Serena stayed home working on her homework to Luna's amazement.